While the AR-15 is often thought of as a home-defense weapon, there are several reasons a handgun is a better option for protecting your home.

Reasons to Choose a Handgun for Home Defense

A defensive handgun is smaller and easier to store. In most cases, it also can be accessed and operated with only one hand. While clearing your home is best left to professionals, if you need to rescue loved ones from danger, a handgun is easier with which to maneuver.

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And firing a handgun from a barricaded position allows you to use more cover or concealment. The 30-round magazine, which is the reason you’d want to use an AR-15 for home defense, makes it more difficult to stay concealed.

But the most obvious reason your handgun is a better option for home defense is that it is more likely to be with you. Your handgun should be holstered on you during all waking hours. Then you also have the option to fight your way to your long gun if that’s what you’d prefer for home defense.

Whichever defensive firearm you choose, be sure to train with your defensive firearm until you can’t get it wrong.

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