Two Ways to Hold a Baby

125x126 two ways to hold a baby

Glock’s subcompact pistols, affectionately known as the “baby Glocks,” offer all the same reliability and durability as their older siblings, but in a smaller package. What differentiates a baby Glock from any larger variant is two key measurements: a shorter slide and reduced overall height. The change in size obviously affects how many rounds a baby Glock holds as well as its weight, both of which are reduced. Baby Glocks are not perfect carry guns but I would argue they are darlings of the concealed carry world and have been so since their introduction in the mid-1990’s.

Some claim to carry a baby Glock in a front pocket or an ankle holster. That may be possible, but it’s not the best setup as these subcompacts are still too thick and heavy for these locations. Many carry a baby Glock inside the waistband—usually a good choice as it is a secure, easily-hidden location. A few carry outside the waistband, another decent choice. Still if you carry inside or outside the waistband, this affords the opportunity to conceal a larger handgun. Just the same, if the baby Glock is your every day carry, you’ll carry it in whatever is most comfortable for you.

Civilians who carry concealed may not carry all day long, and in fact may have to “put on” and “take off” their guns at various times during the course of a day. For easy on-and-off carry of a handgun, it’s hard to beat a paddle holster (an outside the waistband solution). Two options for carrying a baby Glock with a paddle holster include Blackhawk’s SERPA and the American Holster Company’s paddle holster. One is made via modern injection-molded plastic, the other with traditional leather, by hand.

Blackhawk Sportster SERPA Paddle Holster, $33.99

A patented design, Blackhawk’s Sportster SERPA features a push-button release mechanism that provides excellent retention in conjunction with an adjustable tension screw. The Sportster held the Glock 26 in a perfect grip, keeping it at 3 o’clock in my preferred straight-drop orientation. The Glock 26 clicked in and came out perfectly every time. The well-designed paddle provided enough area to hold the holster (and the gun) securely against my hip while not being too big to put on and off easily.

If I were carrying a larger Glock I would adjust the cant on the holster slightly forward in order to point the butt of the gun more up than back. With a baby Glock, the forward cant is unnecessary. If continuity of materials ranks high on your list of important features, you’ll enjoy having the polymer-framed Glock in a plastic holster.

The Sportster’s strengths are its perfect fit to the gun and excellent weight distribution. My only gripe is that it could not hold the Glock 26 close enough to my body. As such, I was forced to wear a large sweatshirt or heavy un-tucked shirt in order to conceal it properly.

American Holster Company Paddle Holster, $80.00

If the Blackhawk Sportster represents the best in modern technology, the American Holster Company paddle holster represents the best in traditional materials and craftsmanship. The American Holster Company paddle holster took a few days of regular wearing to get used to the Glock 26 but when it did, the fit was excellent. During that break-in time, the paddle started conforming to the shape of my hip, increasing the comfort.

This holster’s paddle is adjustable for cant and includes strap with snap closure. While the strap is meant for law enforcement or competition, I appreciated it being there for just basic concealed carry and used it every time I wore it. The holster pulled the Glock 26 in closer than the Blackhawk.

American Holster Company Paddle Holsters go through a five-step finishing process, the result being a rounded, polished look that allows covering clothes to drape easily over. It’s a shame to conceal such a good-looking rig.

This holsters strengths are its excellent craftsmanship, good looks, and ability to be worn strong side or weak side. While it held the Glock 26 closer to my body than the Sportster, concealing the gun still required more than just a shirt.

If you want an easy on, easy off solution for a subcompact Glock, consider one of these holsters. Whether you prefer modern technology or traditional craftsmanship, both of these holsters will do a good job of holding your baby.

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  1. I carry a baby Glock in a Fobus Paddle holster at the appendix position and find it comfortable and easily concealed.

    I find most holsters IWB or OWB require a untucked shirt, sweater or some item of clothing to completely conceal the rig

    1. Any issues getting the gun out of the Fobus holster?

  2. After trying a number of holsters, I have found that my full size and compact pistols fit and wear best in the N82 Tactical IWB holsters. Handmade in the U.S.A.

    1. I agree on the N82 Tactical tuckable IWB holsters for my LCP all the way to my XD sub-compact 40. Pure comfort all day long. Only downside is re-holstering since they don’t stand open. Still really like them.

  3. I have a Glock 26 and find the Crossbreed IWB to be my best carry. For on the belt (OTB) I have a ‘traditional’ Galco leather holster, but it doesn’t keep the butt of the gun close enough to my body.

    As you suggest, the ‘baby’ Glock is really too big to put in your pocket or elsewhere. Suggest using a custom-made holster if you insist having it in your pocket; that keeps the trigger guard from being exposed and the butt up, ready for your hand.

    1. thebill, I cary a Glock 36 with a Galco OWB and it sits nice on my hip. It could be you need a better gun belt to keep it tight to your body. just saying…stay safe.

      1. Hey Bigbill: i’ve got one of those 36s’ & i use a Fobus paddle, it works like a charm. it also had some nice enhancements some yrs ago courtesy of robar (great people, great work).

  4. I’ve not found paddle holsters very concealable because of the reasons stated. They simply “stand off” too proudly, and the exterior contours of the holster itself tend to “print” more than a conventional pancake rig.

    Add to that the Glock’s thickness and one has the choice of running a Milt Sparks “Summer Special” or Crossbreed belt clip IWB, or something along the lines of an “Askin’s Avenger” with a suitable cant OWB.

    Weight is often listed as the primary issue of carrying a compact pistol, but the more I look at this issue, the more I realize that weapon thickness is just as much a problem.

  5. The BLACKHAWK works great. I carry a glock 26 9mm every day. Its like my car keys I dont leave home without it. However i have used smaller leather holsters however they do not lock the 26 or any gun into them !! And then just playing in the yard or doing stuff around my house, i have had my 26 come out of it & fall on the ground !! So with out saying the blackhawk is great it holds my baby glock great & i dont have to worry about it ever coming out untill i unlock it take it out !!

  6. I love my Crossbreed for my 26.

  7. Haven’t heard any comments about: Small of the Back (SOB) holsters by GALCO??

    1. Rick, I have a IWB small of the back holster made by Quest. It fits my big Sig Sauer P226 fine. I did a little modification where the velcro was touching my skin and I love it.

    2. Get knocked flat on your back one time and you you will know all you need to about sob carry holsters!!! I learned the hard way. galco iwb hip location works good.

    3. Being in law enforcement for 30 years now,I have a box of holsters ! I tried the Galco SOB ,works OK as long as you’re standing.The moment you try to sit,or drive with it, you realize it is a walking around holster .I feel the same way about IWB holsters.Great for concealment,but not very comfortable if you’re in & out of a vehicle all day. Haven’t found the perfect holster yet.I probably wear my Askins Avenger OWB & Fobus the most.Your activity is going to dictate which holster you choose to wear,along with the temperature .For long trips in a vehicle , a cross draw ,or shoulder holster might be in order. Try drawing your weapon from an IWB ,or some OWB holsters while seated in a vehicle, wearing your safety belt ! You need more than one holster. !

  8. I carry a baby Glock in a Fobus or a ankle rig. Depends on the printing laws of the state I am visiting.

  9. I heard SERPA holster were being frowned upon due to the amount of negligent discharges. They will not allow them at FLETC. Not bashing the article, just passing on information I have heard from LEO’s going to the school.

    If you do use a SERPA, the danger I am told is it is easy to press the release, which causes the trigger finger to press a button, which is in line with the trigger, use great caution when drawing. I don’t have one, just passing on the tribal knowledge.

    1. Brian, you are correct a number of state and federal agencies are banning them because when the adrenalin is through the roof you tend to keep the pressure on after the gun clears. I have one exactly like the picture. I have now changed to a Wild Bill leather OWB paddle made in Cary N.C. and love it. And yes, wide belts make a big difference.


  11. I carry my 26 in a modified Infidel holster that clips nicely in my front pocket. I simply inverted the belt clip and applied some skate board tape to clip tight to my pocket. I also heated and warped the belt clip a little for a tighter grip. It works great for pocket carry with shirt out. Retention is great.

  12. I also love my IWB Crossbreed for my XDM9

  13. I carry my Glock 36 in a IWB Remora holster. Most comfortable holster I have ever used. Going to g et one for my Ruger LGR 357 Magnum. Carry all day in comfort.

  14. Front Sight Firearms Training will not allow the SERPA holster either, for the reason mentioned above.

    1. My problem with the Serpa was a little different than explained here. While at Front Site on a four day train and repeatedly having to present the weapon I was amazed when I started having difficulty doing that and finally got to the point the pistol would not come out of the holster at all. The little pin that holds the locking system had come out of position and locked the pistol in the holster. Glad I found this out BEFORE I had to present in an unfriendly atmosphere. I still use and carry this holster with my Clock 33 but without the retention device.

  15. I carry my 26 in a Kholster IWB Crescent…..I also have one for my .38 snubby. They fit the pistol extremely well and are the best value for MY money. Terrific guarantee too. The double clips really hold in place and much of the time I only hook them over my jeans belt and use the leather belt to hide most of the clips. The comfort factor is huge–all day carry is a breeze even with my 19. You can buy more fancy and more expensive, but I have found the Kholsters to be the best for me. I find a single suspension clip is not adequate for me and does not distribute the weight evenly. I usually wear my shirts out and long–a great plus for a woman!!

  16. I carry a glock 27 in a ankle holster every day

  17. Crossbreed for my Shield is so comfortable I wear it all day.

    1. I use a Belly Band holster for my Glock 26 and carry it at 3 oclock,it is very comfortable all day and very easy to get to.

  18. I have CrossBreed holsters for my Glock 19 and Springfield XDs and love them. I just orferedf a CrossBreed for my wife, a new CCcitizen, for her Sig P250. All inside the waistband holstersd. Number one quality.

  19. Versa Carry is what I use. It is IWB and very secure with trigger guard.

  20. Smart carry in the appendix position with a safe T block trigger safety.

  21. If you need or want a magazine extension to your baby Glock…do the math. I would hate to give up that many rounds for a Gun nearly identical in size when using the mag extension. I have three baby’s, four mid size and two full size. Add a 20 and a couple of 21’s (extra large). Baby 9mm you loose 5 rounds and 40 SW you loose 4 rounds. Love my 23’s and 19’s. usually carry 30 or 36

  22. I love my baby Glock for every day carry. I have drawers full of holsters I have tried and hated.
    I now carry my baby Glock in a IWB White Hat Holster called the MaxTuck It is custom and designed to fit the Glock family, you can get it in Cow Hide, or Horsehide, Mine is Horse Hide it is very comfortable in the hot Florida climate I live in. It sports heavy duty stainless steel J hook clips that keep the holster where you put it. the beauty of it is when you order it, you order for your gun. they custom fit a kydex retention that fits exactly to your gun. plus you can order any kydex retention for any gun you want. for example I have one for my Glock 26 and one for my 17 each fitted for that gun. and I did not have to buy a second holster. the kydex piece is fitted with stainless Chicago screws the same with the J hooks, the j hooks have 5 positions to adjust the canter of the gun to fit exactly as you want. I wear mine every day at least 8-9 hours and forget I even have it on. the big plus is with a custom fitted Kydex retention piece it does not come out of that holster until I want it too, and with zero chance of accidental discharge due to the holster. I saved money buying one holster that fits all three of my Glock’s all I do is change the Kydex piece and I am ready to go.

  23. I have a Glock 30, 45acp and use a FOBUS holster that came with it. It hasn’t came out but keeps me aware of having it, I wear it on my hip outside and need to cover with a shirt. I like the Glock because you don’t have to keep it clean, you can dry fire it and no worry’s. It’s not a high maintenance weapon, and I like that.

  24. I have seen in one of the magazines that there is an issue with the SERPA holster with the finger release causing the weapon to discharge when placing the weoponin the holster and occasionally on the draw and some LE Departments are no longer letting their officers carry them. My issue was a little different in that after a few hundred times of presenting my weapon from the holster I started having trouble get the pistol during some live fire drills and finally could not get it out at all. The little pin that holds the finger release in place had worked loose or worn out and had the pistol trapped in the holster. Thank God this was on a practice and drill range and someones life hadn’t depended on my presenting and using my weapon. I have removed this retention device from this holster and the other two I own and find that the tension screw will adjust enough to secure the weapon but make damn sure you can get it out if and when you might need it.

  25. I am here to tell you the all around conceal holster is made
    By SNEAKY PETE HOLSTERS shown in January 2012
    Magazine. I have one to fit my KIMBER 1911 CRIMSON CARRY,my ruger LCP ,my KIMBER 9mm Laser SOLO
    People think you are wearing a cell phone on your belt.
    Can wear with any style of pants. Check it out. About $52.00

  26. I have been carrying a Glock 26 with Glock 19 mags full time for years. I wear surgical scrubs during the week and carry my Glock in a Smart Carry inside-the-pants holster with a spare Glock 19 magazine. This gives me 31 rounds on hand at all times. Spare mags are available nearby. On weekends when I wear pants, I carry my Glock 26 in a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster along with a Fobus dual mag paddle carrier on my off-hand side providing 46 rounds total. I really like my Safariland ALS paddle holster, but it requires a longer outer garment to provide coverage than the Crossbreed holster.I have a second Glock 26 that I can carry on my weak side in a IWB holster as a backup gun. It also has a Glock 19 mag for extra capacity. I carry it behind the Fobus dual mag carrier. I usually carry the backup Glock 26 in my briefcase along with 2 additional Glock 19 mags. So, I usually have 6 Glock 19 mags close at hand with my 2 Glock 26’s. I also always carry pepper spray as a nonlethal deterrent. I also have my Benchmade tanto folder with me. I keep my Glock 26 along with a spare Glock 19 mag in a holster in my bed at night. My briefcase and its backup Glock 26 and spare mags are also kept in my bedroom. I keep my Glock 26 loaded with Glazer Safety Slugs Blue tips for home defense to prevent overpenetration through drywalls. My daytime load is Federal Hi Shock hollow points.

  27. .I have CrossBreed IWB holsters for my Glock 27 comfortable I wear it all day. I love my CrossBreed a better gun belt to keep it tight to your body. You do need to adjust how high or low you like it also the angle.

  28. I have found that the Blackhawk stands out to much and have gone to Fobus for all my concealed carry weapons. Easy to remove and put on.

  29. Can’t say enough positive about American Holster company. I have received two holsters from them, and ordered a third tonight. Jay has been open and easy to communicate with, and the holsters have been the most comfortable I have tried. I personally recommend the invisituck for my glock 27. I flat out don’t carry it in any other belt holster

  30. My 27, carried in a Galco Ankle Glove works very well for those situations where I can’t wear a cover garment for my IWB rigs (MTAC and Galco King Tuk). You need to practice accessing from the ankle to make sure you’re proficient.

  31. I carry a Glock 17 (I have large hands that don’t fit the 19) and love it! It works best with the Blackhawk SERPA with the shirt out and the Blackhawk Tuckable with the shirt in. The Tuckable is made for the 19, but the 17 fits perfectly and is the most comfortable IWB I’ve found.

  32. I recently purchase galco Triton ( IWB) or my 26, I have not used it to carry yet, but it fits well and because it’s plastic I can re-holster the gun easily. The gun does sit close to you and if I go into a store that does not allow you to carry it is easy to remove the holster. The holster has a clip that fits on your belt and I have not had a problem with pulling the holster off when removing the gun. Has anybody else tried this holster?

    1. I use a Galco Triton for my xd45 and absolutely love it. I tend to switch between a 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock carry and the Triton hasn’t failed me yet, in either position. Like you said, the holster sits close and keeps your sidearm even closer with hardly any printing whatsoever (even with a full-size semiauto frame and a “fitted” T-shirt). Honestly, my spare mag prints more than the .45 itself…

  33. The most comfortable holster I have used is an IWB tuckable from N82 tactical – made in the USA (I believe in North Carolina). Very secure-worth going to their web site and looking at their choices. Very well made

  34. One more holster for consideration…
    Safariland ALS Paddle.
    I carry any of the GLOCK sizes in these.
    One for my 22, 23, 27. Another for my 21.
    I find them easy to wear over/behind hip.
    Easy to remove with a little practice.

  35. I have a Don Hume Leather IWB holster that accomadates several of my carry pistols to include my Glock 26(Gen 4), Glock 36, and my most recent addition, a Glock 23(Gen 4).
    However, I have a Galco RG226 ROYAL GUARD IWB holster on order that I will most likely switch to as it has leather snaps instead of the metal clip for improved concealability and is made with the premium leather rough side out which makes it very secure.

  36. I carry my model 27 in a bianchi model 58,high on the rear hip,its forward cant makes it easy to get ahold of quickly while sitting in a car or whatever.Small package,hides well,big boom.

  37. I love the Sherpa for my Glock 23. Cants forward just right from the 4 o’clock position. Great retention and trigger guard, but a quick and silent release and draw. I wear leather vests or a safari vest, depending. However, if wearing only shorts and a shirt, I go with my KelTec P-11 and an Uncle Mike’s pocket holster. A Baby G36 or 39 will be my next handgun purchase.

  38. I carry a 26 in a DeSantis “Top Cop” paddle holster. Have looked at other holsters but haven’t found any that I thought were better.

  39. I use a Dale Fricke Archangel. It’s an appendix carry, kydex with flexible straps. Solid construction, holds the gun in a secure snap-in fit, fits my 26 and my 17.

  40. Although I have tried many holsters over the years, I have carried my Glock 27 in a Comp-Tac holster for over 10 years. I presently carry it in an “International” by Comp-Tac. The International comes with all parts to make it either a belt holster, belt drop offset holster, paddle holster or a paddle drop offset holster. It can also be made into three different cant options, the speed draw (straight drop), the FBI cant (grip angle forward), and the reverse/cross draw (grip angle rearward). Better than American Express, I never leave home without it.

  41. Have any of you ever tried the “Clip Draw” you can see it at at first I was a little skeptical but after buying one I think this for me is the most comfertable and easy to conceal with a T- shirt or light clothing. I wear shorts and a T and no one even knows that I am carrying Mr. Happy :)

  42. I recently purchased a sneakypete Holster for my Baby Glock 27. It is the best I have had. It conceals well,people think its my Ipod etc. and its easy to draw from.

  43. I am really liking the N82 Tactical Pro for my Beretta BU9 (Nano). Polycarbonate holster with adjustable cant, suede inner (nice on my handlebars), tuckable (works great while in business dress), and twist lock system. Takes a little time to get used to the twist lock, but after a bit of practice, I am very pleased!

  44. Dennis Quinn

    Just like everyone else once they became CCW endorsed, I went out and bought a IWB holster, and another, and another and…… After screwing around, waisting time and money, a D. M. Bullard holster was recommended to me. Well, after a 20 week wait and then break in period, the ‘Dual Carry’ has became the one of the few products in my life that truly exceeds my expectations!!! (triple exclamation). Davids’ leathers are of the highest quality and his single-minded dedication to quality built a CCW holster that molds to a custom fit, correctly engineered to be flawlessly functional and a downright beautiful work of art. If this sounds like an ad for David, well, this is a tool that I depend on for me and my family’s safety. That requires the best for me…

  45. seatowbernie

    I carry a glock 27 in front pocket 18 hrs a day.
    short pants with big pockets
    Alabama kydex holster.

  46. winthorp holsters are made for you by hand and about 45.00 to 65.00.having one made for my glock 33 and my glock 17 gen 4

  47. I have a Sneaky Pete for my Sig 290, somewhat large but best thing next to open carry…

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