This is a top question asked by those who are new to the concealed carry lifestyle. When you’re interacting with law enforcement how much do they need to know?

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State Gun Laws

The first thing you should know is to check your local listings. This includes the gun laws for where you are traveling to or through, not just your home location. Some states have a duty to inform. That means the first thing you should say to an officer is that you’re carrying, regardless of whether he or she asks.

Make sure to be clear and polite when you share this information. After pulling you over, the cop will ask for your license and registration. Respond with something along the lines of, “Officer, I am legally concealed carrying.” Identify where your license or permit is as well as your firearm. Then ask what he or she would like you to do next. Keep your hands where the officer can see them through this whole interaction.

States will vary on what you need to have with you while you’re carrying. Be aware of those laws as well. You can keep track of that in the USCCA Reciprocity app. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to get home safely.

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