The proliferation of small, lightweight handguns for concealed carry has not diminished the need for a system on which to attach them to your person. In fact, gun belts are more useful than ever and the last several years have seen an abundance of them coming to the market. That’s good news for you, as competition, of course, tends to increase innovation and decrease price. And that’s just one type of economics when it comes to gun belts. The other type is the value it brings to you in terms of stability, security and fit/comfort.

You know Versacarry for its unique plastic carriers as a “holster” system. We’ll look at pros and cons of that system in another review. Today, you’re looking at a Versacarry Heavy Duty Single Ply leather belt. Good looking and functional, it is handcrafted from full-grain, vegetable-tanned English bridle leather from USA hides and retails for $44.99. Let’s see how it does in meeting real-world needs in concealed carry.

Stability: Obviously the first order of business for any gun belt is to provide a stable platform on which you can carry the weight of a loaded handgun. Gun belts, by their very nature, tend to be made from thick, strong leather (or another material with similar characteristics) so they can hold up not just your pants but also a couple pounds’ worth of gun and ammunition. And not just hold up but hold firm. A gun and holster may flex a little bit, but the system needs to stay in the same spot no matter what the wearer may be doing, always with the stocks of the gun in the same place, ready to be grasped. Versacarry’s leather belt provides more than enough stability for most guns, handling typical inside- and outside-the-waistband holster carry duties — from carrying to drawing to reholstering — very well.

Security: Security is stability’s close relative, with the key difference being the gun belt’s ability to work with a holster to not only draw a holstered gun in close but also to retain the rig on your body during a fight or other adverse circumstances. Despite being a “Single Ply” belt, the Versacarry is also “Heavy Duty,” as it measures 1.5 inches in height and about an ⅛ inch thick. With a nickel-plated buckle, heavy-duty snaps and a robust keeper loop, this belt is not coming off or loose unless you want it to.

Fit/Comfort: My favorite feature of the Versacarry belt, however, is its fit and level of comfort. The leather construction, width and design all work together to swing the scale just a bit more from “comforting” toward “comfortable” and credit largely goes to the spacing of the belt buckle holes. They’re closer together than many other belts, allowing a more finely tuned fit of the belt around your waist and your gun.

Each Versacarry gun belt is made to order and you can get them in black or coffee, the color you see here.

One final point concerning value: Some gun belts do better than others in one or more of these three areas. When a gun belt is excelling in all three, you know you’ve made a good investment.

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