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Gun Review: Ruger Security-9 Compact 9mm

Sturm, Ruger & Co. have earned a well-deserved reputation for workmanlike, reliable firearms. Ruger has armed Americans for decades, even when good quality handguns have been hard to come by. The Ruger Security-9 is perfect for homeowners, sport shooters and concealed carriers.

A Ruger Security-9 compact 9mm concealed carry pistol facing with the barrel to the right over a white background

With its modern, almost rakish appearance, the Ruger Security-9 Compact exhibits good workmanship.

The pistol is a modern handgun with a steel slide and glass-injected nylon frame. The Security-9 differs from most modern introductions, as it is hammer-fired versus striker-fired. The pistol also features a positive manual safety. If you like the handling of the Ruger LC9, you will like this high-capacity pistol even better. The Ruger Security-9 Compact is a logical step to make the pistol better suited for concealed carry use.

Secure Trigger Action

The trigger action should be familiar to Ruger LCP and LC9 shooters. The action is short and crisp for a double-action-only design. Ruger refers to it as the “Secure Action.” It handles like a single-action. The trigger broke cleanly at 6.2 pounds. A lever set in the trigger face must be fully depressed to allow trigger movement. I like the option of using the safety, and it should always be activated when the pistol is carried ready with the chamber loaded. This Ruger is supplied with two 10-round magazines. The Security-9 Compact weighs 24 ounces — heavy enough to absorb recoil well but light enough for everyday carry. The frame is nicely textured for control, and the cocking serrations are slip-free. Forward cocking serrations are a nice touch on this inexpensive handgun.

Ruger Security-9 Compact Specs

Magazine Capacity: 10+1
Slide: Steel
Frame: Glass-reinforced nylon
Barrel Length: 3.4 inches
Overall Length: 6.4 inches
Weight (Unloaded): 21.9 ounces
Slide Width: 1.1 inches
Height: 4.35 inches
MSRP: $379

Detail of the textured grip on a Ruger Security-9 compact 9mm concealed carry pistol.

Ruger’s frame treatments make for good adhesion and abrasion. Even though the frame is short, the pebbling makes for a good firing grip.

A Concealed Carry Gun?

The pistol is thoroughly modern in appearance. The sights are well-suited to fast personal-defense shooting. The rear sight is adjustable for windage, and the front post is easily picked up for fast shooting. The cadence of fire when using the pistol is similar to that used with a double-action revolver. Press the trigger until the hammer is cocked and the pistol fires. (There is a trigger stop in the trigger guard.) The pistol recoils. As recoil is controlled and the muzzle brought back on target, press the trigger again. With the proper technique and practice, the pistol may deliver good-to-excellent combat accuracy.

While individual perceptions differ, I regard the 9mm as controllable even in the smallest handguns. The Ruger Security-9 is a “soft shooter” in this regard. The weight is right, and the recoil springs are properly calibrated for good function and efficient recoil control. As for absolute accuracy, the pistol is accurate enough for head shots to 15 yards (given a skilled shooter).

A black Ruger Security-9 semiautomatic pistol encased in a black leather holster from Galco Gunleather

The Galco Sky Ops holster is an excellent IWB/tuckable design. The Security-9 is a good fit.

Conclusions on the Ruger Security-9

The Ruger Security-9 is nearing 400 trouble-free cartridges in my hands and those of other shooters. Comments have been favorable, particularly concerning the price. The Ruger is available for less than $325 at most outlets. The pistol fits holsters designed for the Glock 19. In my opinion, the Ruger is a good fit in the Galco Sky Ops tuckable used in this evaluation.

During the test period, I did not use +P loads. In a short-barreled 9mm, they accelerate recoil and may not exhibit full velocity. The Black Hills Ammunition 115-grain EXP (Extra Power) load is as hot as possible without operating at +P levels and offers excellent wound ballistics. The Black Hills Ammunition 115-grain FMJ is a good understudy practice load. The pistol has proven controllable and offers good first-shot hit probability for those who practice. I find the Ruger Security-9 a good handgun and well-suited to personal defense, particularly when the modest price is taken into account.

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