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Just like your favorite streaming services, but for guns and self-defense! These short, comprehensive videos are guided by experts. They’ll help you become an even stronger protector in just minutes a day from wherever you are. From being more situationally aware so you avoid a dangerous situation in the first place to knowing when you can, and when you can’t, use your gun to defend yourself – our video vault has everything you need to become your family’s ultimate protector.

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As a USCCA member, your subscription to our award-winning magazine gives you unbiased gun and gear reviews, reliable self-defense techniques and practical drills for both live-fire and dry-fire exercises. Easily read on the go with a companion digital subscription. In addition, you’ll recieve 4 extended issues per year, with exclusive women-focused content. Many USCCA Members agree, this is one magazine you’ll always read from cover to cover! ($79 Annual Value)

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Resources for you to stay informed of both federal and local laws and regulations you must follow as a responsible gun owner. Ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to you in your home state and anywhere you travel. Your USCCA Membership takes out the guesswork and gives you the tools you need to help you feel confident and clear about your rights as a responsibly armed American.

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Get permit expiration notifications and alerts when crossing state lines

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Stay on the right side of the law by staying informed of the law

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Q&A with award-winning criminal defense attorney


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100% American-based, the Delta Defense Team are expertly trained on all USCCA products and will help you with any questions you may have

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USCCA Members get FREE entry to the annual USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense Expo [Headed to Fort Worth, TX in October 2021!]

24/7 Critical Response Team Emergency Support

After a self-defense incident, your first call should be to 9-1-1, and your second call will be to this emergency support team who will be your guide through the unanticipated fog of a self‑defense incident.

Nationwide Attorney

When choosing your criminal defense attorney, you may select a name you already trust or you can handpick one from our growing, nationwide network of more than 1,200 attorneys.


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All USCCA Members - regardless of membership level - and all responsibly armed Americans have access to the USCCA Legal Defense Foundation**. The Foundation exists to provide resources and support for individuals confronted with:

  • “Red Flag” Laws
  • Emergency Risk Protection Orders
  • Unfounded Restraining Orders
  • Gun Confiscation Without Due Process
  • And More

** The USCCA Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. is not associated with or included in the USCCA Membership, and is not a guaranteed member benefit of USCCA Membership. Access to the USCCA Foundation, Inc. is available to all USCCA members and responsible American gun owners. Visit for more information.

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The USCCA Online Training & Qualification will take your firearms and defensive capabilities to the next level. Our easy-to-use learning management system will allow you to train at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. When it’s time to expand your training at a LIVE gun range, your USCCA training will ensure you’ve got the foundation you need for success.

Online Training & Qualification

  • 2021 Handgun Safety & Marksmanship Fundamentals ($37 Value)
  • 2021 Children’s Firearms & Safety Fundamentals ($147 Value)
  • 2021 Defensive Shooting Concepts ($147 Value)
  • 2021 Emergency First Aid Fundamentals ($147 Value)
  • 2021 Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals
    ($147 Value)
  • 2021 LaserTRAIN ($97 Value)
  • 2021 Countering the Mass Shooter Threat ($147 Value)
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Brian was well trained.

He had spent years learning and practicing the defensive use of firearms.

He had a concealed carry permit. And his gun was secured in his truck.

Brian was helping his ex-wife because a deranged man had attacked her and lit her home on fire the day before.

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt

President & Founder, USCCA

And there are three BIG reasons you’d better hurry…

Our exclusive training and education, which you can begin immediately, will help you avoid threats, de-escalate potentially violent scenarios, fortify your home, prepare your loved ones, stop crimes, and even save lives.


You’ll automatically become an insured on a self-defense liability insurance* policy the moment you activate a USCCA Membership.


You and your loved ones will be safer because YOU have prepared for everything that happens before, during, and after using your gun in self-defense. 


The USCCA helps responsible Americans like you prepare for what happens before, during and after an act of lawful self-defense. In addition to offering education and training, the USCCA has purchased an insurance policy that provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance. These benefits provide more than 595,000 USCCA Members with the peace of mind.

Self-Defense Liability Insurance for Claims Expenses & Damages

$2,000,000 Each Claim Limit

$750 Per Day for Loss of Earnings (Subject to Each Claim Limit)

Self-Defense Liability Insurance for Defense Expenses

$250,000 Defense Expense Limit

$6,000 Incidental Expense Limit (Subject to Defense Expense Limit)

$50,000 Cost of Bail Bond Limit (Subject to Defense Expense Limit)

Self-Defense Liability Insurance Policy issued to the
USCCA, by Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company

Your Choice of Criminal Defense Attorney*

When it comes to your defense, you’ll want someone on your side who you’re comfortable with and someone you can trust

Up-Front Funding for Defense Expenses & Cost of Bail Bonds*

Most people don’t have the funds saved up to cover a costly legal battle

Self-Defense Use of All Legal Weapons

Lawful acts of self‑defense can be covered regardless of the legal weapon used

*The USCCA is not an insurance company. A policy has been purchased by and issued to the USCCA. That policy provides the association and its members with self-defense liability insurance, subject to its terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Contact Delta Defense, LLC at with any questions. Delta Defense provides sales, marketing, operations and administrative support services to the USCCA and is a licensed insurance intermediary. CA License #0M34093

The USCCA has great customer service and the training offered on their website is incredible!

— Chris L., Illinois —

The USCCA is a very informative resource. They work hard at keeping their members up to date on self defense training and law changes and all gun related information.

— David W., Florida —

My experience thus far has been great! Thank you for providing a great organization to connect and learn more about keeping our loved ones safe!

— Courtney W., Georgia—

I love the confidence they helped me build with knowledge of the law and my rights within it to defend myself and my family!

— Kenneth N., West Virginia —

I am a husband, a father, a grandfather. I am a patriot, a small business owner, a corporate executive. I have law enforcement experience and am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. 

I did my research of different organizations and found that the USCCA offers the best training resources, exclusive member benefits, timely state-by-state CCW law updates, with trusted legal protection for myself, my family, and my friends. I am a proud member of the USCCA.

— Pat C., Wisconsin —

When we recently purchased our first handguns, our very next purchase was membership with your group. Your training videos are superb! We can’t wait to sign up for the next nearby training event! 

[Membership] is a definite level of comfort and confidence that we won’t be alone at an already scary and stressful time. Thank you for the peace of mind!

— Kim K., Pennsylvania —

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This true story is an important reminder why a gun is NOT enough…

Forced to Shoot, Charged With Murder:

This attacker beat her up and lit her house on fire?

It’s hard to imagine such evil...

Here’s what happened next:

Brian went with his ex-wife and their daughter to gather some things from her burned home.

That's when...

I was SHOCKED when I read the police report.

With their daughter in the truck, Brian did exactly what USCCA Training teaches members to do...

He placed himself between the angry attacker and his ex-wife and attempted to defuse the situation without violence.

The attacker returned to the scene of the crime.

You MUST think about where to place yourself in a variety of scenarios in order to keep your loved ones safe…

...even if that means putting yourself in danger to protect them…

You also must practice defusing potentially violent situations, BEFORE you’re in one…

Quick training tip:

Despite Brian’s best attempts, this deranged attacker became more agitated.

He angrily rushed toward Brian and his ex-wife.

But Brian refused to let him inside.

So he kicked him in the chest, sending him backward down the steps.

The attacker ran away.

Brian ran to his truck to get his phone and call the police.

Seconds later...

The attacker REFUSED to leave.

Brian couldn’t complete the call.

His life (and the lives of his loved ones) were in danger.

Brian grabbed his legally concealed pistol and told the attacker to STOP.

The attacker came back holding a metal pipe...

Despite Brian’s verbal commands to back off…

Despite seeing Brian’s gun...

The attacker rushed forward holding the metal pipe above his head, ready to swing.

Brian had done everything he could to AVOID having to shoot.

In fact, the attacker was less than 5 feet from him when he pressed the trigger.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine a senseless, deranged criminal rushing toward you from under 10 feet away?

Metal pipe above his head, you’re the ONLY chance your family has to survive?

Brian was forced to shoot in self-defense.

This isn’t just about what’s right in the eyes of the law.

We’re talking about morality - life and death.

I hope you never find yourself in this position.

I pray you’re NEVER forced to shoot in self-defense.

But if you MUST, then you must be READY.

You must act decisively.

Read on to discover how Brian did everything right, only to wind up in jail...

Take a moment to consider this:

He administered first aid.

After the ambulance and police arrived, he complied with every request.

Yet, as confusing and emotional as this situation was…

He remained calm.

As he was handcuffed and put into a squad car, he really felt like the detectives were just doing their jobs…

After all...

Brian immediately called 911.

The only way to be prepared for it… to actually take the time to think through it and prepare for it.

That’s why USCCA has critical training on this topic.

Now, back at the police station…

Brian realized something was wrong.

Even though his ex-wife corroborated his story…

And even though there was little evidence to support it...

The aftermath of a self-defense incident is confusing.

They locked him up.

Brian was charged with first degree murder.

The truth is, good people do sometimes get charged with a crime they didn’t commit.

The justice system is complex.

Particularly when firearms are involved.

Even in the most clear-cut cases of self-defense, people make mistakes.

That’s why it’s critical to know the concealed carry and self-defense laws in your state and have a backup plan place if you’ve made the decision to carry a gun or have one for home defense...

This makes my blood boil...

While locked up in the worst cell block, which held the most violent criminals…

Brian remembered his USCCA Membership.

He was able to get a message to his parents, and his mom called:

That phone call changed everything…

Brian, who had been praying out of desperation, felt hopeful for the first time...

The 24/7 Critical Response Team

The Delta Defense Critical Response Team exists to help USCCA Members navigate the confusing aftermath of a self-defense incident.

They work with the thousands of attorneys in the USCCA Attorney Network to help USCCA Members get qualified legal counsel.

Reflecting back now, Brian wishes he had called them immediately after dialing 911.

The Critical Response Team immediately contacted a qualified attorney from the USCCA Attorney Network, who drove straight to the jail to visit Brian.

$68,500 of attorney fees later all charges were dropped!

In fact, he launched his own investigation, connecting all of the dots the detectives had missed.

He worked diligently to get this innocent USCCA Member out of jail, home to his loved ones, and cleared of all charges.

Frankly, it took a lot of time.

It took a lot of money...

And it took a toll on the family.


The attorney believed he was innocent!

Brian shudders to think what would have happened if he didn’t have a USCCA Membership.

In fact, he believes he would still be in jail awaiting trial…

...or in prison convicted of a crime he didn’t commit.

Now this is the most important part...

It’s incredible that this USCCA Member had access to vital resources to help fund his defense expenses.

And it’s incredible that USCCA Members immediately get self-defense liability insurance as an automatic membership benefit.1

However, let’s be crystal clear about...

The benefits that help you in the aftermath, while important, are not the MOST important benefit...

Let me explain…

This man protected himself and his family members from a deranged criminal.

He took decisive action.

He kept them safe.

He protected them.

The most important benefit:

This is SO important...

Do you know what really makes all the difference when it comes to self-defense?

The answer is how you PREPARE for it.

After all, the best way to WIN a gunfight is to AVOID it in the first place.

Being prepared means avoiding danger.

It means knowing how to de-escalate a potentially violent situation.


They’re alive today because he KNEW what to do

It’s about making the right decisions:

Knowing how to find cover.

Giving a verbal command.

Avoiding pressing that trigger at all costs…

And if necessary...

It means shooting accurately, under pressure.

That’s what makes all the difference.

And that’s what the USCCA is here to help you do.

If forced to draw your gun in self-defense, you must know EXACTLY what to do next.

When you’re under attack, you don’t have time to think through what you’ll do.

You need those decisions programmed into your mind in advance.

That requires excellent training.

It requires making informed decisions.

This is why USCCA Membership is so important.

The USCCA helps responsible Americans prepare for everything they’ll encounter before, during, and after a violent self-defense incident.

This is exactly what to do next:

  • You get instant access to the best firearms, concealed carry, and home defense training and education systems in the nation

  • You’ll save time, save money, and cut out the guesswork with checklists and guides for everything from fortifying your home to doubling your accuracy

  • You’ll immediately become an insured on a self-defense liability insurance1 policy as an automatic membership benefit.

  • You’ll benefit from world-class customer support, and a private number for the Critical Response Team that you can call 24/7/365

  • You’ll get rewarded with member-only perks like complimentary shipping, a Concealed Carry Magazine subscription (valued at $79), and complimentary entry to our annual Concealed Carry Expo.

  • You’ll also get discounts of up to 30% on the new gear you want most, from partner brands like SIG SAUER® and Galco Gunleather

  • Platinum and Elite members will receive a Range Bag worth $75.

When you activate a risk-free USCCA Membership today:

Thanks to USCCA’s 365-Day, Money-Back, Bulletproof Guarantee you can activate a 100% risk-free membership today.

That means there’s zero risk.

Take a year to evaluate your membership, and if you’re not fully satisfied, just let us know and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

USCCA Membership is 100% Risk-Free.

There has never been a better time to activate your USCCA Membership.

I urge you, don’t sleep on this.

Don’t go another minute without the confidence and peace of mind of USCCA Membership...


Plus, Limited-Time Bonus

Free Bonus – New Platinum and Elite Members Get This Free Range Bag ($75 Value)

PLUS, Claim Your Free Bonus – New Platinum and Elite Members Get This Free Range Bag ($75 Value)

Choose My MembershipChoose My Membership

*The Total Crimes Stopped and Lives Saved information was derived from and was obtained and is based on a USCCA membership survey conducted by the USCCA in August 2020 which surveyed 383,000 USCCA members. 36,085 USCCA members responded. The results of the survey were then applied to the total number of Active USCCA members to illustrate the total crimes stopped and total lives saved as reported by USCCA members. Based on the number of survey responses, the information presented has a 99% probability that the sample accurately reflects the attitudes of total active members with a margin of error plus/minus 1%. The USCCA did not independently verify any of the responses. The actual survey questions and results are:

Survey Questions and Results:
With the education, training and peace-of-mind you’ve received from your USCCA membership, can you attribute any of the following events to be directly or indirectly connected to your USCCA membership?

1. Have you ever successfully avoided a dangerous situation?
55.35% Responded YES.

2. Have you ever successfully stopped a crime?
17.65% Responded YES.

3. Have you ever saved a life?
25.55% Responded YES.

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