The Taurus G3 is already out there on the gun store shelves. In a previous video, we talked about the arrival of the Taurus G3 but did not take the time to shoot it. Shooting it is much more fun.

Now we have dumped a bunch of rounds through this gun, and it has proven to be a solid performer. Great feel. Great function. Great sights. Great grip. Thin profile. Trigger? Good enough for combat-effective hits at typical gunfighting distances. This is not a match-grade trigger, but you won’t be using it for competition. It’s a fighting pistol.

The gun is smooth to shoot, points very well and includes the frame-mounted safety and resetting trigger many people like. It also ships with both a 15-round and a 17-round magazine in the box. Lots of companies are making holsters for this gun already, so you could be carrying one as soon as you get it home from the gun store.

Taking On the Big Boys

The Taurus G3 will be a direct competitor to the Glock 19 and, with its lower price point, should make some waves in the marketplace. If you are looking for a solid yet inexpensive 9mm, take a look at the Taurus G3.