Fight Your Way to Your Gun

Remember, the root word of gunfight is fight, not gun. In a close quarters battle, reaching for your gun might not be the best choice. This is just one tactic. It can be applied with the Sharkie we are using here, or you can use your flashlight, a kubaton or even a regular old marker or pen if you have one.

From contact distance to about 3 feet, you can strike your adversary, hard, and use those blows to create distance, then step back and decide if you need to reach for your gun.

Using a hard object to increase the power of your strike will provide maximum benefit to your aggressive actions. Remember that you should never just throw one strike. Attack in combination with a minimum of two strikes and keep moving to gain the distance you need to either escape or draw your firearm.

There is no one specific move or maneuver that will work every time. Your actions are dependent upon the situation, environment and your abilities. But using a hard object to strike the bundle of nerves at the collarbone area gives even those who are smaller or weaker a great tactical advantage.

Self-defense is not just about using a gun. You have many options and should consider them all. Get more training. Exercise. Prepare.

“He Pulled a Pen on Me!”

Using an everyday object as a defensive tool gives you a great advantage when it comes to defending yourself. If you simply hold a pen or a flashlight in your hand and the situation does not escalate, you have very little fear of being charged with menacing or brandishing. But if you were to pull your pistol out of the holster, the legal nightmare begins. Consider learning to use and carrying an alternate weapon.

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