What Do You Carry? Glock 36 vs. Glock 19…

If you’ve been reading my writings and ramblings over the last few years you probably know that I carry a Glock 36, .45 ACP.  This is one of the few Glocks that has a single stack magazine, holding 6 rounds with 1 in the chamber.

If you knew I carried a Glock 36 you probably also knew that I carry appendix style. Appendix style fits my frame well and I enjoy the freedom of being able to draw with both hands.

"This is the Glock 36, and this is what I'm currently carrying"

The ONLY downside to the Glock 36 is the single stack magazine that holds only 6 rounds.

This never really bothered me until just a few months ago when I was doing Simunition training with my employees.

If you’re not familiar with Simunition training, it’s non-lethal LIVE combat training.  These are real guns, slightly modified, with NON-lethal ammunition.  I guess you could say it’s paintball on steroids.

I know that sounds a little dangerous, but safety is the BIGGEST concern and we were under the supervision of certified professionals the entire time.

It was during this Simunition training that I realized something…

Under stress, We ALL shot a lot faster with a lot LESS accuracy.  We could blow through 7 rounds in the matter of seconds and still have attackers left standing.

“Ya, but Tim that is why you have extra magazines!”

When you have attackers 15 feet and closing fast, you aren’t always going to have time to slide in that extra magazine.  It becomes a decoration on your belt as the attackers shoot to kill.

Even worse, as I learned in Simunition training, what if during the series of escalating events something happens to one of your hands and it makes reloading out of the question?  You can have all the magazines in the world, but how are you going to reload with one hand as attackers are closing in?

As you can see, this got me thinking…

Scenario #1: Glock 36
High-stress situation, with only six rounds and 3 attackers.  

I better be a hell of good shot, because chances of me getting an opportunity to reload are slim.

Scenario #2: Glock 19
High-stress situation, with only 15 rounds and 3 attackers.  

My chances just increased exponentially.

For the record, I’m still carrying the Glock 36, .45 ACP, BUT I’m thinking about switching to the Glock 19, 9 mm.  This is NOT a decision that I take lightly and I’m putting a lot of thought and time into it.

Also, this isn’t a debate over .45 ACP vs. 9 mm, I’m simply talking about magazine capacity and whether or not the Glock 19 could possibly be a better fit than the Glock 36.  

This brings me to my question for you…

What are you currently carrying and WHY? How have you justified what weapon to carry as your EVERYDAY weapon?

I’d love to hear what you’re currently carrying, BUT please don’t turn this into a .45 vs. 9 mm debate.

We’re strictly talking about guns and magazine capacity today.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to reading what you’re carrying and why.

Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt, President and CEO, USCCA
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

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  1. Glock 26 and Kahr PM9. Love these 2 firearms. I carry my 26 in the winter early spring and my PM9 for the hot tshirt months in southern California. In all fairness, yes you may increase your chance to live with a few more rounds from your handgun and you better make them count. I would normally double tap but in this type of situation I would be going for one shot one kill to the head or torso. Remember that we should always be trying to get to our primary which hopefully is a rifle. Having a firearm is better than not having one but realistically a handgun in a battle situation is already being out gunned.

  2. I own a Glock 19 and the 26. For the obvious reasons, the 26 is more concealable, however, the 19 isn’t much bigger and it gives you 15 vs 10 rounds. I also own an xds 9, it’s doesn’t have as high of a capacity as either one of them, but it’s fun to shoot, accurate, reliable, and it can fit in a pair of cargo short front pocket in a decent holster (Alabama holster). The xds and 26 are as small a pistol as I would ever own. So, to end my long winded spiel: the glock 19 is a wonderful choice and I highly recommend it. As a 4 tour vet, as much as I’m a believer in accurate well placed shots, in real life the bad guy doesn’t stand still to allow you to shoot him down with 1 round. Unfortunately, several rounds will be more likely (it can take half a mag or more if your hearts really pumping!). Hope this helps.

  3. I carry Glock 27. Of course, always carry plus 1. Carry Ruger LCP as well.

  4. I have an XDS 45 and a Glock 19. I know it is not a .45 vs 9mm debate but I prefer the XDS because it is a 45. I feel better with the Glock because of its increased capacity. Both are comfortable to carry but the XDS is smaller and thinner. Bottom line, I carry the Glock more. I can shoot it better and I just feel better with it. It is actually my favorite firearm and it has never failed to function.

  5. I personally carry the Beretta Px4 Storm. I love this gun and if I have it in 9mm I can have up to 30 rounds plus 1 but not the most ideal for conceal and carry but I can have that many rounds which is very very great. I personally have it in 40 S&W and I can still carry up to 14 rounds plus one or 17 rounds plus one. The Beretta in 40 S&W with the 17 rounds is my go to and I absolutely love it. I am personally looking for a .45 but I am not a big fan of Glock. I think I will go for a Kimber but yeah Beretta Px4 Storm is my carry of choice and I am definitely not trading it out. Having myself be ambidextrous this gun is just great. Under stress I tend to go left handed and magazines on the right of me and under stress reloading for me isn’t a problem, aiming on the other hand is ha ha go figure lol

  6. I carry a Glock 36 (Pearce extension so 7+1 in chamber) with no regrets (would carry the 30 but too wide). Most of us civs will never need more than 8 shots.

    1. I used to carry the G30sf. Too wide and visible. Switched to the G23. Love it, except I prefer the .45. Going to try the G36 next.

  7. Glock 27 also – absolutely love it! Put the GAP Enterprises floor plate on the carry magazine, which I now prefer over the Pearce pinky extension floor plate.

  8. I carry the Glock36 all day everyday. If I need more than 7 rounds then I’m probably dead anyways.

  9. I carry a Glock 36 but am contemplating a switch to the Glock 30s same slide as the 36 on a 30sf frame. It holds 10+1 or a 21 mag that holds 13+1 of .45acp.

  10. I also carry a glock 30s. I carry it in a Bianchi IWB holster behind the kidney. 10+1 rounds of 45acp. It tucks in close and carries comfortably.

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