True Stories — October 2017

Crisis Averted

A family of four from Hoonah was walking in line through a wooded area to a favorite fishing hole when a brown bear emerged from the woods and charged the group from the front. The first two people in line jumped out of the way, leaving the 11-year-old and his unarmed cousin next in line. Fortunately, the 11-year-old’s father hadn’t yet put a sling on the boy’s pump shotgun, so the weapon, loaded with bird shot, was in his hands. The youth brought the gun to bear on the charging animal and fired several shots, the second and third of which dropped it and the last of which left powder burns on the bear’s mouth. Momentum pushed the bruin’s body past the boy, who had the presence of mind to put another shot into it as it slid by him. Another bit of good fortune was that, just the day before, the boy’s father had permitted him to remove the three-shot limiting plug from the gun, allowing him a full magazine of rounds when the need arose. The boy’s uncle was first in line when the bear charged and had a rifle slung on his shoulder, but the speed of the bear’s attack did not give him time to bring it into action.

The Juneau Empire, Alaska

Washington State Man Defends Against Careless Camper

A Glenoma man and his wife were camping in Randle when they heard gunshots coming from a nearby campsite. When they approached the campsite to inquire about the safety of the shooting, the camper fired on them several times, including rounds that penetrated their vehicle. Retrieving a gun from their car, the husband returned a single shot of fire in self-defense, fatally wounding their attacker. Responding Lewis County Sheriff’s investigators say the shooting appears to be self-defense and will be referred to county prosecutors for review.

The Chronicle, Centralia, Washington

California Home Invasion Ends Badly for Invaders

Two men, one armed, entered a home in Brentwood in a robbery attempt shortly after 11 one night. The homeowner, confronted by the intruders, took up his own gun and fired on the two, killing them and ending the incident. Brentwood Police are investigating the incident as self-defense.

The East Bay Times, Walnut Creek, California

Utah Sub Shop Robbery Foiled by Armed Clerk

Two employees were on duty in a Salt Lake City sandwich shop at about 6 p.m. when a woman and two men entered the store, locked the door behind them, drew handguns and announced a robbery. One robber cleaned out the cash register while the other two tried to enter the back office. They were stopped by an armed female who held the office door against them, then fired her pistol around the edge of the barricaded door, hitting a woman robber in the neck and driving off the other two robbers. Salt Lake City detectives reported seldom seeing such a dangerous take-over-style robbery.

The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah

Florida Woman Stops Armed Ex-Boyfriend

A Zepherhills man took a semi-automatic rifle with him when he visited his ex late one night. Fearing for her life, since the ex had previously threatened her, and knowing of his violent past, she fatally shot him when he threatened her again. Police are calling the incident self-defense.

The Tampa Bay Times, Florida

Escaped Georgia Cons Caught by Armed Tennesseans

When a Rutherford County, Tennessee, homeowner saw two men trying to steal his car, he took up a gun, called an armed neighbor and confronted the thieves at gunpoint. The armed citizens then held the would-be car thieves for responding police. It turned out the thieves were escaped prisoners from Georgia who had murdered two corrections officers and were the subject of an intense manhunt. Law enforcement and much of the media hailed the armed citizens as heroes.

Liberty Park Press, Bellevue, Washington

California Audio Store Owner Fights off Three Armed Robbers

The owner of a Downey audio store was accosted in his store by three armed robbers who demanded money. Rather than meekly comply, the owner took up a pistol and successfully engaged the robbers, killing two and wounding and putting to flight the third, thus ending the crime. The storeowner was not wounded in the incident and will not face charges., Los Angeles, California

Georgia Woman Defends Against Party Crasher

A man and two female companions were asked to leave a party at a Marietta apartment building. About an hour later, the man, angry over being ejected from the party, returned and demanded re-entry, which was refused. When he began kicking the door and issuing threats against all inside the apartment, he reached into his waistband as if drawing a gun. That’s when the apartment owner, fearing for her life, drew her own pistol and shot the intruder several times, mortally wounding him. Police say the shooter acted in self-defense.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia

Kansas Lyft Driver Thwarts Sexual Assault

A Wichita woman on her first night as a Lyft driver picked up two male passengers, who told her to drive to the zoo. After directing the driver to the zoo and several other locations, the pair told her to return to the apartment where she had picked them up. During the drive, the men asked her inappropriate questions, which alerted her suspicions. As the men left the car, one of them grabbed her breast. When she objected and moved away, the other man did the same thing. That’s when the woman drew her pistol, which she kept under her lap while driving, and pointed it at the men, telling them to leave her alone. That stopped them long enough for her to drive away and report the incident to police. She also reported the incident to her Lyft contact, who was sympathetic. The next morning, Lyft cancelled her as a driver, citing their “no guns” policy.

KWCH-TV Channel 12, Wichita, Kansas

Alabama Man Wounded in Robbery, Kills Attacker

A Selma man had arrived home with a female companion at about 11:30 one night when they were accosted by an armed man who demanded money. After shooting the driver, the robber went to the woman’s side of the car to rob her, stealing her purse in the attempt. At that point, the wounded male victim was able to retrieve a pistol he carried and shoot the robber several times, killing him. The wounded victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries and released. He will not face charges for his self-defense shooting.

The Selma Times-Journal, Alabama

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