How would you handle a home invasion? Do you carry your EDC gun in your home? Are you ready if someone breaks in? I know a lot of people who are not ready. Here is why I think that it’s a mistake to put your gun away when you get home from work.

Look at the surveillance video of a guy with a shotgun walking into this home to rob the occupants. Had he been set on doing anything other than robbing the couple, they would have been in real trouble. They had no really effective means of fighting back. So the homeowner came out of the kitchen and took matters into his own hands — literally.

Action defeats reaction, and the homeowner was able to grab the gun before the bad guy could fire. But would it not have been safer to have shot the bad guy from a greater distance and perhaps from behind cover? I mean, either the homeowner or his girlfriend could have engaged this target before the battle became one of hand-to-hand combat. I credit the homeowner for being brave and not just letting the home invader give orders. The homeowner took the fight right to the bad guy. But make no mistake, this was a gunfight and I, for one, would prefer that during a gunfight I have a gun. So, please, consider keeping your gun on you, even when making dinner.

One More Thing…

The girlfriend could have kept her gun in a concealed carry purse sitting next to her on the floor. I think the guy with the shotgun is lucky he didn’t get shot from two different directions while walking into that house. Remember, if you are more than three seconds away from your gun, you are unarmed.