We see magnets playing more of a role in everyday firearms use, from unique mounting and storage solutions to holster closure systems. The former has created the ability to quickly and securely store a handgun in any number of places: from hidden walls or shelves in your home to under the dash or in the console of your car. As for the latter, JM4 Tactical employs a pair of strong magnets in a holster system to securely carry a gun concealed. Using the holster with the Ruger LC9s you see here is merely a matter of insert-gun-in-holster-and-insert-holster-inside-waistband. As you fold the holster’s leather loop over your belt, the magnets inside the loop automatically draw together with a confident snap, securing the holster in place on your belt. The leather surrounding the gun is strong yet comfortable. At first, I wasn’t sure about magnets doing the job of securing a gun to my person but now, like two magnets, I am drawn to the idea.

JM4 Tactical offers a handful of magnet-equipped holsters, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The one you see here is the Original QCC (Quick, Click and Carry), made from Hermann Oak leather and retailing for $69.95. This holster carries low and can even put the stocks of your gun under your beltline. That means you’ll have to dig for it when it’s time to draw. If you prefer more of the stocks up above your belt, then you can simply move the holster and gun up and let the magnets connect on the belt instead of below it. Here’s the rationale behind the two options: The lower, deeper carry option proves to be very comfortable when worn with athletic attire. As you sit or stand, the holder moves with you while staying hidden. And since athletic attire, by its very nature, is flexible or stretchy, drawing a deeper carried gun is not difficult. The higher carry option proves to be superior when wearing jeans or other casual, non-athletic attire. In this mode, you don’t get the comfort of the deeper carry, but you can access the gun faster since it rides higher.

Not only do the magnets do the work of keeping the holster loop on your gun belt, ensuring a safe, secure ride for your gun, they also do the work of gun retention. Since you normally don’t wear a gun belt with athletic attire, the magnets pull on the slide of the gun, keeping it in place with just the right amount of friction. When you draw normally, the magnets still allow the gun to exit the holster. It feels like drawing from a leather, inside-the-waistband holster under a moderately tight gun belt. Moreover, a gun in a JM4 Tactical Holster won’t fall out, even if held upside down. In other words, the designers got the magnet strength just right.

Regardless of whether you wear the Original CQC low or high, in athletic or casual attire, it’s a comfortable solution. The ride is stable, the leather is smooth, the design is rounded and the comfort actually increases as the holster continues to break in. And this is why I’m drawn to this magnetic holster solution.