When selecting athletic shorts, there are several key factors to consider. Material is crucial; look for lightweight and durable fabrics such as nylon or spandex that offer a good range of motion. Additionally, moisture-wicking properties are important to keep you dry and comfortable during intense workouts. The fit of the shorts should be neither too tight nor too loose, and the waistband should be secure yet comfortable. Length is mainly a matter of personal preference, but it can also impact mobility, so think about the activities you’ll be doing. Pockets can be a useful feature, especially if they have secure closures like zippers. If you plan on carrying items like a phone or keys, look for shorts with adequate storage options. Considering the brand’s reputation and customer reviews can also provide insight into the product’s quality and performance. And if you need to carry a concealed firearm, there are additional considerations to keep in mind. The best athletic shorts are the ones that meet your specific needs. For concealed weapon carriers, Arrowhead Tactical Apparel ™ Carrier Shorts Mk. II are a clear winner.

Why Choose Arrowhead Tactical Shorts?

A concealed carry weapon (CCW) is useless if you don’t have it with you when needed. However, carrying it during workouts can be a challenge. That’s where Arrowhead Tactical Apparel comes in. They offer a range of fashionable concealed carry apparel for athletic and casual wear. The newly released Carrier Shorts Mk II represents the latest advancement in lifestyle-oriented EDC apparel, incorporating innovative features while maintaining the core DNA that made Arrowhead successful in 2020.

Key Features of Arrowhead Tactical Shorts

The Carrier line, which has been the company’s cornerstone since its inception, is a true innovation. It allows you to carry your firearm in your own holster, maintaining the draw position you’ve practiced countless times, ensuring both efficiency and safety.
Standard athletic wear, though designed for comfort, isn’t designed to support significant weight. A regular elastic waistband cannot safely support an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster and loaded firearm during intense movements without the firearm bouncing, swinging, or possibly detaching from the wearer’s waist.

The Carrier line, while featuring elasticized waists with adjustable drawstrings like conventional athletic apparel, introduces a simple yet ingenious difference — the patented Carrier Retention Waistband, which is designed to support a holstered handgun, from compact to full-sized. It enhances the elastic waistband and drawstrings by incorporating a 1.5-inch-wide retention belt. The belt is threaded through extended belt loops inside the waistband and is fully concealed when worn. The extended belt loops minimize belt-to-body contact and maximize the connection between the belt and garment to prevent the belt from shifting around under load or movement.

Belt Installation and Compatibility with Holsters

Belt installation is quick and straightforward — just roll down the waistband, thread the belt through the loops upside-down, then flip the waistband back upright. Adjust the buckle to your desired tension, and you’re ready to clip on your holster. This system feels totally natural to anyone who is used to wearing a belt. All Carrier products may be worn without a belt but the belt must be installed to safely carry a handgun.

The company offers two belt designs of its own: the slim-fit Rapid Clasp Retention Belt and the enhanced OmniCarry Retention Belt. They’re specifically engineered for use with the Carrier Retention Waistband to ensure the most comfortable and secure carry experience. They provide the right combination of stretch and support. Additionally, the Carrier Retention Waistband can accommodate most 1.5-inch belts, so there is an entire market of possibilities you can experiment with to find your perfect setup.

Selecting the right holster is essential for both safety and comfort. The Carrier line is compatible with almost any IWB holster with 1.5- to 1.75-inch holster clips, including single- and double-clip models. The wearer can affix the clips over the entire waistband or directly to the inner belt depending on personal preference and the style of holster clip. The belt supports all waist-mounted carry positions, though the internalized belt design doesn’t support outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters. You can use the system to also carry spare mags, flashlights, and other EDC components.

Carrier Shorts Mk. II

The Carrier Shorts Mk. II represent a significant upgrade. They now feature a practical zipper fly, a design element borrowed from the Traveler Joggers. The zipper is ingeniously concealed by a fabric flap when closed, maintaining the shorts’ sleek appearance. A second zippered rear pocket A zippered back pocket on the green Arrowhead Carrier Shorts.has been added, complete with internal magazine sleeves, providing a convenient place for your wallet and an extra magazine. Both pockets are equipped with magazine sleeves for flexible carry options. The shorts feature YKK® zippers for reliability and extended zipper pulls for easy manipulation.

For the first time, a 3XL size has been added to the shorter inseam option. Sizes now range from Small to 3XL in both 7-inch inseam (reduced from 8 inches) and 11-inch inseam options. Sizing has been standardized across all products, meaning the 3XL size now accommodates a 46-inch waist.

The design of the Carrier Retention Waistband has been updated to offer an additional 33 percent space for holster positioning when carried in the appendix location, thanks to the modified spacing between the front belt loops.

Branding has been made more subtle by eliminating the rubber side stripe and using a color-matched, flat logo that blends seamlessly with the fabric. The shorts now also feature rubberized aglets on the drawstrings, replacing the previous metal ones.

The main body of the shorts is constructed from an ultralight yet durable 87 percent nylon/13 percent spandex blend, providing an optimal balance of stretch, moisture management, comfort, and durability. The shorts have a breathable 100 percent polyester mesh crotch gusset panel.

The Unbeatable Choice for Concealed Carry Fitness Gear

The Carrier Shorts Mk. II are currently available in Midnight Black and Olive Drab Green with a 7-inch inseam, and Midnight Black with an 11-inch inseam. More colors and patterns will be introduced soon. The Carrier Shorts Mk. II are outstanding athletic shorts, unbeatable for concealed carriers. The Carrier Shorts Mk. II have an MSRP of $62.99.


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