Tourniquet Etiquette

Don’t make the use of a tourniquet too complex. Find where the blood is leaking out of the body. Place the tourniquet between that place and the heart. Tighten the tourniquet until the blood stops leaking out of the body. Call for help. Sure, there will be doctors, nurses and combat lifesavers reading this and saying, “It’s way more complicated than that.” Well, if blood is leaking out of a big hole, you need to stop the bleeding immediately. You can deal with the aftermath after the life is saved. If you carry a gun, it is a good idea to carry a tourniquet. As with any other piece of emergency lifesaving gear, you need to know how to use it.

First-Aid Is More Common

You are far more likely to use your first-aid kit than you are to use your gun. Assemble and carry a good first-aid kit. Get training and be ready to use it.

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