What Do You Carry? Glock 36 vs. Glock 19…

If you’ve been reading my writings and ramblings over the last few years you probably know that I carry a Glock 36, .45 ACP.  This is one of the few Glocks that has a single stack magazine, holding 6 rounds with 1 in the chamber.

If you knew I carried a Glock 36 you probably also knew that I carry appendix style. Appendix style fits my frame well and I enjoy the freedom of being able to draw with both hands.

"This is the Glock 36, and this is what I'm currently carrying"

The ONLY downside to the Glock 36 is the single stack magazine that holds only 6 rounds.

This never really bothered me until just a few months ago when I was doing Simunition training with my employees.

If you’re not familiar with Simunition training, it’s non-lethal LIVE combat training.  These are real guns, slightly modified, with NON-lethal ammunition.  I guess you could say it’s paintball on steroids.

I know that sounds a little dangerous, but safety is the BIGGEST concern and we were under the supervision of certified professionals the entire time.

It was during this Simunition training that I realized something…

Under stress, We ALL shot a lot faster with a lot LESS accuracy.  We could blow through 7 rounds in the matter of seconds and still have attackers left standing.

“Ya, but Tim that is why you have extra magazines!”

When you have attackers 15 feet and closing fast, you aren’t always going to have time to slide in that extra magazine.  It becomes a decoration on your belt as the attackers shoot to kill.

Even worse, as I learned in Simunition training, what if during the series of escalating events something happens to one of your hands and it makes reloading out of the question?  You can have all the magazines in the world, but how are you going to reload with one hand as attackers are closing in?

As you can see, this got me thinking…

Scenario #1: Glock 36
High-stress situation, with only six rounds and 3 attackers.  

I better be a hell of good shot, because chances of me getting an opportunity to reload are slim.

Scenario #2: Glock 19
High-stress situation, with only 15 rounds and 3 attackers.  

My chances just increased exponentially.

For the record, I’m still carrying the Glock 36, .45 ACP, BUT I’m thinking about switching to the Glock 19, 9 mm.  This is NOT a decision that I take lightly and I’m putting a lot of thought and time into it.

Also, this isn’t a debate over .45 ACP vs. 9 mm, I’m simply talking about magazine capacity and whether or not the Glock 19 could possibly be a better fit than the Glock 36.  

This brings me to my question for you…

What are you currently carrying and WHY? How have you justified what weapon to carry as your EVERYDAY weapon?

I’d love to hear what you’re currently carrying, BUT please don’t turn this into a .45 vs. 9 mm debate.

We’re strictly talking about guns and magazine capacity today.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to reading what you’re carrying and why.

Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt, President and CEO, USCCA
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

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  1. I carry a Sprinfield Mod 2 45 with the 13 round mag. I also carry two extra 13 round mag. 13 rounds for me is plenty. I carry the extra rounds in case of a malfunction. I’d rather clear the malfunction and drop a fresh mag at the same time. This way I am back in the fight and know exactly what I have left in the mag. I also carry IWB.

  2. I carry the Glock 36 and I really don’t mind the magazine capacity. I’ve installed a magazine extension which adds another round, making it 7 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. I also carry another magazine just in case. As a law enforcement professional I believe you should be accountable for every round that leaves your weapon. Simunition training like the one you mentioned are important to help you maintain control of your weapon and realize how you react while under pressure.

  3. Glock 27 in .40 no back up mag.

    I find 10 rounds to be a good compromise between firepower and stopping power in an ultra concealable package. Hence the .40

    Didn’t mean to throw another caliber in there, but I started with a 9mm in my LE days, went to the .45 as a civilian and quickly settled on the .40 which has been my trusty sidekick.

  4. I just bought the Glock36 today after only having the 19 for 5 years to carry. The main reason I bought the 19 was because of the mag capacity. I like shooting it but for carry it just always seems too large for me. I’m not a big guy and don’t have large hands so concealing it and getting on target quickly bothered me some. I’ve wanted a large caliber conceal gun so started looking at the 45’s. When I picked up the 30 with the 10 round, double stacked mag, it immediately felt like the 19. When I picked up the 36, I could feel right away that it fit my hand better. The narrower width and shorter grip was the reason. But I had the same dilemma though regarding capacity. Was 6+1 enough? Like in your column above, I could easily think of scenarios where that could be a problem but I settled with the thought that in most carry circumstances I should have the element of surprise on my side…. Even with 6 rounds, one bad guy is going to get it for sure, two probably if needed. I just always come back to “the gun has to feel good in your hand”. I’ll see if I still think the same way after putting some rounds downfield and carrying it for a while.

  5. I am currently in the same dilema, I carry a 5 shot .38 when I was active my service gun was the Glock 19. I love that gun, however it is a safe queen for now i carried it my entire LE career and I want to bequeath it to my eldest. I have contemplated buying a 19 again, due to the Hi cap mag, I also contemplated the .40 Glock, Like to other reader said the .40 in a 10 round mag = more stopping power + 3 more rounds. 10 or 15? I am leaning more towards the 15, like you said multiple bad guys,multiple rounds with today’s better ammo for the 9. I think Glock 19 is the way.

  6. My 19 is my best friend. I had both the 26 and the 27 and found that the 27 is just to powerful for it’s size. Others I’ve talked to agree. It seems that the people I’ve talked to have all had problems with the 27 so I went 26 and found much greater accuracy – although no one knows how they will perform under fire – and then came the 43. I mean, if you’re going small and a derringer is out of the question the 43 seems the likely candidate. For me the 43 shoots better than the 26 (and I am a big guy) and after market mags have shown up for the 43 that hold 8+1 ($75).
    The 19 gives you the added (what if) factor. If they made a .45 ACP in a 19’s size I would be all over it. The .40 or 10mm doesn’t impress me if you want something bigger than the 9mm.

    So to sum it up. When I carry, It’s my 19. When I take the dog out and I fear snakes, the 19 plus the GTL22 light/laser is it.

    In my glove compartment 24/7 is my 43.

    The right tool for the right job.

  7. I am currently looking to buy a new concealed gun. Mine right now is too bulky. I feel like everyone can see it and it makes me feel uncomfortable walking through large crowds of people. I’m choosing between the Glock 19 and some other brands – but strongly leaning towards the 19. I’m comfortable with the 9mm, and I like the size.

  8. Good discussion. The recent events in Paris have got me reconsidering my carry options, but here is what I currently have.

    On my person, when I usually leave the house, is a S&W Shield in 9MM. That replaced my G36 which I carried for several years. My G36 now resides in my vehicle center console with two extra mags. If for some reason I leave the house without my shield, I can always put on the G36. In my vehicle I have two holsters, an IWB and an OWB, as well as a “holster” disguised as a day planner if I would need to go that way.

    Now that security concerns have upped the game – we’re no long talking about someone trying to steal your wallet, I’m considering carrying a higher capacity .45 as my standard CC weapon. The .45 should definitely put someone down and I’ve seen too many videos or bad guys shot with a 9MM that manage to travel some distance before eventually going down. That my take.

    Any suggestions on a higher capacity .45 for CC?

  9. I’m currently debating a new carry and this is probably the top deciding factor for me. The three guns at the top of my list are the Glock 36, Sig Sauer P220 Compact, and the H&K 45 Compact. No question, the Glock 36 has the advantage in size and weight but it and the Sig are only 6+1. The H&K is 8+1 and comes in between the two in size/weight. I really, really want the smaller Glock (and the smaller cost) but I think the added two rounds are probably going to make H&K the winner for me.

  10. Compared to the 1911 I carried concealed for over a decade, the change over to the Glock 36 is a dream. But as the author describes in his scenario, 6+1 just doesn’t make much sense in numbers game.

    I have several options for my daily carry to chose from, Springfield XD on 45 ACP, Glock 17 with various magazine sizes, Keltec PF9, etc etc etc. I rotate them every couple of weeks just to mix it up.

    However knowing that the SHTF scenarios are becoming more common place, IMO it’s time to go to a double stack full time.

    For me I prefer the 45 ACP over the 9mm and I’m a huge Glock fan. Given that, I would choose the Glock 30 or the Glock 26 if you prefer the 9mm. In this scenario you could easily increase magazine capacity by using the magazines from their full size big brothers in the same caliber.

    Just my two cents.

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