Most range bags are fine for simply carrying a gun back and forth from home to the range, but at some point you’ll likely need a true case — something that is able to be robustly locked and, within reason, unable to be crushed. What’s more, because you likely have more than one handgun, it would be great to carry up to four of them in a single case. While we’re at it, let’s have this case be watertight and dust-proof while offering a bit of organization for the contents. One case getting this all done is the Case Cruzer Universal Range 4-Pack Handgun Case. Once you read about it, you might consider it a foregone conclusion on how to safely transport four guns.

Retailing for $284, this four-gun Case Cruzer measures 20.25 inches by 16.93 inches by 8.78 inches and weighs 11.2 pounds. Made from ultra-high-impact structural copolymer, it’s big and heavy and strong and durable. Inside are four slots for handguns (semi-autos up to 9.25 inches long and revolvers with barrels up to 4 inches long). Also inside are slots for spare magazines as well as a center area for other gear such as eye and ear protection, boxes of ammo and so on.

The handgun carry slots are set up to keep the muzzles pointed down and away and to present the stocks of the guns to facilitate an easier combat grip. The guns you see here, from left to right, include a Nighthawk T4, Colt Lightweight Commander, Bersa Thunder Pro Compact .45 and Glock 19. They all fit fine with a little room to spare, as did their spare magazines.

Closing and latching/locking the Case Cruzer occurs via two robust latches that snap into place with authority. The case and latches are so strong that you could probably drag this case behind a boat on a lake or behind a truck on a dirt road without fear of any water or dust getting inside. The latches won’t fail; metal-reinforced locking points accommodate a variety of padlocks if so needed. For transporting guns via an airline, the Case Cruzer features a built-in pressure-relief valve to balance the air pressure inside and outside of the box as needed. Reminder: Make sure you check with the TSA and your airline before transporting firearms.

The Case Cruzer comes in multiple sizes and configurations (more or fewer gun slots, wheeled, handled, etc.) and includes a lifetime warranty. Learn more at