True Stories — April 2018

Pillow Fight: Indiana Homeowner Foils Home-Invading Duo

A Calumet Township man and his fiancée were watching TV one evening when they noticed their outside front light going off, then their doorknob being jiggled. Suddenly, their Chihuahua dog began barking fiercely, followed by sounds of their back door being kicked in. When a man, clad in black, wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun, entered the living room, the homeowner took up a .380 pistol he kept under a sofa pillow and opened fire on the intruder and a second burglar, driving them out of the house. Police are continuing their investigation of the crime.

Elderly Ohio Couple Prevails Against Well-Armed Home Invader

An elderly Highland County couple was rising for the day when a young man armed with a rifle and a pistol invaded their home. Fortunately, the husband and wife were armed with pistols and ordered the intruder to leave. When he ignored those orders, both homeowners fired on the intruder, killing him and ending the incident.

WKRC-TV Channel 2, Cincinnati, Ohio

North Carolina Homeowner Fights Off Armed Attackers

A Cameron man was home alone late one morning when an intruder armed with a rifle kicked in his front door. Taking up a pistol, the homeowner fired on the attacker, who fled the house but fired back with his rifle from the yard, grazing the resident’s leg. The attacker then fled with an accomplice.

WNCN-TV Channel 17, Raleigh, North Carolina

Missouri Pizza Man Shoots Armed Robber

A pizza deliveryman was delivering an order late one night when he was accosted by two would-be robbers, one of whom pistol-whipped him. When the deliveryman tried to retreat to his vehicle, one of the robbers fired on him. The victim then drew his own gun and shot at the robbers, hitting one and driving both off. The wounded robber, a 17-year-old male, was found by police nearby, dead from his injuries. Police said the defensive shooting was justified.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri

Georgia Pastor Stops Home Invader

A Cherokee County minister was at home with his wife and three children early one morning when he heard noises of a break-in from his basement. Fearing for his family’s safety, he took up a pistol and fired on the intruder, hitting him and putting him to flight. Responding police found the 19-year-old burglar in the yard of the victim’s home with a gunshot wound to the head. The burglar will recover from his injuries, and police say the homeowner acted in self-defense and will not be charged.

WXIA-TV Channel 11, Atlanta, Georgia

Louisiana Woman Stops Burglary

An Eros woman was awakened in her home by a loud noise. Taking a rifle with her to investigate, she found a stranger in her living room. She held the burglar at gunpoint for responding police, but he bolted from the home and escaped before police arrived. The man was later caught by police and, after resisting arrest, was taken into custody.

The News Star, Monroe, Louisiana

Florida Uber Driver Defends Against Attacker

A Sarasota Uber driver asked a belligerent passenger to leave the car. The customer finally did so but immediately returned and escalated his aggressive behavior. Drawing his legally carried pistol, the driver warned the attacker away, but the man punched the driver and threatened to kill him. Fearing for his life, the driver shot the attacker in the leg, ending the attack. Investigating police determined the shooting was in self-defense and returned the victim’s pistol after their investigation.

WFTS-TV Channel 29, Tampa, Florida

Michigan Man Apprehends Domestic Assaulter

Seeing a strange van with fogged windows on his property, an Ortonville man took a pistol and checked inside the vehicle. He found a young man hidden under a blanket on the floor, whom he ordered out at gunpoint. When the resident called police, a SWAT team responded, ending a 24-hour manhunt. The man in the van was wanted for shooting his estranged wife and her friend, both of whom suffered head wounds.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7, Detroit, Michigan

Kentucky Homeowner Foils Car Burglary

Seeing a suspicious shadow outside his window near his truck, a Louisville homeowner armed himself with a pistol and went to investigate. He found a young man trying to break into his vehicle. He ordered the man to the ground and held him at gunpoint while calling the authorities. Police arrested the offender and found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his possession.

WDRB-TV Channel 49, Louisville, Kentucky

New York Repairman Fights Off Armed Robber

A Rochester repairman working outside a customer’s home was accosted at gunpoint in a robbery attempt. The repairman drew his own weapon and fired on the robber, wounding him and forcing him to flee. The robber was arrested at a local hospital when he sought medical attention. Police filed no charges against the victim.

Texas Gas Station Owner Defends Against Two Armed Robbers

A Houston gas station owner was assaulted by two armed men who entered his store and demanded money. The owner drew his own pistol and fired on the two robbers. In the gun battle that ensued, the station owner was shot eight times in the left arm and still managed to mortally wound one robber while putting both to flight. While awaiting treatment in the hospital, the wounded store owner was asked if the robbers got anything. A relative replied in the negative but said the assailants did “take some bullets with them.”

KTRK-TV Channel 13, Houston, Texas

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