People have slung around some pretty derogatory terms when describing strong, bold women. (I’m sure you can use your imagination to come up with most of those unpleasant names, so I’ll spare you that list.) Regrettably, those labels paint a picture of determination and passion in females as something negative, inappropriate or even joke-worthy. But fearless women should be celebrated and imitated! These are not girls who are recklessly and hopelessly jumping headfirst into tragedy. These are badass ladies who are launching businesses, starting revolutions and fostering a fierce new generation of females. From the suburbs to the cities, these world-shapers and -shakers are making their voices heard. All women should aspire to be this confident and capable.

Want to know what makes these amazing females stand out from the crowd? Here are 11 things that badass women do, things that may already describe you or that you may one day desire to become.

  1. She thinks ahead. Not hindered by lack of preparation, the badass woman uses the past to get ready for the future. She may not have every plan laid out, but you better believe she’s considered the options and the possibilities. And she’s ready for whatever comes her way.
  2. She takes action. She doesn’t sit back and watch opportunity pass her by. This woman knows what she wants, needs and deserves. She will use assertiveness, intelligence and fierce determination to get things accomplished.
  3. She takes risks. The word “fearless” means taking chances. This woman does so after weighing options and thinking things through, of course. She knows that she can’t control everything in life, and she realizes that a little spontaneity and variety are welcomed. But she’s not reckless or careless. She moves forward boldly but with caution.
  4. She knows when and how to say, “No.” Have you ever heard that you can’t please all the people all of the time? A fearless woman has learned this the hard way. She’s no pushover, and she’s no welcome mat. She knows the value of declining offers and dismissing annoyances.
  5. She keeps it real. She’s not necessarily an optimist or a pessimist but rather a realist. And she’s honest about her feelings and her emotions, without losing control.
  6. She gives her all. If you want something done, ask a busy person. In this case, ask a badass. She’ll take on challenges with grace and determination and will always give 100 percent — or, she won’t do it at all. (Reference item #4.)
  7. She doesn’t accept mediocrity. For a woman who gives 100 percent, don’t think that giving her less than that will do. She expects — and deserves — better.
  8. She doesn’t take advantage of people or let them take advantage of her. She’s been there before, and she’s not going back. She knows hard work, and she’s had her share of both criticism and praise. It’s a two-way street though. The badass woman won’t devalue you or take advantage of the situation as long as you give her the same respect.
  9. She lives her life. You won’t find any simple acts of existence here. This strong woman embraces each day and lives her life with abandon. She probably has a theme song, and she isn’t afraid to sing it out loud or to dance like no one’s watching.
  10. She stands up for her beliefs. She’s firm, assertive and convicted without being pushy or rude. She speaks out for others and for herself and fearlessly advances equality. She lives what she believes no matter what. She’ll listen to you and your ideas, but if something is already in her heart and mind, it’s not going to change her.
  11. She owns a firearm and trains. That’s right. A badass woman is a proud, responsible and capable firearms owner. She embraces her 2nd Amendment right and is most likely packing a pistol right now. Along with that, she is physically and mentally prepared to protect what is hers. She will never let anyone harm her or the ones she loves.

The badass woman is an unstoppable and passionate force to be reckoned with and a confident and competent asset to have on your side. Just be careful what you believe about these strong, bold women. As they say, “Rumors either come from a man who can’t have her or from a woman who can’t compete with her.”