Train With That 1911

The question has been asked: Is the 1911 an effective defensive platform?

Well, yes it is. The pistol may not be the PERFECT defensive pistol, but it is a workable platform for those who choose to carry it; workable if you train properly.

Two of the biggest knocks against the 1911 are the light, single-action trigger and the frame-mounted thumb safety. Some people say the light trigger is the cause of negligent discharges with this type of pistol. Others claim the safety is a problem in a gunfight because, under stress, one will forget to disengage said safety and therefore get killed.

Both of these are training issues, not equipment issues. Keep your finger off the trigger until you have made a conscious decision to shoot and you won’t have a negligent discharge. You see, that word “negligent” has nothing to do with the operating system. It has everything to do with, as Grampa used to say, “the nut holding the grip.”

The same is true of the safety. Disengage the safety as you clear the holster. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Re-engage the safety when you have completed your string of fire. Train more with your 1911 and you will overcome the issues. The reliability of your gun? That may be an equipment issue.

Does It Go Bang?

The reliability problems of the 1911 platform are well documented, especially when compared to modern polymer pistols. In order for you to really be able to trust your defensive pistol, you must be able to fire at least 50 rounds of your defensive ammo without a hiccup. Then, keep your gun cleaned and maintained.

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