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Choose Your Shots and Your Words Wisely

A recent episode of Into the Fray prompted one viewer to comment about how he would fire all his rounds if he was hit and going down in a gunfight. He went on to say he would want his attacker dead.

Both of these are bad ideas. You need to make every shot count. To that end, you need to focus on the front sight and make sure you are putting rounds on target to the best of your ability. This is true whether or not you have been shot and whether or not you think you are going to die. Be responsible. You will likely need all that ammo to stop the bad guy, and you certainly do not want any of your rounds hitting an innocent person.

As to the matter of saying you want someone dead, please do not do that. We are not shooting to kill. We are shooting to stay alive. Our goal is to stop the threat. If our attacker happens to die because of our reaction to his actions, well, that is tragic, but our intent was simply to stop the imminent deadly threat as quickly as possible.

Words Matter

If you use words improperly online, they will come back to haunt you. Just don’t do it. You will have a difficult enough time dealing with the aftermath of a shooting. You do not need some prosecutor dredging up misguided quotes from your social media posts during your court proceedings.

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