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Constitutional Carry and You


Hi. I'm Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. In this edition of Into the Fray, we'll talk about constitutional carry and your right to carry a firearm.

Constitutional carry has become all the rage these days. Apparently, the mainstream media has gotten all over this term and they're really misinterpreting what it means. There's something that you need to know as a responsibly armed American. Constitutional carry simply allows you to carry a gun without a permit. That's it. It does not vacate your responsibility of what you're going to do with that gun.

Remember, you are responsible for every action you take and certainly every round that comes out of that muzzle. Constitutional carry doesn't take that away. So when we're arguing with anti-gunners who are complaining that constitutional carry makes the world less safe, let's remind them that whether a state has constitutional carry or an over-the-top requirement for you to get your concealed carry permit, none of that takes away your responsibility when you're dealing with a firearm. You will be held accountable for your actions as every responsibly armed American should be. So make sure you get the proper training and you know your laws so you're doing the right thing.

I'm Kevin Michalowski, editor of Concealed Carry Magazine. If you like these videos, please share them with all your friends, and remember to subscribe to our page. I'll give you more great information every week.

Several states now allow constitutional carry, which simply means you can carry a gun without a permit. As the name implies, states that allow constitutional carry believe that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a citizen’s concealed carry permit.

As you can imagine, this idea has caused some consternation among the anti-gunners, who claim that, without a permit, there is no control over guns. Not only does this show that gun control is more about control than it is about guns, it shows that anti-gunners think a permit somehow automatically makes a person responsible. It does not.

Your requirement to be responsible with a firearm is not linked to a permit or even to required training. Your requirement to be responsible is neverending. You will be held accountable for your actions regardless of whether or not your state requires that you have a permit.

Get Trained

Whether or not your state requires training, you should seek out training well beyond the minimum. Such training will help with your decision-making. Your life depends on it.

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