TheIncluding a fixed or portable gun safe in your vehicle ensures you always have a handgun or long gun when you need one while securing your firearm. Securing your gun in your vehicle is especially important if you are entering a government or otherwise controlled building where firearms are prohibited. With increased metal detectors or other weapon-scanning technology being added to building entry points, you should always have a way to secure a concealed carry handgun in your vehicle.

Fortunately, Tuffy Security Products manufactures a wide range of low-profile portable safes, as well as hidden under-seat vaults for pickup trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. Their Portable Safe for Full-Size Pistols can fit underneath the seats and be secured by a heavy-duty cable to the seat frame.

Specifications of Universal Portable Safe for Full-Sized Pistols and/or Valuables

Color: Black
Exterior dimensions:
11.375 inches long X 7.25 inches wide X 1.8 inches high, including 2.5-inch combo lock above lid surface
Interior compartment:
9.25 inches long X 6.875 wide X 1.75 high (without foam liner)
High-security welded steel with powder-coated finish/.375-inch thick foam installed on the lid, sides and bottom
Security cable:
2 feet long/2,000-pound tested/.125-inch steel anchor point within the box
Locking system: Three-digit combination twist lock
MSRP: $109

Using Tuffy’s Universal Portable Safe

I installed the Universal Portable Safe under my driver’s seat at the rear. It was quite easy to do. After setting the knob lock with your own individual combination, locate the anchor point in the secondary compartment. Wrap the loose ends of the security cable around the object to which you want to attach it. I used the driver’s seat track. Once you’ve wrapped both ends around the interior anchor point, close the lid and the knob, resetting the lock to a random number.

The Tuffy Products Universal Safe for full-sized handguns should fit any conventional-sized pistol. I used it to secure my Smith & Wesson Model 638 Bodyguard during a visit to the hospital. The factory-tinted rear windows combined with the black floormats, seat and carpeting made it impossible to see that there was a box partially placed under the front seat. Inside the safe, there was plenty of room to spare for items like speed loaders.

I also tested my Remington R1 Executive Compact Ultralight with a 3.5-inch barrel in the Tuffy gun safe. Even with the larger size, there was plenty of room to spare. My Generation 2 Glock 17 also fit in the Universal Safe with more than enough room left to easily and safely remove your pistol from the box, even in a high-stress environment.

Should You Buy the Tuffy Portable Safe for Full-Sized Pistols?

I really like this product. Its uses go beyond securing firearms. It can discreetly and safely conceal cash, medications, jewelry and other items at home, in a hotel, boat, camper or RV.  The safe is surprisingly flat and will pack well in a suitcase. It is an excellent and easy-to-use product. Check out the entire line of Tuffy Security Products, including console and home vaults, at