An interesting exchange occurred on a popular social media site a few weeks ago, and I thought I would share some of what was discussed. One of the women in our concealed carry group asked the other ladies, “What’s the most uncomfortable thing about carrying a gun?” The answers were wide and varied — some thought-provoking and some laugh-inducing. Even though Debra S. fittingly brought up firearms expert Clint Smith’s advice that “it’s meant to be comforting, not comfortable,” perhaps you will discover yourself and your own replies within some of the comments.

What’s the Most Uncomfortable Thing About Carrying a Gun?

Laura S. — “Not having it.”

Jeanne G. — “100+ degree Texas heat.”

Barbara H. — “Pinchy parts and uncomfortable holsters.”

Iris H. — “Being a novice gun owner/user, I would say fear I’m going to accidentally shoot myself. That is why my gun has a safety. This should get better with time and use.”

Christy J. — “Currently I am pregnant, so I would say my belly and maternity pants not working with current holsters! I did find that my belly band holster was my favorite … until the last few weeks. Now it is too tight, but I have a larger size coming [soon]! I have found that my big round belly holds [my firearm] exactly where I want it.”

Ashley S. — “Bending over. I appendix carry!”

Amy W. — “For me it’s been the weight of my gun … currently looking into a lighter option!”

Crystal H. — “I would say heat and sweating, or weight of the gun and weighing down my pants. (I don’t like belts.)”

Noel S. — “Tying my shoes. Ha-ha! Shoes first; gun goes on after! And wearing a belt (a cruel necessity for my PPQ most days).”

Lynn W. — “With OWB, the grip under my arm [is uncomfortable] because I’m short. With IWB, [it pinches] me when I sit down because I’m fluffy. I wore a Glock for 25 years every day. Now I carry a Smith most of the time and a NAA 22 mag every day.”

Amee C. — “Having to pee really bad. ’Cause you can’t just rip your pants down.”

Lisa S. — “Driving or bending over.”

Jennifer P. — “When it’s hot out and there’s sweaty kydex touching your skin.”

Stephanie W. — “Trying to decide which [gun] to wear.”

Mary-Grace M. — “NOTHING! LOL. I’m uncomfortable NOT carrying one.”

Rebecca A. — “Having to pee, sweating, bending over … small price to pay for peace of mind.”

Care to share your own thoughts on this?