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Gear We Love — May/June 2020


Taurus TX22

Taurus TX22

Taurus cracked the code: an American-made pistol chambered for .22 LR that retails for less than $300. With a crisp, positive trigger break and equally cooperative trigger reset, it is easy to run through the 16-round magazine either during a serious training session for a comparably sized pistol or just informal plinking.

You can head to to learn more or just get to your local shop for some hands-on.

MSRP: $349

Mec-Gar Magazines

Original equipment manufacturer (or, as they say in the gun business, “OEM”) to many of the biggest gunmakers in the world, Mec-Gar is Italy’s premier manufacturer of handgun magazines.

Mec-Gar Magazines

It produces boxes for the 1911 platform, Beretta, CZ, SIG, Kimber, Browning, Para USA, Witness, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Walther and Bersa.

You can get yours at your local gun shop or at

MSRP: $23.20 and up

Galco Royal Guard 2.0

The original Royal Guard was a common sight on the silver screen and on the 4 o’clocks of countless armed professionals, and Galco has updated the classic design for the 21st century.

Galco Royal Guard 2.0

The rough-out horsehide keeps your pistol secure and the holster itself where you want it to be, and a metal-reinforced mouth makes for easy draws and reholstering.

It is available for dozens of different models at

MSRP: $165 

Magpul AK Magazine

Magpul AK Magazine

The days of surplus eastern European steel AK magazines only costing $10 apiece are long gone, but Magpul is keeping AK gunners up and running with these 30-round polymers.

They are designed with anti-tilt followers and a ribbed gripping surface on their bodies, and they count as “922r compliance parts” for your next AK rifle build. They are available at and from your favorite retailer.

MSRP: $13.95

DeSantis Inside Heat

DeSantis Inside Heat

This inside-the-waistband offering from New York’s DeSantis is, in the company’s words, a “barebones minimum IWB holster built from black saddle leather.” For an affordable option in the world of American-made holsters though, it is an excellent deal and is certain to offer years of dutiful service.

Choose your make and model at

MSRP: $43.99

Choate Mark 5 Stock

Long a staple of the law enforcement shotgun world, the Mark 5 stock from Choate Tool has an unconventional appearance but is one of the most comfortable aftermarket stocks available.

Choate Mark 5 Stock

The M5 is available for Remington, Winchester and Mossberg shotguns, and Choate offers a dizzying array of stocks for almost everything else at

MSRP: $85.47

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