Where do you carry your knife? Can you get to it when you need it? Have you experimented with other methods?

Defensive tactics trainer Mike Janich, who heads up Martial Blade Concepts, suggests you carry your tactical folding knife clipped to your strong-side pocket in a tip-up configuration. This gives you rapid access, a good grip on the knife and an extra level of security if the blade should, for some reason, open in your pocket.

Many tactical knives allow you to set the pocket clip where you would like it: either tip-up or tip-down for right- or left-handed carry. Janich suggests tip-up carry because it allows you to get the knife into the fight more quickly and allows for a more natural draw. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

Practice Until You Can’t Get it Wrong…

You can never practice too much or be too good at drawing your knife. When you need a defensive weapon, you need it right now. You will never learn any new skills in the middle of a fight. Practice now.