Shame On You, San Fran!


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors declaring America’s oldest civil rights organization “domestic terrorists” is abhorrent but unfortunately not surprising, considering the source. The NRA has the audacity to inform its members and the general public of how politicians vote on matters of gun rights, which the anti-gunners simply cannot tolerate. Specimens like those who control San Francisco feel they must control you too, and to control you, they must disarm you. I do not intend to allow them to accomplish either.

Millions upon millions of law-abiding individuals who love this country and the Constitution upon which it was founded aren’t the problem. Evil individuals who would commit mass murder are the problem, and addressing those evil individuals is complicated by allowing ignorant individuals like those on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to be in charge of anything more important than a shopping cart.

Ed Combs
Senior Editor
Concealed Carry Magazine

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