True Stories — January 2019

Fare Fight: Massachusetts Cabbie Defends Against Early Morning Robbery

A cabbie picked up two men in New Bedford who soon put a knife to his throat and tried to rob him. The driver was able to flee the cab and used his legally carried pistol to fire on the robbers when they attacked him again. One robber was fatally shot, and the other was put to flight. Authorities noted the cabbie’s permit to carry a pistol concealed when they announced no charges following the self-defense shooting.

Associated Press

Florida Man Stops Back-to-School Shooting

A fistfight at a back-to-school event in a public park in Titusville turned deadly when one of the participants left the event, returned with a gun and opened fire. Fortunately, an armed Florida licensee saw what was happening and fired on the shooter, critically wounding him and ending the incident before innocent bystanders could be killed or injured. Responding police praised and expressed their gratitude for the presence of a responsible and legally armed citizen, whom they credited with preventing what could have been an immeasurably worse situation.

WFTV Channel 9, Orlando, Florida

Armed Texas Neighbor Stops Carjacking

As he was coming home one evening, a legally armed Littlefield man saw a couple he knew being accosted at knifepoint by a stranger. The good neighbor went and got a pistol and confronted the attacker, who left when he saw the gun pointed at him. At that time, the suspect proceeded to attack a local police officer who had arrived on the scene. The subject was promptly subdued and arrested on multiple charges.

KTRE-TV Channel 9, Pollock, Texas

Pennsylvania Man Defends Against Daylight Home Invader

A Pittsburgh man was alarmed by strange sounds in his home about 9 one morning. When he went to investigate, he found an armed young man had broken into his home. The unarmed homeowner engaged the burglar, wrestled the gun away from him and fatally shot the home invader in self-defense.

KDKA-TV Channel 2, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

California Man Defeats Armed Attacker

A Bakersfield man was house-sitting when an armed intruder opened fire on him for no apparent reason. The house-sitter armed himself and returned fire, hitting the intruder twice in the leg and ending the incident. 

Florida Family Squabble Turns Violent

Two Milton men were arguing, and the disagreement turned physical. One man, fearing for his life, took up a shotgun and fired on his assailant, seriously wounding him. Investigating police are calling the shooting self-defense.

NW Florida Daily News, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Texas Man Shot After Kicking in Door

A Houston man, upset that his wife was visiting another man, went to that man’s home and kicked in the door to gain entrance. He then attacked the suspected interloper, who drew a pistol and fired on the intruder, wounding him and ending the attack. Investigating police ruled the shooting self-defense and are not charging the shooter., Houston, Texas

Iowa Man Shoots Intruder

A Des Moines couple was at home late one evening when the woman’s ex-partner, in violation of a restraining order, stopped by. The intruder attacked the woman’s new partner, who took up a pistol and fired once on the intruder, mortally wounding him. Detectives determined the shooting to be lawful self-defense.

WHO-TV Channel 13, Des Moines, Iowa

Michigan Robber Shot with Own Gun

A Detroit man armed with a pistol approached a family sitting in a car and announced a robbery at about 11 one night. The husband engaged the robber and wrestled the gun away from him, then shot the robber once with his own gun, putting him to flight. Police recovered a .44 Magnum revolver and a .40 S&W pistol from the robber when he was later arrested.

Alabama Woman Shoots Assailant

A local man threatened a Helena woman with physical harm. The woman filed a police report, and the man was arrested on the subsequent warrant. After being released on bond, the same man accosted the woman again in her apartment complex, at which time she used her legally carried pistol to fatally shoot him. The woman has not been charged.

Texas Man Defends Against Armed Robbers

A Dallas man was accosted in his home by two black-clad men who jumped his fence and tried to rob him at about midnight. The homeowner used his own gun and fired on the two robbers, wounding one of them and putting both to flight.

Fox 4, Dallas, Texas

North Carolina Man Defends Against Knife Attack

A Fayetteville man was leaving a grocery store with his 2-year-old daughter when he was approached by a man who began verbally assaulting him. As the man tried to enter his car with his daughter, the assailant swiped at him with a knife. That’s when the victim drew a pistol and fired one shot at the aggressor, seriously wounding him and ending the incident.

WRAL-TV Channel 2, Fayetteville, North Carolina