I realize that all the hype right now is about Star Wars. Believe me: I get it. (I just haven’t braved the movie-theater crowds…yet.) But I am, admittedly, a “Trekkie.”

I got hooked on Star Trek: The Next Generation when I was younger. (I’ve seen every episode at least four times.) I’m also a big fan of Star Trek: Voyager. And attending a Star Trek convention is one of the top items on my “bucket list.” But even if you’re not a Q fan (and you don’t secretly dream of being Seven of Nine), I’m sure you can appreciate the technology of Star Trek: the crazy adventures and scenarios produced on the holodeck. The amazing gizmos and gadgets used by The Doctor. Just the character Data, himself. And let’s not overlook the obvious: the spacecraft! Besides being able to warp speed around the galaxies, wouldn’t it be nice to simply command, “Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.” and—voilà—it’s instantly there? Just the thought of all that automation can make a gal swoon!

What’s really cool is that some of these seemingly far-out technologies are already in use today…in the medical field, in our military, in space exploration, and, yes, even in our own homes. It’s even being used for personal defense. And I’m sharing my inner geekiness with you because it’s just one of the reasons I love Hornady’s RAPiD Safe.

A lot of people ask me how I store firearms in my home (especially since we have three children). Well, in addition to using some traditional and conventional, non-sci-fi methods, one of my favorite storage options is the Hornady RAPiD Safe. This heavy-duty gun safe is one piece of innovation that can potentially save your life. The first to use patent-pending RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, this 15-pound, 16-gauge block of steel remains secure and locked but can open for authorized users—in seconds—at the wave of a hand. The user can wear a special bracelet or swipe the key card or key fob in front of the device to unlock it. So it’s touch-free, instant access…with some really sophisticated safety and security.

Undoubtedly, this is a great storage option for households with children. You can store a self-defense handgun in a convenient, accessible location, knowing that your children (or anyone else, for that matter) will not be able to get to it. Yes; my kids think the safe is super neat. And, yes, I’ve let them check out how to use it. But, no; I don’t give them access to any of the opening devices. No; they cannot pry their way into the safe. And you’d better believe that my husband and I include this as a “don’t’ touch” in all of our in-home, gun safety training.

Some other features to note about this cutting-edge device include the padded sleeve inside. It protects your firearm while closed and, when opened, it presents your gun at the perfect angle to retrieve it quickly and safely. As well, the AC power adapter ensures that your handgun is secure and ready to access, 24/7. The RAPiD Safe also features a battery backup that can be used as a primary power source. Can’t locate your bracelet or key card? You can use the pad with your personal programmed, four-digit code or access the safe with a conventional lock and key. Looks like Hornady thought of just about everything. Except, perhaps, voice commands. But who knows? Maybe that technology will be next! For now, I get to wear a seemingly innocuous but secretly advanced bracelet on my wrist…and know that I have the tools to keep my family safe.


DISCLOSURE: Hornady graciously sent me this awesome RAPiD Safe to test, review, and share. But these are all my own thoughts, and Hornady is not paying me to say them. Given the choice, I would purchase this safe in a heartbeat. And I recommend it as an effective and safe storage tool that could work for others, as well.


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