I am kind of an oddball when it comes to shooting. I am right-handed. But I am left-eye dominant. And I happen to shoot handguns with my right hand and long guns with my left hand. But in either case, I am always using my left eye, which I’ve determined is my dominant eye.

Confused yet?

Let’s just say that your eyes play a very important role in the shooting process. And you need to determine which eye is your dominant eye in order to be more proficient. Otherwise, a trip to the shooting range may be a very confusing and frustrating experience. In fact, I have had many students take my basic firearms classes only to discover that they have been shooting the “wrong” way for many years by lining up their sights with their non-dominant eyes. For this reason, they never understood why their shots were so off-target. They attempted fixing everything under the sun: grip, stance, sights, target distances or even firearms. They never realized that the problem was because they were focusing on an eye that was not providing them with the “correct” picture.

Ocular Dominance Explained

Let me explain. Ocular dominance (or eye dominance) determines which eye is providing the most accurate and reliable information to your brain (or which eye your brain pays more attention to since it can’t focus on two pictures at once). This is very important because your dominant eye is the eye that will need to focus on the front sight of your firearm so you are properly lined up with your intended target. Oh, and being right-handed does not automatically mean that you are right-eyed. In fact, we have seen much higher numbers of women than men who are what we call cross-dominant, in which their dominant hands do not match their dominant eyes.

No matter what you discover, it’s important to know your dominant eye so you can use, adapt or modify the fundamentals to your needs and abilities. (HINT: Most people automatically use their dominant eye when looking through a traditional camera eyehole or a telescope. But if you find that you can’t determine which eye is dominant, don’t fret! It’s entirely possible that both or neither of your eyes are strongly dominant. In this case, go with what is most natural. Use the left eye if you are left-handed or the right eye if you are right-handed.)


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