True Stories — November/December 2017

Silverware Surprise: Tennessee Hotel Guest Defends Against Armed Attack

A Nashville couple checked into a local hotel after church one Sunday afternoon. They rode up in the elevator with an unidentified man who went in the opposite direction after stopping on their floor. Later, that same man knocked on the couple’s hotel room door and attacked with a fork when they answered. Thinking the fork was a knife, the male victim drew his legally carried Glock 19 and shot the attacker, who fled the scene. Police said the victim would not face charges, as he was acting lawfully in self-defense.

WZTV Fox 17, Nashville, Tennessee

Illinois Man Fatally Shoots Home Invaders

A homeowner on Chicago’s East Side heard strange noises in his basement. Going to investigate, he brought along a pistol, just in case, and he quickly found that three strangers — two men and a woman — had broken into his home. Fearing for his life, the homeowner fired on the intruders, killing all three. He then called police and barricaded himself inside the home until they arrived. Police are treating the incident as self-defense.

NBC 5, WMAQ-TV, Chicago, Illinois

Georgia Homeowner Prevents Home Invasion

When an intruder broke into his Columbus home and confronted him late one evening, the male homeowner defended himself with a pistol, killing the intruder and stopping the incident. Citing Georgia’s Castle Doctrine, investigators reported the defender would not face charges for the self-defense shooting.

The Ledger-Inquirer, Columbus, Georgia

Washington Man Fires on Intruder Breaking Into Home

When an unknown man began pounding on his Puyallup door late at night, the homeowner took up a pistol and went to investigate. Seeing a gun in the intruder’s hands when he looked out the door, the homeowner fired two shots at the suspect as he broke into the residence, wounding him and putting him to flight. The suspect was arrested when he sought medical help for his gunshot wound at a nearby hospital, and police said the homeowner would not face charges for defending his home and himself.

Arizona Woman Fights Back in Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident between two women in Glendale ended well for one of them because she was armed. The aggressor followed the victim’s car to an intersection, where she attacked a passenger. When the driver got out of her car, declared she was armed and ordered the attacker to back off, the attacker proceeded to attack the armed driver, beating her about the head and shoulders. After repeated warnings to stop the attack or be shot, the victim used her legally carried pistol to shoot her female attacker once in the stomach, ending the attack.

Georgia Homeowner Shoots Cross-Dressing Burglar

A DeKalb County man was awakened at home about 2 a.m. by sounds of a possible break-in. Taking up a pistol to investigate, he was suddenly confronted by a woman who had broken into the home. Fearing for his life, the homeowner fired a single shot at the intruder, killing her. Responding police determined that the subject was a man dressed as a woman. No charges will be filed against the resident, who was defending his home and family.

South Carolina Motel Owner Defends Against Knife Attack

An Oak Island motel owner was in his office when a man approached him threateningly with a knife. As chance would have it, the hotel owner was speaking at the time with a 911 dispatcher about another matter, and the owner was heard on the 911 call ordering the subject repeatedly to “back off.” When the knife-wielding subject refused to do so, and fearing for his life, the motel owner fired twice on the armed man, killing him.

WNCN-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina

Texas Man Defends Against Armed Woman

A Killeen man was accosted in his apartment parking lot by an armed 23-year-old woman who wanted to quarrel about a parking issue. As the woman grew more agitated, the male tenant, himself legally armed with a concealed pistol, tried to defuse the situation. When the woman assaulted him, the man drew his own gun and shot her, ending the attack. The woman died at the scene from her injuries, which police determined were inflicted in self-defense.

KCEN-TV, Killeen, Texas

Alabama Church Employee Stops Robbery

Two Dothan men were in their church’s office late Sunday night when a lone man proceeded to rob them. After having robbed one of the duo of $50, the suspect was robbing the second employee when the first employee retrieved a pistol and shot the robber once, fatally wounding him.

The Dothan Eagle, Alabama

Arizona Man Shoots Taser-Armed Burglar

A Kingman man’s home was invaded by a taser-wielding burglar who tased the victim several times and then robbed him. Fortunately, the homeowner was able to get to a pistol he kept in the home for defense and fire on the burglar, fatally wounding him and ending the assault.

Kingman Daily Miner, Arizona

Kansas Man Holds Burglar for Police

A Salina man was awakened by his dog barking. He then heard sounds of someone trying to force entry into his home. Taking up a pistol and going to investigate, he found a man who had broken into his truck, whom he held at gunpoint until police arrived., Salina, Kansas

Arkansas Woman Scares off Purse-Snatcher

While unlocking her car door at a Little Rock grocery store, an older woman was approached by a young man who tried to snatch her purse. The woman resisted and displayed a pistol she carried in her purse, frightening the thief away., Little Rock, Arkansas

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