California Gun Law News

Nearly 1,300 concealed weapons permits (CCW) were issued in San Diego County in February 2018. That number has risen to more than 2,400 through April 2019.

Florida Gun Law News

On April 30, the Florida House voted in support of legislation to allow the arming of teachers. Senate Bill 7030, which passed the Senate on April 24, will now go to the desk of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). According to WJCT, the bill passed with a vote of 22-17, though every Senate Democrat voted against allowing armed teachers for classroom defense. The Tampa Bay Times reported that the bill passed the House by a vote of 65-47.

Indiana Gun Law News

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1284 into law on stage at the NRA Leadership Forum on April 26 in Indianapolis. The new law allows carry and conceal at churches with connecting schools and gives new protections to individuals involved in justified shootings.

Michigan Gun Law News

Republican-sponsored bills pending in the House would allow Michigan gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a license. The legislation would also allow license holders to carry in gun-free zones as well as on off-road vehicles. The House Committee on Military, Veterans and Homeland Security took up two gun-related bills this week in response to the seemingly pro-gun movement. These bills include decriminalizing carrying with an expired license and allowing residents to carry loaded rifles on their own property.

Ohio Gun Law News

On May 1, gun-rights advocates compared carrying a concealed firearm — which requires a license — and carrying an open firearm — which does not — to the decision to wear a jacket or not. This is in response to House Bill 178 being considered by the Ohio House of Representatives’ Federalism Committee. The bill would allow anyone 21 and older — who is not otherwise legally prohibited — to carry a concealed weapon without a license or having to meet training requirements.

Oklahoma Gun Law News

Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 2010 April 30, allowing people to carry concealed guns in public places. The bill prohibits places under a public trust from enforcing no-gun policies, according to Tulsa World. As a compromise, however, such spaces are allowed to prohibit open carry. “We understand the fact that people do not want to go to the zoo seeing some guy carrying his grandpa’s rifle or shotgun over his shoulder while people are trying to look at the animals,” said Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

Texas Gun Law News

Nearly a year and a half after a gunman killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church, legislators want to make state law clearer that licensed handgun holders can carry weapons in churches, synagogues and other houses of worship. The effort comes as places of worship around the world face targeted attacks by extremists, including a shooting at a California synagogue last week that left one worshipper dead and three others injured.