Impact The Safety & Training Of Thousands Of Responsibly Armed Americans Every Year

Your 3-Step Plan To Becoming A Confident USCCA Training Counselor Today:



Apply To Become A USCCA Training Counselor

In an effort to provide the best training experience possible, all USCCA Certified Instructors must apply to become a USCCA Training Counselor. (You must be a USCCA Certified Instructor to apply.)



Take A USCCA Training  Counselor Certification Course

Get one-on-one training with USCCA Staff in West Bend, WI to earn your certification. Take part in interactive role playing in the classroom and on the range. (Classes Coming 
Nationwide in 2019!)



Take Your Instructor Business To New Heights

Walk away with the training & tools you need to teach a USCCA Certified Instructor Course with ease. Take your instructor business to the next level with more students and a highly-respected status.


The Next USCCA Training Counselor Course Will Be Held Early 2019


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What Will Becoming A USCCA Training Counselor Do For Your Career?

Be Part Of An Elite Group Of Trainers

You'll be part of a select and limited group of the top USCCA trainers who will have the ability to certify USCCA Instructors. If you're looking to up your status and take your instructor business to new heights, becoming a USCCA Training Counselor is your next step.

Get Access To Hundreds Of New Students While We Do All The Work

You and your classes will be advertised on the USCCA website. Your classes will be referred to by the USCCA Member Services Team for anyone looking to become a USCCA Certified Instructor in your area. Become a confident firearms instructor people trust with the status of USCCA Training Counselor behind you.

Save Big With Exclusive Discounts On Teaching & Training Materials

Take your classes to the next level without breaking the bank. You'll save on out-of-pocket expenses by receiving premium discounts and free shipping on textbooks and additional USCCA-branded curriculum to match your levels of credentials.

Get The Opportunity To Travel And Assist The USCCA Cadre

You'll have the opportunity to travel and assist the USCCA Cadre with Instructor Certification Courses across the country and get the chance to work directly with USCCA Staff at the Annual USCCA Expo.


Here's What A USCCA Training Counselor Certification Course Looks Like:

  • Take part in 2 days of classroom lecture and interactive role playing that will help you take your Instructor business to the next level.
  • Discover adult learning methodology and effective communication techniques that will help your students retain the lifesaving information you teach at a higher rate.
  • Receive your complete classroom curriculum, which includes lesson plans, tests, quizzes, and a step-by-step roadmap of how to conduct a USCCA Certified Instructor Course.
  • Walk away with the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to develop expert trainers.

Be A Part Of The Top Firearms Training Program In The Country

See What Other Instructors Are Saying...

“The USCCA program upon its inception has been nothing short of exceptional and professional. Starting at the quality of the materials to the teaching aids that you have at your finger tips. As a Training Counselor, I have had the priviledge of working with a great group of professionals at the USCCA. The benefits of the program have been increased revenue but the real benefit has been the instructors I have taught and watching their successes.”

Karl Kubler Jr. | USCCA Training Counselor

“As a USCCA Training Counselor, I have been repeatedly recognized as one of the leading firearms trainers in my region. I am oftern sought out for the skills and expertise that I have gained through the USCCA and its partner orginizations by students from all over the state. Simply put, being a USCCA Training Counselor has cause me to take my skills and training business to another level in the classroom and in the community.”

Steven Washington | USCCA Training Counselor


Become A USCCA Training Counselor Today


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