True Stories — February/March 2014

In reality, the objective of discharging a firearm is to hit your target—be it in combat, competition, qualification, or informal target shooting...

The defending homeowners were not charged in either incident.

Nevada Senior Citizen Foils Home Invasion

Having been the victim of a recent burglary, a retired Las Vegas physician took no chances when he went to investigate strange noises in his house. He took up a pistol, and was glad he did, as he was confronted by three young males who had broken into the house. Fearing for his life, he fired on the intruders, one of whom died of gunshot wounds in the physician’s back yard, while the other two fled. It was the second time in three days that a firearm had been used to foil a Las Vegas home invasion. The defending homeowners were not charged in either incident.

The Washington Times, Washington, DC


Washington State Store Clerk Stops Store Robbery

A Seattle convenience store clerk was visited by two men about 10 p.m. one night. One of the men stayed by the front door while the other pulled a gun and announced a robbery. The clerk thought the robber’s gun didn’t look quite right, so he calmly drew his own pistol on the pair. Both would-be robbers immediately fled the store., Portland, OR


Armed Texax Homeowner Stops Burglary, Captures Burglar

Alerted by his barking dog that something was amiss, a Houston man armed himself with a gun and investigated the commotion. He found six men trying to break into his home. The homeowner kept one burglar at gunpoint until police arrived. The others fled, but two were soon captured by police. The captured burglars between them had a knife and a fake handgun., Houston, TX


Mississippi Store Owner Shoots Double-Dipping Robber

An armed robber entered a convenience store in Bassfield and shot the owner in the leg in the course of robbing him, after which the robber left the store. Not satisfied with his haul, the robber returned to the store a short time later for what he thought was the rest of the money. This proved to be a serious error in judgment on the part of the robber. The wounded owner had armed himself with a handgun since the robber had left, and on his return the owner shot him multiple times, killing him.


Armed Alabama Customer Stops Armed Robbery

An armed citizen was shopping in a Mobile Dollar Store when he saw a masked gunman holding a gun to the head of a kneeling employee. Realizing a robbery was in progress, the armed citizen drew his legally-carried gun and fired on the robber, hitting him and ending the robbery. News reports quoted the family of the 18-year-old robber, who was out on bond for robbing another Mobile business a month before, as being upset that the armed citizen shot the suspect, declaring he had no right to be shooting people and should have just left the store. Police have a different view, saying the citizen was justified in his actions., Mobile, AL


Florida Woman Stops Home Invasion

A Gainesville woman was tending to a blind friend in the back room of a house when she heard two gunshots in the front of her home, and another occupant screaming he had been shot in the face. Taking up a pistol as she went to investigate, she encountered two men, one armed and pointing his gun at her. She opened fire, hitting the armed man in the groin. Both suspects fled, with the wounded man collapsing in the front yard, where he was found by responding police.

The Gainesville Sun/, FL


Armed Georgia Store Manager Stops Armed Robbery

The manager of a Douglasville convenience store was in the office doing paperwork when a robber pepper-sprayed him, put a gun to his head, and demanded he open the store safe, all the while threatening to kill him. While agreeing to do the robber’s bidding, when the robber briefly turned his back, the manager drew his legally-carried pistol and fired on the suspect, missing him but putting him to flight. That happy ending turned sour when the chain store’s management fired him for violating their “no guns” policy. The store manager says he knew of the policy, but carried anyway after a clerk was killed in a robbery at the same store several years ago. The manager is protesting his firing. Store management refused to comment.

WXIA-TV/11Alive, Atlanta, GA


Wheelchair-Bound Tennessee Jeweler Shoots Armed Robber

Two men entered an Alcoa jewelry store intent on robbing the place. While one customer asked about merchandise, the other jumped over the counter and stole money from a back room. The store owner, confined to a wheelchair but still capable of self-defense, drew his legally-carried pistol and shot one robber in the stomach, causing both to flee. Police responded quickly to the scene, and apprehended both suspects. The store owner was uninjured.

WBIR TV-10, Knoxville, TN

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  1. The only thing that stops a bad guy (gal) with a gun is a good guy (gal) with a gun. No-gun policies amount to “please rob, rape, and kill at will” policies.

  2. I love getting up in the morning and reading good, no, great news.

    1. With ya there brother!

  3. I live in California, LA County, where legally I cannot carry. I have several permits from other states and I hope the new ruling that CA gun laws are unconstitutional may lead to a carry permit here, too.

    I’m not holding my breathe !

    Great magazine! It keeps me aware of my responsibility to train and equip myself as best I can, given the state I live in. It also reminds me of the reason to be armed and ready everyday – because the criminals are armed and ready everyday !

    Thank you for the encouraging articles that also remind us of our responsibility as firearms owners to be ready for anything.


  4. It warms my heart to read of the courage of these people and the justice they served. The justice THEY served. Don’t think these criminals won’t start thinking twice if they know there are consequences. And we are not a weak people. We all have families and honors to protect. LA, I feel sorry for you, I would move. And for the lady that shot the perp in the groin?? Priceless! Man he’ll think about that day every time he inserts his catheter! Keep the no trespassing signs in the yard and the pieces by your sides. God Bless America!

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