What Do You Carry? Glock 36 vs. Glock 19…

If you’ve been reading my writings and ramblings over the last few years you probably know that I carry a Glock 36, .45 ACP.  This is one of the few Glocks that has a single stack magazine, holding 6 rounds with 1 in the chamber.

If you knew I carried a Glock 36 you probably also knew that I carry appendix style. Appendix style fits my frame well and I enjoy the freedom of being able to draw with both hands.

"This is the Glock 36, and this is what I'm currently carrying"

The ONLY downside to the Glock 36 is the single stack magazine that holds only 6 rounds.

This never really bothered me until just a few months ago when I was doing Simunition training with my employees.

If you’re not familiar with Simunition training, it’s non-lethal LIVE combat training.  These are real guns, slightly modified, with NON-lethal ammunition.  I guess you could say it’s paintball on steroids.

I know that sounds a little dangerous, but safety is the BIGGEST concern and we were under the supervision of certified professionals the entire time.

It was during this Simunition training that I realized something…

Under stress, We ALL shot a lot faster with a lot LESS accuracy.  We could blow through 7 rounds in the matter of seconds and still have attackers left standing.

“Ya, but Tim that is why you have extra magazines!”

When you have attackers 15 feet and closing fast, you aren’t always going to have time to slide in that extra magazine.  It becomes a decoration on your belt as the attackers shoot to kill.

Even worse, as I learned in Simunition training, what if during the series of escalating events something happens to one of your hands and it makes reloading out of the question?  You can have all the magazines in the world, but how are you going to reload with one hand as attackers are closing in?

As you can see, this got me thinking…

Scenario #1: Glock 36
High-stress situation, with only six rounds and 3 attackers.  

I better be a hell of good shot, because chances of me getting an opportunity to reload are slim.

Scenario #2: Glock 19
High-stress situation, with only 15 rounds and 3 attackers.  

My chances just increased exponentially.

For the record, I’m still carrying the Glock 36, .45 ACP, BUT I’m thinking about switching to the Glock 19, 9 mm.  This is NOT a decision that I take lightly and I’m putting a lot of thought and time into it.

Also, this isn’t a debate over .45 ACP vs. 9 mm, I’m simply talking about magazine capacity and whether or not the Glock 19 could possibly be a better fit than the Glock 36.  

This brings me to my question for you…

What are you currently carrying and WHY? How have you justified what weapon to carry as your EVERYDAY weapon?

I’d love to hear what you’re currently carrying, BUT please don’t turn this into a .45 vs. 9 mm debate.

We’re strictly talking about guns and magazine capacity today.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to reading what you’re carrying and why.

Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt, President and CEO, USCCA
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

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  1. I carry a Sprinfield Mod 2 45 with the 13 round mag. I also carry two extra 13 round mag. 13 rounds for me is plenty. I carry the extra rounds in case of a malfunction. I’d rather clear the malfunction and drop a fresh mag at the same time. This way I am back in the fight and know exactly what I have left in the mag. I also carry IWB.

  2. I carry the Glock 36 and I really don’t mind the magazine capacity. I’ve installed a magazine extension which adds another round, making it 7 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. I also carry another magazine just in case. As a law enforcement professional I believe you should be accountable for every round that leaves your weapon. Simunition training like the one you mentioned are important to help you maintain control of your weapon and realize how you react while under pressure.

    1. I wish all law enforcement officers thought the way you do…
      “As a law enforcement professional I believe you should be accountable for every round that leaves your weapon”

  3. Glock 27 in .40 no back up mag.

    I find 10 rounds to be a good compromise between firepower and stopping power in an ultra concealable package. Hence the .40

    Didn’t mean to throw another caliber in there, but I started with a 9mm in my LE days, went to the .45 as a civilian and quickly settled on the .40 which has been my trusty sidekick.

  4. I just bought the Glock36 today after only having the 19 for 5 years to carry. The main reason I bought the 19 was because of the mag capacity. I like shooting it but for carry it just always seems too large for me. I’m not a big guy and don’t have large hands so concealing it and getting on target quickly bothered me some. I’ve wanted a large caliber conceal gun so started looking at the 45’s. When I picked up the 30 with the 10 round, double stacked mag, it immediately felt like the 19. When I picked up the 36, I could feel right away that it fit my hand better. The narrower width and shorter grip was the reason. But I had the same dilemma though regarding capacity. Was 6+1 enough? Like in your column above, I could easily think of scenarios where that could be a problem but I settled with the thought that in most carry circumstances I should have the element of surprise on my side…. Even with 6 rounds, one bad guy is going to get it for sure, two probably if needed. I just always come back to “the gun has to feel good in your hand”. I’ll see if I still think the same way after putting some rounds downfield and carrying it for a while.

  5. I am currently in the same dilema, I carry a 5 shot .38 when I was active my service gun was the Glock 19. I love that gun, however it is a safe queen for now i carried it my entire LE career and I want to bequeath it to my eldest. I have contemplated buying a 19 again, due to the Hi cap mag, I also contemplated the .40 Glock, Like to other reader said the .40 in a 10 round mag = more stopping power + 3 more rounds. 10 or 15? I am leaning more towards the 15, like you said multiple bad guys,multiple rounds with today’s better ammo for the 9. I think Glock 19 is the way.

  6. My 19 is my best friend. I had both the 26 and the 27 and found that the 27 is just to powerful for it’s size. Others I’ve talked to agree. It seems that the people I’ve talked to have all had problems with the 27 so I went 26 and found much greater accuracy – although no one knows how they will perform under fire – and then came the 43. I mean, if you’re going small and a derringer is out of the question the 43 seems the likely candidate. For me the 43 shoots better than the 26 (and I am a big guy) and after market mags have shown up for the 43 that hold 8+1 ($75).
    The 19 gives you the added (what if) factor. If they made a .45 ACP in a 19’s size I would be all over it. The .40 or 10mm doesn’t impress me if you want something bigger than the 9mm.

    So to sum it up. When I carry, It’s my 19. When I take the dog out and I fear snakes, the 19 plus the GTL22 light/laser is it.

    In my glove compartment 24/7 is my 43.

    The right tool for the right job.

    1. Very good post, Dave. I’m just curious what you find unimpressive about the 10mm. It has become my favorite handgun round, bar none. It’s effectively a .41 Magnum that runs exceptionally well on the Glock and other autoloader platforms, and allows for nearly flawless operation at capacities of up to 15+1. Nothing else comes close to its power, speed, and versatility in an auto. Just curious to know what you don’t like about it. Cheers mate.

      1. Love the 10mm everyday carry glock 20. I’m 6, 5 300lb. So its not tough to conceal with a clip draw installed

  7. I am currently looking to buy a new concealed gun. Mine right now is too bulky. I feel like everyone can see it and it makes me feel uncomfortable walking through large crowds of people. I’m choosing between the Glock 19 and some other brands – but strongly leaning towards the 19. I’m comfortable with the 9mm, and I like the size.

  8. Good discussion. The recent events in Paris have got me reconsidering my carry options, but here is what I currently have.

    On my person, when I usually leave the house, is a S&W Shield in 9MM. That replaced my G36 which I carried for several years. My G36 now resides in my vehicle center console with two extra mags. If for some reason I leave the house without my shield, I can always put on the G36. In my vehicle I have two holsters, an IWB and an OWB, as well as a “holster” disguised as a day planner if I would need to go that way.

    Now that security concerns have upped the game – we’re no long talking about someone trying to steal your wallet, I’m considering carrying a higher capacity .45 as my standard CC weapon. The .45 should definitely put someone down and I’ve seen too many videos or bad guys shot with a 9MM that manage to travel some distance before eventually going down. That my take.

    Any suggestions on a higher capacity .45 for CC?

    1. Agreed. Excellent discussion, and Paris style attacks are on the minds of any CCW holder who is paying attention. I live just 15 miles or so from where the Batman, Aurora shooting happened. I have always had a weird vibe about movie theaters, and rarely go to one without a formidable combat pistol (preferably with night sights), full reloads, and a good tactical illuminator. I compete in USPSA a bit, and I try not to go anywhere without a practical handgun and reloads, but that’s not always possible. Even still, I don’t care too much for the idea of going up against one or more guys with semi-auto carbines while I am holding only a handgun of any kind, but carrying the M4 around makes people a bit tetchy. LOL. Anyway … I would humbly recommend a couple of things to you. First, consider the 10mm instead of the .45. Recoil is not much more, it hits way harder, and capacity is higher in the same size package, as the rounds are smaller diameter. Second, go for capacity, not caliber in the car. If you’re not carrying it on you, size is not a huge factor, and if you have the opportunity to go back to your vehicle, you are most likely facing a threat with some serious power. I keep a Glock 20 and / or an M4 in my vehicle, depending on when it is practical and save to do so. Just my $0.02. Take care, man.

    2. Chuck,

      Have you looked at Springfield Armory’s XD Mod 2 .45 ACP. It is a sub compact double stack with a 9+1 and 13+1. This thing has received high praise from everywhere I have looked. Check it out.

    3. Guy gets shot by a 45 and goes down, or gets hit by a 9mm and crawls off to go lick his wounds, my take is that I have fulfilled my goal either way, threat has been removed and I’m free to get out of dodge, just another point to consider, cheers

  9. I’m currently debating a new carry and this is probably the top deciding factor for me. The three guns at the top of my list are the Glock 36, Sig Sauer P220 Compact, and the H&K 45 Compact. No question, the Glock 36 has the advantage in size and weight but it and the Sig are only 6+1. The H&K is 8+1 and comes in between the two in size/weight. I really, really want the smaller Glock (and the smaller cost) but I think the added two rounds are probably going to make H&K the winner for me.

  10. Compared to the 1911 I carried concealed for over a decade, the change over to the Glock 36 is a dream. But as the author describes in his scenario, 6+1 just doesn’t make much sense in numbers game.

    I have several options for my daily carry to chose from, Springfield XD on 45 ACP, Glock 17 with various magazine sizes, Keltec PF9, etc etc etc. I rotate them every couple of weeks just to mix it up.

    However knowing that the SHTF scenarios are becoming more common place, IMO it’s time to go to a double stack full time.

    For me I prefer the 45 ACP over the 9mm and I’m a huge Glock fan. Given that, I would choose the Glock 30 or the Glock 26 if you prefer the 9mm. In this scenario you could easily increase magazine capacity by using the magazines from their full size big brothers in the same caliber.

    Just my two cents.

  11. I carry a full size 1911, and it handles really well, 8 round mag 1 in chamber and extra 8 round mag. A little harder to conceal but when I practice, it’s always been accurate I’d have to Trai uder pressure more but when I was in the military I did decent under pressure shooting, but its hard to think about changing mags fast as your being approached

  12. XD subcompact, 9mm. Going through the same mental process you are. Comfy with 9mm as ammo is so much better now than ever, but always preferred the .45. So yes, looking at a used G36 now. My vision has changed, I want a longer sight radius than the XD allows. That alone makes the G36 appeal to me. I carry my Xd in a leather iwb holster with metal retention band made by a local craftsman. Often forget I have it on. Nice mag capacities for this pistol.

    1. Check out the xds 4.0 . It’ll give you the longer site radius with less recoil to boot. Very accurate gun.

  13. To make this just a conversation about guns and not cartridges, you would present two otherwise identical firearms. A 19 v a 30 would be closer to about guns and not cartridges, or a 43 v a 36. It would appear you’re trying to bait a cartridge debate, while denying it.

    1. I believe the original poster did not want it to be a debate over caliber but rather was asking for everyone’s input on what they carry and why??? I don’t think there was any intentional baiting going on and I for one am loving getting so many opinions…

  14. I’m an old brown shoe. i cut my teeth on the 1911 and like the mod 36 the gun fits well also if my daughter were to pick it up it fits here smaller hand because of the single stack. if I knew i was going into an extended fire fight i would pick a different weapon, but this is suppose to be a very short term stand off defense weapon.

  15. As with virtually all other decisions, this one also includes a consideration of tradeoffs. Caliber, mag capacity, size of gun, action type, etc, etc. Let’s face it, if we knew that we were going to be in a gunfight at a certain time and place, we would not be using any handgun. We would show up with an appropriate long gun. As a cop, I carried a high capacity semi-auto and two spare mags on a belt with all sorts of other “good stuff.” As a civilian that is really neither an option nor desirable. I have always thought that the most important “spec” on a carry gun was, “do I have it with me when I need it?” If that high capacity double stack handgun was just too big and bulky for what you were wearing that day (summer, light clothing, coat and tie dinner party, etc, etc) and it got left at home or in the car/truck, then it is worthless when the need might arise. I have all of the heavy duty combinations (G21, G23, G19, G30, 1911). Always reassuring in the console of my truck or with my survival vest in my light aircraft. But what is always concealed upon my person (because its presence is not negated by some competing consideration) is either a .38 LCR, a Kahr PM9, a G36, or a G43. Maybe I cannot fight off a platoon, but I can handle that which is likely to be the problem.

  16. I carry the Glock 17 9mm. 17+1 Not heavy and a great grip if you have decant sized hands.

  17. The concept of one EDC gun that ‘fits all’ scenarios is as impossible as one holster does, but consider a Glock 29. 10+1 rounds of 10mm. No compromis … hits way harder than a .45, but capacity is better. My primary EDCs are the G29, a G26, a G19 or 23, and a S&W M&P 360 (J frame .357 mag). The stats show that most self defense conflicts are 2-2-2 scenarios, that is 2 rounds fired within 2 seconds at under 2 yards. Real CQB, “bad breath distance” kind of fights. For that, any of the above should suffice, but adding in the ever increasing rate of active shooter and terrorist attacks, I have taken to carrying the G29 with a G20 mag (15 rounds) or 2 as reloads whenever possible / practical. This is the best and most versatile rig I have ever found for going from high-risk urban areas right to hiking in apex predator country without having to change gear. 10mm is as effective as you can get for predators of the 2 or 4 legged variety, and still have reasonably high capacity. As seasons, functions, and clothing change, you have to adjust your EDC a bit, but I try to carry the mighty 10 as much as possible when not at work, jogging, etc. In those situations, I don’t know how much better one can do than a .357 mag that weighs 13 ounces. The G26 covers everything in between those2 extremes.

    1. Great thread. I have the 36 and love it. I have the 19 and love it, I carry my G27, my Karh PM9 and my favorite is my 9mm Shield when I need to be really concealed. I love my 1911’s but just don;t trust them with my life 100%. I’ve never ever had a Glock malfunction, and I have 6 of them. And I have some high end 1911’s that I do love to shoot and fondle.
      My all time if I had to carry one gun is the G29SF in 10mm. My favorite round of all time. Make a few changes to your recoil spring in the G29 and it fires easy. I live in the Sierra’s and I find I’m always going with the G29. I have conceal carried it, it is a bit bulky and difficult in the summer, hence the 9mm. But if I’m on my motorcycle (KTM) in the back country or hiking or backpacking…. it’s my G29 and bear spray. I’d use the spray first in most cases. Sometime I just carry the spray.. and yes, I’ve had to use it before. Very rare, I love seeing bears and have only had one problem bear in 35 years of sleeping in the forest. Pesky old bear would not leave us alone. Fired a shot into the ground.. finally hit it, just a bit with the bear spray… he bolted and we never saw him again. I’d just hate to have to kill one. I don’t hunt anymore for a reason. But I respect those that do:-)

  18. Perfect compromise- carry 2 G26s!

  19. It is proven, even with seasoned shooters that you can get more rounds out in less time more accurately in a 9mm than a 45 acp. Aim small miss small. How fast can you pop’em out and how tight can you keep em’ any shooter worth his salt will trust a good 9mm. Don’t get caught up in this school of thought or that one. Remember it ain’t the arrow it’s the Indian… btw Springfield Armory makes a great 9mm midsize handgun with a 19 round flush mag

  20. I carry a G43 and mix with a XDs and XD. I find the XDs and G43 comfortable as I carry IWB, the XD holds 10 rounds, it is very accurate but bulky. I like the recoil of the 9mm in this size pistol, have fired the subcompact 40’s and 45’s and don’t care for the recoil.

  21. As a civilian with no military/LE training, something is better than nothing. I have carried S&W 380 bodyguard for almost two years invisibly with IWB leather holster. I found your posts cause I am upgrading caliber. My research has led me to the G36 despite cutting my teeth with a browning 9mm hi power years ago. I appreciate these responses and will consider the 10mm as a result due to the caliber/capacity balance. So, thanks!

  22. I would like to try the single stack 45. If it fits my hand like 1911. I like the idea of having a hand free for keeping contact with accompanying friendlies . Currently believe it or not I carry the 21. But my biggest issue is I can’t handle it one handed. Too fat for my hands

  23. I was carrying a S&W M&P Shield 9mm. Just like you, Tim, once I started to do some defensive scenarios it became obvious to me that a pistol with a larger capacity could very well make the difference between life and death. So now I carry my Glock 17 with 17+1 and a spare 17 round mag. I feel better now.

  24. I carry a Glock 43 with one extra magazine. The size and accuracy is second to none. I have carried a Glock 36 in the past; however, I found that it was a bit fussy in respect to the kind of ammunition I used. I had to many failures to feed and to eject. I have also carried the Glock 30s. I like it a lot; but I keep going back to the G43. It is so light and easy to conceal; I love it. I carry at 12:00 in a leather holster.

  25. If you can’t shoot then keep your piece holstered. Spraying rounds all over the countryside is not the answer. How many innocent bystanders do you want to take out?

    My Glock 36 is more than enough to get the job done as a 6 + 1. And if there are 8 armed bad guys who want you dead you are going to die that day even with 17 rounds in your mag.

  26. My everyday carry is a 36. I agree with others I’m not a big guy and it just fits me right. I have an Alien Gear stealth IWB holster and a Fobus OWB holster for it and couldn’t be happier with the comfort conceal ability and shoot ability. Also have the grip extenders on it and Trijicon sights. I am not terribly concerned about capacity I always carry with 6 in the mag and one in the tube and figure it is a slim chance that I will be in a situation that wont be enough. Although I would recommend you get plenty of range time so you are a good shot. I also carry Hydro Shocks in it and figure that is going to take down an assailant.

  27. I lived in alaska for ten years, and moved down to the lower 48 last year. Now that it gets hot as heck and people give me the stink eye when i open carry i had to re evaluate my setup. i got used to open carrying either big revolvers or full size high cap pistols. Currently i carry three that i tend to change depending on the season. Glock 43 in the summer for its concealability, Glock 17 when i can wear a jacket, and a Colt delta elite if its winter or im in the woods when i need extra range. I also carry a NAA Pug 22 mag as a backup. IMO you have to be comfortable with the gun and be comfortable while carrying the gun. If there are 8 armed baddies shooting at you, extra rounds down range wont save your hide. id focus more on cover and shot placement.

    P.S. 10mm is great, but if you need to worry about collateral damage and over penetration i wouldn’t recommend it.

  28. I carry a j-frame S&W in a front pocket holster, along with my reload…a G43 with a +1 base plate in my other front pocket. The G43 comes with a spare mag with a +2 base plate.

    That’s 6 rounds in the S&W revolver, a 32 mag, and 2 speed loaders, and 7+1 in the G43, and the spare mag with another 8 rounds.

    That’s just in the office. If I’m out on the town, then I have a G26 with 13 rounds (+2 base plate), and 2 more G17 +2 mags loaded to 18 rounds each for another 3) rounds. In the winter, a G21sf is worn strong side for 13+1, and 3 more 13-round mags.

    I walk heavy. 8-)

    1. I think you’ve watched too many movies. Like punisher lol. Carry and train with one main gun and a proper load out for it. Like a G19/17 and two 17 mags. One gun, 52 bullets and a lot less weight and clutter. You’re not assaulting Fallujah and if you were a bunch of pea shooters sounds like a losing combo. Look at people who do this for a living. M4/scar primary and a pistol secondary, this isn’t commando, you don’t get extra points for carrying a double barrel shoot gun.

  29. Stopping power? Did you mean shot placement? Because that’s what stops a threat. 9mm jhp and +p+ destroy .45 theoretical bigger bullet, bigger hole agrument. The only logical things to consider are reliability/service life and mag capacity. .45 caliber glocks don’t last as long as the 9mms, for that matter no .45s go 100,000 rounds. And seriously 6+1? That sounds like you’re trying to throw in the towel before the fight by handicapping yourself.

  30. Hi Tim,
    I carry the glock 19 everyday, I feel it’s a great weapon. My opinion of course but here’s why. Amount of possible hits, I know .45 is more powerful, but the 15+1 that I carry with the possibility of 15 more if I can get in a reload is allot of bad guys either dropping or ducking, and with 30 rnds at your disposal you can get allot of work done, you might even have time to calm down and hit something. It’s hard to carry appendix with the double stack mag, I use a smart carry to get a bit more concealment and alot more comfort. It’s a little harder to pull but worth it to me. Training is the key they say, but 3 bad guys 6 rnds, I don’t care who you are and how much you train, you’re going to be in an excited state, reactionary, and blow through 6 maybe hitting one. I like being able to go through 15 hit what I hit and still be able to fight. Some responses mentioned just needing 6rnds and spraying bullets everywhere, if you need pull your gun there is already collateral damage. If you bought it and carry it, then you should already know how to use it, remember we are talking about responsible armed citizens, not cowboys. Good luck with your 6 shooter reload 5 times to my one and I still have one left

  31. What everyone is talking about is what is the ideal weapon to carry concealed, while wearing it on your hip, inside your pants, in a shoulder holster, on your leg or in your pant’s pocket? A gun that you do not take with with does absolutely will do no good if you have to leave it at home because you are uncomfortable about wearing it. For years I carried the S & W model 60, 5 round stainless steel handgun. Now in the time of semi-auto’s I prefer the POCKET gun and I have gone from 1911’s to glock 9’s to the XDS 3.3 in 45. Therefore it comes down to: 80 to 90 % fights are at 1 to 7 yards and on one target, so my bottom line is MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER. All the bullets in the world do no good if you miss.

  32. The thought of standing down multiple armed assailants with only a 380 or 5 shot revolver gives me the willies. So I carry a 40 S&W Glock 22, which gives me 16 rounds. That said, it is a PITA to carry in hot weather, so I’m really looking closer at this Glock 36….the double stack Glock .45 is too big for my hands. Had I known about this one 1st, I’d have grabbed it!

  33. I carry Canik TP9-SA, 18 round mag +1 in the chamber.
    I carry extra mags

  34. My carry weapon is a glock 36 six in the mag and one in the tube. That plus being fleet of foot will keep me out of harms way.

  35. I have several Glocks in the family, I will ether carry a my G21 or G30. My wife carries Her G27 with mag extenders or a G36 with extenders. My daughter carries a G36. My humble opinion is what good is more ammo if the punch is not there. You will have to use 2 or 3 rounds per bad guy then it defeats the purpose of more rounds, again in my opinion. Plus I am in California and a 10 round Mags are the maximum one can have so I choose to have a 45.

  36. Buy the frame of the Glock 30SF. So you will have more rounds and the frame can be used with the slide of the Glock 36.
    This fusion of the Glock 36 and the Glock 30SF is named Glock 30S.

  37. For me, living in the Communist State of NY, the rounds differential is only three (10+1 vs 6+1+1). Started on a Glock 19 and still love it because it fits my unusually small hands absolutely perfectly. After LOTS of draw and dry fire practice and LOTS of tactical reload practice, I can run that gun blindfolded. Then the .45 bug bit. But I couldn’t find a comfortable fit down through a 30SF. A Glock 36 saved the day. In my hand, a 36 with a one round mag. extender feels exactly like a 19. So if you’re looking to make bigger holes, try a G36 with some one round mag extenders, get 2 extra mags with mag extenders , and practice those reloads.

    I think you’ll be surprised.

  38. I am a USCCA member and I carry a Glock 19. I like my odds better with the higher capacity.

    1. Carla - USCCA

      Good idea, Matt.

      The bad guy might have friends.

  39. I carry a glock 30s with a 10 rnd mag and I carry a g21 13 rnd as a spare. I love it with the trjicon night sights. Fits perfectly in my IWB holster. That’s my EDC.

  40. I carry a G19 = 16 9mm rds and a spare G17 mag

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