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Armed Invaders or Unwanted Visitors?


Have you ever had an uninvited houseguest or an unexpected visitor? Maybe it was a neighbor who interrupted dinner preparations and chatted just a little bit too long. Perhaps it was an out-of-town family member who popped over to your place unannounced. Or maybe the visitor was a friend who took advantage of your offer to let her stay with you for a few days but then it turned into Day 12 with no end in sight.

Say What?

Then again, I suppose I could be completely wrong here. Your unwanted visitor could have been a burglar or even a potential rapist, just like the media is apparently reporting nowadays. You read that right: Instead of saying “criminals” or “thieves,” the media has taken to describing lawbreakers as “unwanted house visitors.”

Here’s a recent example that got people talking: On Jan. 10, 2019, NBC New York tweeted: “Police say a New Jersey man fought off an unwanted house visitor by using the suspect’s own gun, ultimately killing him.”

Did you catch that wording? “Unwanted house visitor.” Is that asinine or what? Is someone trying to make us feel sorry for the armed invader? After all, the homeowner did end up defending himself and shooting the bad guy … with the bad guy’s gun. With all the gun-bashing going on in our society today, I’m actually surprised it wasn’t reported as the “unwanted house visitor” being the victim of a crime! For instance, the tweet could have read: “House visitor brutally shot and killed with his own firearm when homeowner deemed him unwanted.”

Tell It Like It Is

I really want to believe that the person who used this ludicrous phrase was desperately — and unsuccessfully — attempting to sprinkle in a variety of terms to avoid redundancy. But how preposterous to describe some crazed individual who has broken into your personal, private dwelling place with malicious intent as a “visitor?!” That’s not a visitor! It’s a maniac. A depraved delinquent. It’s a wrongdoer, an offender, perhaps even a murderer. And in this case, it was an ARMED HOME INVADER. Plain and simple. Forget excuses. No pity. Don’t weep for the criminal.

The Take-Away

If anything, this phrasing foolishness teaches us some important lessons. First, be well-informed and don’t fall for what the media is trying to tell you. Be aware of tactics to draw sympathy for evildoers or to point blame on the innocent. And second, be responsibly armed — whether on the go or in your home. Always.

You never know when or where evil will strike.

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