Yes, we all want to be nice and live in a civil society, but, as usual, a small group of idiots have ruined it for everyone.

In this day and age, there is no reason that any stranger should approach you on the street and ask for anything. If this happens, your first response should be suspicion. I’m not telling you to be rude. I’m telling you to be direct and be on alert. These approaches are a great way for people with ill intent to get close to you, convince you to drop your guard for just a moment and then strike.

If someone approaches you on the street, attempt to stop him or her early with a strong verbal challenge. If that doesn’t work, be ready for action. And always be on the lookout for an accomplice. Dirtbags work in teams. Understand there is rarely just one.

For those of you who will complain about the breakdown of a decent society, remember this: Good, honest citizens merely react to the dangers presented by aggressive criminals. That’s the definition of self-defense. We would not have to act like this if criminals would not force our hands. Be ready for anything, because criminals constantly find new ways to attack their victims.

What Time Is It?

Time to NOT be looking at your watch. If someone asks you for the time, raise your wrist to eye level; not only does this allow you to see the person asking for the time while you check your watch, it brings one of your hands up to the “fighting box” to provide protection from a sudden assault. Don’t take your eyes off your adversary.