Twice Murdered

You might think that a person can only be murdered once. You might think that we are flesh and blood creatures and when the blood runs out and the heart stops and the brain clicks off, we’re finished. But you’d be wrong.

There is a very current example of a young California woman who was murdered twice — although physically, she only died one time.

In July 2015, Kathryn “Kate” Steinle, 32, was walking with her father along Pier 14 in San Francisco. An illegal Mexican alien named Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, 45, shot her in the back with a .40-caliber SIG Sauer. He pulled the trigger. Saw what he had done. Threw the gun into the ocean and ran away. Kathryn died two hours later.

The Mexican had snuck into the U.S. many times, only to be scolded and sent home when apprehended. Upon his capture, after murdering Kathryn, he told the police that he fired at a sea lion. Within a few days and after counsel by a public defender, he changed his story to “oops,” the gun fired accidentally, just “went off” — as guns are wont to do in California — while he was simply picking it up. He claimed he had only found the gun a few moments before, wrapped in cloth beneath the bench on which he was sitting (perhaps after a life of hard work, a loving marriage and raising sweet, tax-paying citizens? Nah). Anyway, his shot ricocheted off the concrete deck of the pier and struck Kathryn in the back. Steinle died two hours later in the hospital as a result of his callous indifference.

Perhaps wishing to become hosts of their own television cable shows or at least local celebrities, prosecutors drastically overcharged. They argued that Zarate intentionally shot Steinle — first degree murder. Of course, given the circumstances, no one in his or her right mind would believe that. It was a fix from the very beginning, a hoax perpetrated by left-wing prosecutors who wanted to put the 2nd Amendment on trial and really didn’t care at all about the Steinle family or the criminal alien.

The illegal alien’s defense attorney argued that the shooting was accidental, that the bullet ricocheted off the pavement and traveled about 80 feet before hitting Steinle. Therefore, the left-wing public defender claimed, the fault was the gun’s and the pavement’s and the air itself and all three were responsible … just not the sweet, loving, gentle, law-abiding illegal Mexican murderer. Again, it was all a game, a fix, a hoax from the very beginning.

Federal immigration officials said they will try to deport Zarate. Big deal. He’d been deported five times prior to murdering Kate Steinle and he’ll be walking around your neighborhood next. “Bad boy! Now you go home. You can’t come here to play anymore!”

The city of San Francisco is a “sanctuary city.” It refuses to obey the law. California is a “sanctuary state.” Neither cooperate with federal authorities to deport illegal aliens like Zarate. They spit on Kate Steinle’s grave. They spit on the Steinle family. They spit on the Constitution. They spit on you and me.

If Kate or her father had been carrying concealed, Kate would still have been shot. She would still have died. She would still have been murdered twice, once by an illegal Mexican alien and once by the left-wing in San Francisco and California. Those people have blood on their hands and they don’t care. If Kate’s father had been carrying, he could not have prevented the murder of his daughter. But if he had come up firing after cradling his dying child in his arms, he might at least have gotten some justice out of this miserable event. If he had come up firing, he might have prevented Zarate from hurting anyone else.

Frankly, I am so angry that, on the night I heard the news of Zarate’s “not guilty” verdict, I got down on my knees and prayed that a massive earthquake would obliterate the state of California. That the Golden Gate Bridge would crumble and that the entire Left Coast would be buried under a billion tons of water. I prayed that Zarate would be mercilessly slaughtered by a prison gang and that the attorneys and jury members who returned the idiotic verdict would perish in the earthquake and tsunami; would die slowly, in terrible pain, gasping for air, just like Kathryn Steinle did.

So no, having a concealed carry permit and carrying a SIG or S&W or Ruger will not protect you from some instantaneous idiocy by an illegal alien and it won’t give you justice in an American system that has gone off the rails with stupid, but maybe, just maybe, if enough good people are carrying, we can defend ourselves from the likes of Zarate. How we protect ourselves from the fools on the left … well, I don’t think they would let me print that, but I’m still praying for the earthquake.

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