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Your family depends on you to keep them safe from threats. In
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tables on attackers and home invaders.

You’ll ensure your family’s safety with a home security and
home defense plan. Plus, you’ll discover how to avoid threats
and keep your loved ones safe by developing a personal
protection plan.
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Home Security & Home Defense
“Ensure Your Family’s Safety With a Home Safety & Security Plan”
  • "The Biggest Home Defense Weaknesses That Criminals Want To Exploit..."
  • "How Creating A Home Security Checklist Can Save Your Family's Life..."
  • "How To Avoid The Trap That 81% Of All Home Alarm Owners Make..."
  • "Why It Isn’t Necessary To Have An Arsenal Of Weapons To Protect You Family, And What The Single Best Weapon For Home Defense Is..."
  • "How To Patch The 3 Most Common Holes In Your Home Defense Armor..."
  • "How To Create And Implement A Family Code Word..."
“Use The Flaws in Tim Schmidt’s Home
Security To Improve Your Family’s Safety”
“The $2 Item At The Hardware Store That
Will Make Your Home 17 Times Safer...”
“How To Repel Burglars Like
Oil Repels Water...”
Developing A Personal Protection Plan
“The Best Way To Handle a Threat Is To Avoid It In The First Place”
  • "How To Create A Personal Protection Plan That Can Save Your Life..."
  • "Why You MUST Trust Your Instincts..."
  • "Why Conflict Avoidance Is NOT Human Being Avoidance..."
  • "Avoid The Three Biggest Misunderstandings About Concealed Carry Permits..."
  • "Discover How Your Cell Phone Can Get You Singled Out By A Criminal"
  • "How To Become Incredibly UNATTRACTIVE (To Criminals)"
“Discover The Simple Way To
Increase Your Self-Protection
“Learn Why Your Physical Size Is
Irrelevant To An Attacker
(Big or Small, Prepare)...”
“Ask Yourself: ‘Is This Situation Really
Worth Dying Over?’ -- Then Learn How To
React Properly
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Increase Your Family’s Safety
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Unparalleled concealed carry and self-defense
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Total run time: 53 Minutes
Home Security & Home Defense DVD
Developing A Personal Protection Plan DVD
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