Why the California Manhunt Should Embarrass the Gun Control Crowd


With the nation watching, law enforcement personnel throughout the State of California engaged in a massive manhunt for disgruntled former police officer Christopher Dorner, who killed several people and had been on the run for almost a week. The ordeal finally ended the way most people expected it would:


Even more interesting is the way the press has been handling the coverage – they have almost uniformly tried to change the discussion from Dorner’s crimes to “why he is acting out” his rage. Some reporters even attempted to evoke sympathy for the shooter, to “understand” how the alleged racial injustices he claimed to have experienced could have “contributed to his actions.” Liberal Psycho-babble.

But what the press avoided reporting were Mr. Dorner’s political and social views, despite the fact that in his own published manifesto, Mr. Dorner clearly stated his radical left-wing political beliefs. He went so far as to give a laundry list of liberal celebrities and news people whom he admired (Charlie Sheen being the most ludicrous).

Now, we all know that the talking heads in the media would have been shouting from the rooftops if a mad killer had ever listened to Rush Limbaugh, or once visited a Tea Party website. But they seem utterly uninterested in Mr. Dorner’s radical leftist views, or how they might have motivated his killing spree. Not surprisingly, they adamantly continue to deny any bias in their reporting.

And Mr. Dorner wasn’t shy about his undiluted hatred for those whom he saw as enemies. Full text of his manifesto is at:


Ironically, after spending page after page ranting about being the victim of racism himself, Mr. Dorner then goes on to attack all sorts of minorities (blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and even lesbians) and angrily declares them “high value targets” for their alleged lack of sympathy for his cause.

But perhaps the most disturbing words from Mr. Dorner’s manifesto involved his violent intentions and the weaponry he claimed to possess:

“The violence of action will be HIGH. I am the reason TAC alert was established. I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform, whether on or off duty. ISR is my strength and your weakness. You will now live the life of the prey. Your RD’s and homes away from work will be my AO and battle space. I will utilize every tool within INT collections that I learned from NMITC in Dam Neck. You have misjudged a sleeping giant. There is no conventional threat assessment for me……Do not deploy airships or gunships. SA-7 Manpads* will be waiting. As you know I also own Barrett .50′s so your APCs are defunct and futile.” 

*[Man Portable Air Defense System – a Stinger-type surface to air missile.]

So, what we had here was an angry, heavily armed killer who was carrying the same “weapons of war” that the gun control crowd fears the most (and are constantly trying to confiscate from civilian gun owners).

Except that, this time the killer was a cop. Oops.

Think about it. For decades the anti-gun zealots have been arguing that the millions of legitimate gun owners who own AR-15s and similar firearms can’t be trusted with such “assault weapons” and that these and similar firearms should ONLY be in the hands of police and the military.

Unfortunately for them, the anti-gun hysterics now have to deal with a high profile gun story where the bad guy turned out to be a former police officer! And he didn’t just have an AR-15. He apparently also had (multiple) Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifles, and even surface-to-air missiles!

Embarrassing? Well, it should be. But don’t hold your breath waiting for those who hate guns to have a sudden epiphany and realize the folly of their ways. Because now that the episode is over, gun control advocates and their willing co-conspirators in the media will ignore the obvious lessons that gun control will never stop crazy people from getting their hands on weapons, and that even police are not immune to “going postal” on occasion.

Instead, look for them to spin the story as “proof” that even more gun control is the answer. Some things never change…

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  1. He has even been compared to Davy Crockett and the Lone Ranger!!!! Incredible!

  2. I think they will use it to say ex-cops and military should not be allowed to have guns either, as a sign some of them are mentally unstable, because we all know if just one of them is unstable, they all might be. At least if we use liberal logic>

    1. A report out of West Point has already done that saying that veterans pose one of the biggest threats to American freedom. Can you imagine?

  3. When only criminals and the government are armed our freedoms and rights will be constantly be violated! I live unfortunately in California were the Democrats have a super majority in both houses plus our beloved moonbeam governor. They are imposing a long list of insane gun control bills which will make most gun owners criminals. Including a ridiculous bill that states every time I leave my home all my fire arms most be disabled or locked, how would my son and wife defend themselves when I’m out of town? Lelan Yee senator from San Francisco introduced a semi-auto confiscation bill last year which did not get out of committee but will next time be voted in by the gun crazy Demos. How are they going to deal with the many of us that legally own such weapons? Concentration camps, because the prisons are over flowing with the drug addicts. God help us all! Hopefully next election we can balance the gun graving insanity, I prey it will not to late.

  4. In my opinion, the anti gun crowd consists of cowardly people who have a fear of all types weaponry and transfer that fear to attempting to remove all weapons from everyone. They do not listen to or care to listen to facts and data about legal gun ownership benefits to self protection. Instead they focus on tragic situations like Newtown as a catalyst to spew their unfounded beliefs. As for the general media, they are no longer interested in facts but, little snips of stories twisted to show left wing interests.

    1. Ed – The followers (like my GF) may be people who are afraid of guns, but the leaders KNOW what they’re doing. Look at history, and see how Disarmament has ALWAYS preceded Genocide. Krystalnacht was preceded by the Fuhrerdecree of March 3, 1938 which disarmed the jews and all opponents of the Nazi Regime. This, in turn, was preceded by the Weimar Registration of 1928. You can see this before Stalin’s Purges, Mao’s “Great Leap Forward, the Killing Fields of Cambodia and Vietnam in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and almost every major slaughter in our planet’s history. Those on the far left know that they are doing, and many of us who know the lessons of history don’t like it….

      1. And there are those of us who know the lessons of history and will not follow them to the next genocide either.

    2. Fear of firearms and weaponry is called a phobia and is classified as a psychosis. A healthy respect for it and understanding it’s main purpose is not to injure or kill, but to be a deterrent to that.

      So, basically, if we capitulate to the fears of the psychotic individuals, that would make things better? then again, we don’t want to hurt their feelings, do we? How they get these fears is complex indeed and perhaps the very mass media who exploits it participates in its causation.

      It’s time to recognize this for what it is and not be deterred by persons suffering from psychosis, and rating seeking self serving “talking heads” seeking higher ratings.

  5. The agenda of the Left will always stay on their path of repeat, repeat, repeat. Those of us who are old enough to remember the “Great Evil Empire”, communism, and served in the military during those years, remember the training they put into us about how Commies can work on their agenda by repeating and repeating to a crowd of listeners, nothing but their agenda and sooner or later, even the so-called Intelligent ones, will believe what is pumped into them.

    1. Miles – Remember, “The lie, if repeated often and forcefully enough, will eventually be regarded as true.” And, President John Kennedy said, “Ignorance on the part of one citizen puts the whole Republic at risk.”

    2. I think we all that remember that can call it propaganda listen to it long enough and you start to and will believe it sooner or later .

  6. I`ve seen it all, and heard it all before it is like a woman telling someone that she is just a little pregnant. Don`t get me wrong, but this is the best analogy of the situation I can come up with right now. I hate to get into a discussion with liberals due to the fact that by the time I am done trying to explain my point of view, I damn near forget what the hell I was trying to explain to them in the first place

  7. I did notice how the press took up the cry of the officer’s use of tear gas canisters that could start a fire as a deliberate effort to kill or trap Dorner. This man was not a helpless victim who had surrendered, but a man who was still killing officers. All he had to do was put down his guns and surrender and we would have been treated to months of investigation and trial proceedings with a high caliber left wing set of lawyers trying to protect this man from the consequences of his criminal actions. Is it any wonder his behavior before this action alerted the police that he might not suitable for duty.

  8. This is exactly why law abiding people “need military-style weapons.” When (not if) the police (or the government) go rogue, we should be able to protect ourselves from those forces.

    1. Your very right on that one and that’s why everyone wants them because they don’t trust the Government . I don’t .

    2. exactly the point behind our founding fathers induction or the second amendment

    3. I think L.A.P.D. has already gone (rougue) . They shot the two women delivering newspapers and I think they shot another person. That clearly demonstrates a pattern of us against them and by God , im going home tonight mentality. Granted they have alot of idiots to deal with out there which is part of the problem. I believe the cops get de-humanized.

  9. John, thanks for the great investigative article. Too bad good stuff like this never makes to most Americans.

  10. I have never understood why puting on a badge and being sanctioned by a city, county , state, or the feds makes anyone more trustworthy than awell trained concealed carry citizen.

  11. Guns are mans moral right to protect himself and what he is morally responsible to protect. What’s morally right should never be infringed upon due to what is morally wrong.

  12. This man was obviously mentally disturbed, and yet he “got along” for many years. Regardless of what happened to him, there was no excuse for his actions. His “Manifesto” only illustrates his delusion. “Even so, Come Lord Jesus” is about all I can say about this!

    1. No law will ever be able to prevent a lone nutcase from going on a wild killing rampage. Oh, you might keep him from obtaining a particular weapon or class of weapons, but “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” If nothing else, said nutcase will strangle or beat to death his victim(s). What then, outlaw hands, and require all non-military and non-law enforcement to get federally mandated hand amputations because one nutcase beat his girlfriend to death? So the Liberals would want, methinks.

  13. From Dorner’s manifesto, am I the only one who does not know what TAC, ISR, RD, AO, INT, and NMITC mean? I realize that he is speaking from his police/military jargon, but not everyone is familiar with these acronyms.

    1. AO means Area of Operation and TAC I believe means Tactical Alert Condition

  14. What the MSM also isn’t reporting on is the two instances where police opened fire on innocent parties. If anyone other than “the only ones” had made such a grievous error in judgement, especially a lawful concealed firearm carrier, the reports and investigations of the shooting would be too numerous to count.

  15. CoyoteTrickster

    John, Good article. What can I say Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  16. WHATS even more cute, THE crowd demonizing weapons are a ill thing, CHICAGO had more deaths/shootings in the last year then ALL of afghanistan by a 5-1 margin!!! O’yeah, CHICAGO is a gun-free zone! 1 state versus a whole WAR-ooh! SEE, washington, here’s your proof-yepper.

    1. Its like you learn my mind! You appear to grasp so much approximately this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I believe that you just could do with some % to force the message house a little bit, but other than that, that is wonderful blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  17. Thank goodness Dorner has been eliminated, otherwise, every pick-up truck in California might have been riddled with LAPD bullets…

  18. If the people who’s car he took had a gun they possibly could have shot him before he killed another cop and wounded one

  19. I agree that the anti-civil-gun rights crowd and main-scream media will use the Dorner episode as more grist for their gun-control mill.

    The idea that this guy is some kind of hero who was fighting his “victimization” by LAPD is ludicrous. He was a disturbed man who killed innocent people. The only good news about his story is that he didn’t kill more people with whom he came in contact.

  20. It seems that everyone who has commented does not want any gun control laws. Just don’t sit back and complain…do something about it. There are plenty of web sites where you can write to your congress and let them know how you feel. Also encourage all of your friends to do the same.
    I have sent emails to everyone in my state to let them know my feelings on gun control. The more like minded people who write, email congress, will let congress know that the majority of people agree with NO gun control. In this day and age, it is a lot easier to let your opinion be heard.

    1. Thank you. I will contact my local legislators and Congress representatives asap! I suggest we all do it now!

  21. Statement of Fact – We all know the MSM is never going to report things in anything remotely resembling a “fair and balanced” manner, and we all know the MSM’s Left-Wing, anti-gun, Anti-Christian Bias is always going to cause them to (a) Accentuate any facts or information “show gun ownership in a bad light” while (b) Ignoring any and all information which, not only might “show gun ownership in a good light”, but could also show the benefits of gun ownership to a free, ordered and just society.
    Question – Why don’t we as Gun Owners, and as Conservatives who care about this Republic and about the Duties of a Free Press in a Free Society, buy a TV or Radio Network? A Groups of Newspapers? a Wire Service? A Magazine or group of Magazines? Why don’t we take over part of the MSM and force it to become truly what they all claim to be???

    1. I think that is a brilliant idea if only we could. We have to return this country to what made it great in the first place. It has been said that if our country ever falls, it will be from within and that is what we are all witnessing today. I could go on and on but all who read this knows I am right.

  22. Nice job Tim!
    We are in for a long hard fight,but we must use only the facts,and we must by no means use half truths to make our point.You are a true patriot .
    Regards Joe

  23. The Government know they are trying to screw us. When
    they try to move in, they want no resistance. In the end, if this happens, they will turn good honest citizens into criminals.
    We wont stand by idely. The blood will be on their hands.

  24. I’m homeless and on the streets of LA, and have read , watch many, bur the main thing is the LA police dept. for got one thing and that is they are a team against crime . it’s sad of what happened we all know of the manifesto and all have read but the real truth of the matter it all started when Mr. Dorner’s police report of a attack of his co worker which was true but the dept wanted different. If you be on these streets here you will find dishonesty among the dept. which supposed to be professional, his actions where very wrong and being US Gov. property who worked both city and over sea work between law enforcement and military you would think other officers would not be doing any type of wrong towards any one of our Nation ! Yahweh say’s ” you rep what you sow “

  25. All we hear out of Chicago are the statistics about how many shooting deaths have occurred each year and gun control is the answer and how Chicago has the strictest gun laws. Has anyone been able to find out or has the good Mayor determined how many shootings are by legal gun owners? As usual, the gun control people just want to confiscate all guns, then only the “outlaws” will have the guns. And we only think Hitler and his ideas died with him. Why are we forgetting that history is still an excellent teacher? History is bound to repeat itself, sooner or later.

  26. I have weapons and damn well plan on keeping them until I die. I pray it(mydeath) won’t be at the hands of our armed forces or LEOs’. I fear though the time will come when the “sheeple” will reap that which they have sown.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I as a retired LEO really have a hard time with that. When I was active I took a sworn oath to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.
      As far as I know the oath is still given. If so, is it of no meaning anymore to them who swear to it ? I hope not, but who knows where their loyalties lie anymore . I know where mine were .
      Was also in the National Guard for six years, took the same oath there as well.

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  28. Gun free zones should be called, turkey shoot zones! The only one they protect is the shooter! He is guaranteed, that nobody can shoot him.

    Colorado, Batman:

    I think it is all in the eye of the beholder. The gun control people want to use this as a catalyst to claim that we need more gun control. That is stupid!! This highlights the real problems of gun control. It seems to of gone right over most peoples head that this was a GUN FREE ZONE. This happening may have been a blessing in disguise. I am sorry for their loses, but if a terrorist cell would of thought of this first. They could of broke in all the doors & killed everybody. By creating a gun free zone, they made it safe for the gunman, not the people. I submit the same is true of America. If you outlaw guns you put the people at the mercy of the outlaws. Do you really think, they’ll have mercy?

    Take a good look at Mexico they have always had gun control. If you notice the police have guns, the army has guns, & the outlaws have guns. Now if you look closely you will see that the civilians, that are not allowed to have guns do way more dying than anyone else.

    I think training & arming the teachers is the best idea, for 2 reasons. Obviously physical defense, but also as a visible deterrent. I mean i’ve never heard of any of them, attacking a police station. Just the public knowledge that they are not helpless, could fend off some attacks. Not all teachers would need to carry. Some wouldn’t feel comfortable with carrying, & that’s fine. The main thing is that a shooter can’t approach a gun free zone feeling safe. Like he’s untouchable.

  29. I emailed my senators my concerns about pending “assault weapons” ban legislation. I got a very encouraging reply from one and a form letter from the other, who I promptly unloaded on in a reply and then told him I’d remember his decision to support the ban come election day. If there is another one…
    Did anybody notice that in the clip of the firefight the statement was made three times to “burn the cabin” and afterward the brass said that they never said that? Sounds like a lot of cops are no more trustworthy than the news media, especially at the top…
    The big question is: when we are ordered to turn in our weapons, will you comply? It is coming, soon…
    When this country falls to the UN dictatorship it will be the end of all freedom and human rights all over the world, what’s left of it. It is coming, soon…
    The future, what future? A quick trip to a concentration camp for re-education. If that fails, a quick trip out back that ends in a plastic coffin buried in a field. You can see them on newsmax.com. So, is it better to live in the worst dictatorship the world has ever seen, or die trying to prevent it?
    Personally, I’d rather die free than live a short life as a slave to the UN’s New World Order. What about YOU?!?

    1. The only reason the police were able to dispence “vigilante justice” was because they work for the government. Had anyone else done that same thing, the police would have rounded them up and carted the lot of them to jail.

      Don’t get me wrong, Dorner was a criminal and he got what he deserved, but I do not doubt for a second that the intent was not “dead OR alive” but “just dead,” and now the police are trying to cover their backsides.

    2. I will NOT register or turn in ANY of my firearms, EVER!! They were all registered, I’m sure, when I bought them. I haven’t bought any privately so I know the Gov. knows what I have. Anyone who knows ww2 history should easily see the same routine happening here. This country is headed for a civil war. The rich getting richer, the middle class being pushed down, people losing thier homes, no jobs, police beating people outright and getting a paid vacation “administrative leave” before going right back to work. Not all police are bad, I believe, but the police are recruiting thugs that will go along. THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS AMERICA’S ORIGINAL HOMELAND SECURITY!!! One of these days the cops are gonna knock down the wrong door and the homeowner is going to shoot them. It will happen if it hasn’t already. We don’t need the TSA, no DHS, and certainly NO MORE LIES!!!! Watch them come for everyone whom speaks thier mind.

  30. As expected, he media is stressing racism in their screeds. Not mentioned is the fact that he was fired because he was not up to the task. Probably got the job in the first place because of “affirmative action” which is shorthand for “you must hire him because he’s a minority, despite his qualifications and we have a quota to fill”.



  32. Hoplophobia is the phrase coined by Guru Jeff Cooper, of Gunsite fame, for the fear of firearms. Spread the word.

  33. This is a copy of the email I sent to all govenment officials from the president down to my local reps.
    Stop the insanity, there is no reason to create more law’s to enforce
    when there is not the manpower,money or time to enforce the ones on the
    books now! The government (IE) federal, state or local cant enforce or
    protect the people or our children and hasn’t been able to for many
    years.WE have too! Your bans,regulations and laws wont stop the criminals
    or sick mentally ill they will only limit the good citizens from defending
    this country and what is their’s by infringing and taking our god give
    right to defend ourselves and our family. Have things gotten so corrupt
    the government is trying to hoard/limit the people from protecting
    themselves’s. Is the government afarid of it’s citizens? I was always
    taught and thought we the people were the government and you were elected
    to serve us and protect us. I pray I’am not wrong.
    The government wants us all unarmed so we cant resist all the corrupt crap going on when they come to take total control. I belive they fear we the people will at some point attempt to regain our country and the moral values that founded it.

  34. I first got involved with defending gun ownership in the late 60s.
    I got my first concealed carry permit in time for the Detroit riots. I hope that my experience will be helpful to some of my younger colleagues. I think what I’ve learned will come in handy in this latest anti-gun campaign( which has actually gone on for 2 generations now).

    Lesson 1: take care of your own image and reputation. Never, ever write or say anything “crazy” or express anything but absolute distrust and disdain for anyone who looks to be attacking our civil and human rights. Avoid getting bogged down in online forum arguments. The people at the other end are NOT the ones who you need to defeat. They are the pawns in this game, the ones “leaders” like President Obama, VP Biden and Senator Feinstein manipulate to help accomplish their abuse of office, violations against the federal and many state constitutions and “minority rights” like gun ownership. Confront (civilly) the Manipulators because they are the ones who can and should be stopped. Do this via letters, emails and phone calls.

    2. Understand we can’t do this unless we stand together and are at least a little organized. 80 million gun owners is a huge minority – statistically, twice as large as the black population. We must depend on organizations like USCCA, Gun Owners of America, the NRA and even state level organizations which show effectiveness in reaching state legislators. (In my state of Michigan, we have the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners – “MCRGO.”) It’s these organizations which have the direct access in Washington and state capitols. They also let us know when to bombard legislators and the White House with letters, phone calls and emails.

    3. I think is was Ben Franklin who advised his revolutionary buddies: Gentlemen, we must all hang together or we’ll each hang alone. Just as we are willing to defend ourselves and our families, we must stand ready to defend and aid any unjustly accused gun owner. We must think tactically and act responsibly in all things.

    4. Again, it was Franklin who was the paradigm for the principle which says: if you can’t make friends, at least make allies. That includes forming solid, positive relationships with law enforcement, teachers, city councils and our neighbors. We may at times feel under siege but we must never become “barricaded gunmen.” BE the man or woman who everyone comes to for advice, for help with painting the garage, etc. This is how Ben Franklin started out – as a mainstay of his community. This led to his starting a lending library on which all public libraries are based today, he also started a volunteer fire department and was a fount of ideas for cooperation and neighborhood action. It was because of this that he became an American ambassador to France.

    Notice that all of these things are the opposite of what Christopher Dorner was. Let that be the lesson we learn from his story.

    _________________________________________________To Gun owners
    A free people ought not to ONly be armed and displined;
    but he SHOULD have sufficient arms and amo to maintain
    a status of indepence from anyone who might attempt to
    ABUSE them which would include our own GOVERNMENT!!!!

    written by our 1st pres George Washington!!!! hmmmmmmm
    trannying hmmmmm us no way also check 2nd in tenn in the 45!!!

  36. To ArmyVet… I fear you are correct, and have no wish to live as a subject to a dictator. I cannot believe so many people are so unwilling to even look at history and the evidence pointing to what you described. I only hope enough current police and military will stand with those of us who have always supported and believed in them, and who only want for a free and responsible nation. We must stand, and we must continue to fight for all we believe in and want this country to be. It’s difficult to believe we’ve come to this point… we’ve allowed ourselves to be shouted down for too long. We must stand. Thank You for your service, btw.

  37. I don’t carry, and I never plan to. I’m too old and i just don’t have the time for the training. I was an AWAC geek in the Navy, so they wouldn’t even let me shoot the flare pistol! I sometimes wear a jacket that could conceal a carry weapon. Because I live in Texas, I am protected from criminals by the very fact that they don’t know if I am carrying on not. I have even escorted my wife to the bank for business deposits while looking very alert. Our bank security guard gives me a knowing look as if he believes I am carrying.

    My thanks to everyone that carries. I appreciate the protection you afford me.

  38. I forgot to mention that I served under Eisenhower and Kennedy. I would never serve our present day war mongering corrupt police state that actively participates in the financial rape of it’s citizens.

  39. I probably should not be posting this as I have not read Dorner’s manifesto and I question the LAPD decision to fire Dorner. What happened to make this man so angry? If there was deceit within the LAPD, the resulting reaction of Dorner can be understandable. This happens when a lot of people are fired or let go from their job. Recall the “postal” situation many years ago when a post man was let go from his job. Employers have a duty to treat people with dignity when they are firing employees from a job. Note that not all people will react as we believe they should and some get really angry when not listened to or have the chance to rebut.

  40. Dorner was crazy and a cop killer, but in many ways he was just another criminal. Why was he assonated rather than arrested? The news media reported there was one shot from inside the cabin, when he killed himself, but the police sprayed the cabin with full auto fire which is crazy, and set the place on fire. Why did he have to be put down right away? In most other cases he would have been surrounded and a long negotiation would have been implemented and eventually he would have been arrested. Again, why was he murdered by cop?

  41. if we cant have them neither should police or the millitary see how much trouble they will create with that one

  42. most likely they will all quit there jobs because they will be on the same playing field as us

  43. as far as turning mine in………..sorry charley i,m not that stupid

  44. I wonder how the press would have reported this act of crazed violence had Dorner been a white LAPD officer?

  45. with far more armed citizens than cops, it still took cops to stop this guy. millions of “responsible” gun owners, this and many other shootings,and very few civilian heroes. for all of the rhetoric about gun ownership, it is still rare when a gun owner kills a criminal.

  46. I like the analogy:

    “3rd grader Johnny scribbled his crayons all over the school room walls so the teacher
    took the crayons away from all of the kids.”

    Any of you ‘ban gun’ advocates want to give
    us any justification for the teachers actions ?

  47. remember when they stopped people from smoking in public places that was one of the basic rights people had, we did not think much of it,except for the smokers but every time they being the left wing loons go after a basic right of any body we should stand up . now they are going after our beloved guns and I hope this also fails like other times . But we also may need to face the realiality of what we will do as americans if they do come after our guns Thomas Jefferson once said ” The reason for the second amendment may not be fully understood until such a time it is needed ” this could possibly turn out to be one of those times.

  48. It appears Most modern individuals have been Indoctrinated to keep a lid on their own opinions, and give polite lip-service approval to even the most outrageous behavior, in order to not be perceived to be “Insensitive” to the feelings of anyone who is evidently one of the “Victimhood Society”. I am ashamed of the success of this facet of juvenile behavior shown by what our culture has become.

  49. Tim I think it’s great that you are wiling to be so transparent with us. I wish our administration was as forthcoming. Keep up the good work. Always look forward to hearing from you..

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