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Concealed Carry Expo: We Are Ready. Are You?

As you read this, we are likely getting ready to open the doors to the USCCA’s 5th Annual Concealed Carry Expo in Pittsburgh. Well, maybe we have already opened them. We may have already let the winner of the Charter Arms PROFESSIONAL fire that new gun on our indoor range. People might already be shopping for new gear or heading to a class to learn new skills. You know what, I really don’t know when you will be reading this, so I’m just going to say that the Expo opens today. If you are within, oh, let’s say a 6-hour drive, I think you should attend. If it is still early in the day, you should start driving right now. Then you can see the LIVE scenario-based training exercise we will conduct Friday night (that’s tonight!).

About six years ago, when people were chuckling at the idea of creating the Concealed Carry Expo, I was busy making my case for a combined consumer show and educational event that would also bring together members of the USCCA family. With diligent work from many departments, and thanks to that award-winning USCCA customer service, I think I can declare the Concealed Carry Expo a success.

An Experience for Gun Owners to Remember

You really do have to see it to believe it. Think about this: Thousands of gun owners under one roof, looking at new gear, getting training from industry-leading professionals, learning about the responsibilities of living the concealed carry lifestyle. And it all happens without any violent crime. Can you believe it? (He asked sarcastically.)

This is my opportunity to thank everyone who made the 2019 Concealed Carry Expo happen. And let me assure you, creating this Expo was not without considerable challenges. Despite all the hurdles, the team of professionals that pulled this event together never stopped smiling. OK, truth be told, there were SOME times when we stopped smiling, but we always started smiling again in short order. That’s because we know without a doubt that we are doing the right thing.

The Concealed Carry Expo is a training and education event that focuses on teaching responsibly armed Americans the right way to handle a gun in public.

Firearms Activities Today

Today, too many people lump all activity with a firearm into the same category. That’s just wrong. We need to reframe the debate and remind people that some gun violence is righteous and good. If a man walks into a church and starts shooting, it is righteous and good for honest people to shoot back at him and violently stop his murderous actions. It is still a horrible event, but it is made less horrible because good people stopped a bad person.

Our goal at the Concealed Carry Expo is to help good people see, avoid and, if forced to do so, stop bad people. We do not advocate violence, but if violence is forced upon us, we must prevail. We owe it to the people who love us.

If this message does not give you enough time to plan your attendance at the 2019 Concealed Carry Expo, well guess what … you have almost a year to plan for 2020.

The 2020 Concealed Carry Expo

The 2020 Concealed Carry Expo will be held March 20-22 in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark those dates on your calendar. Put in your vacation request right now. Get ready for the biggest, best Expo to date. (In reality, it will be amazing, but the plan is to make every Concealed Carry Expo bigger and better than the previous one … so if you attend them all you will see and be amazed by the growth.)

I truly hope to see you at this or a future Concealed Carry Expo. Make the time to make the trip. I’m sure you will love it.


About Kevin Michalowski

Kevin Michalowski is Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine and a fully certified law enforcement officer working part time in rural Wisconsin. He is a USCCA and NRA Certified Trainer. Kevin has attended training across the U.S. as both a student and an instructor in multiple disciplines. These specialties include pistol, rifle, shotgun, empty-hand defense and rapid response to the active shooter.

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