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Gun Law News: May 26, 2019


State Rep. Tom Sullivan will face a recall petition if critics gather enough signatures by mid-July. Sullivan, an unabashed gun-control advocate, successfully passed legislation granting judges the authority to temporarily remove firearms from people believed to be a risk. The petition language submitted to begin the recall proceedings was approved by the Secretary of State on May 13. Recall organizers must collect more than 10,000 signatures by July 12 to trigger an election.


State Rep. Monica Bristow (D-Alton) has introduced legislation to ease the application process for a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOID). Senate Bill 1139 would also provide aid to members of the military and law enforcement.

Last year, the Mercer County School Board requested Illinois allow individual school districts to decide whether members of school staff could carry concealed on school grounds. On May 15, the school board again approved a resolution to allow school districts to vote on individual concealed carry firearms measures.


Concealed carry licenses issued in Ohio in 2018 numbered more than 168,000, a 28 percent growth over 2017, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Though the number of new licenses decreased, more people renewed their licenses than last year.


The Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously May 13 to reduce the price of a concealed carry permit for county residents to $15. The reduction from $40 on “the constitutional freedom” of Bedford Country residents for one year will reduce the county’s revenues by about $40,000.


Wyoming law approved by the state Legislature in 2017 allows carry in schools if minimum levels of training are met. The law also stipulates that guns either be carried throughout the day or placed in secure biometric containers. Campbell County School District officials will poll teachers and staff as they decide whether to choose employees to concealed carry for safety reasons.

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