It’s easy to become complacent in our home. That is our safe space after all. But here are five easy things you can do to keep your safe space secure because home defense is fundamental.

No. 1 Home-Security System

If you have a home-security system, make sure to use it. It’s not enough to simply put the sign in your yard and keypad on your wall. Set the alarm when you leave as well as when you are home. When you aren’t home, it’s likely to scare off a burglar. And when you are home, the alarm will certainly alert you to the unwanted presence. If you don’t have one, look into what options are available in your area and at your price point.

No. 2 Change Your Locks

After moving into a new home or apartment, change those locks as soon as you can. Same day or next day; don’t let it slip down your to-do list. Remember, someone lived there before and could still have a key to those locks.

No. 3 Don’t Hide Spare Keys

Never ever hide a spare key outside your home. That’s giving intruders open access to your house when you’re away. If you regularly lock yourself out of your house, find a new system. But hiding a key outside your home is just an invitation to come inside your home.

Find more great videos on the USCCA’s YouTube.

No. 4 Take Your Phone

Take your phone with you when you’re working in the yard. It doesn’t even have to be just in case of a crime. That phone is an invaluable tool for any kind of emergency should you get injured or need help when you’re outside your home. Companies have made phones extremely portable, so take it with you.

No. 5 Lock Your Doors

It sounds simple, but locking the doors is unfortunately easily forgotten or ignored. Locked doors can be an effortless deterrent to bad actors. Every time you pass through an exterior door, lock it. Walk the door when you walk out and when you walk in.