What Do You Carry? Glock 36 vs. Glock 19…

If you’ve been reading my writings and ramblings over the last few years you probably know that I carry a Glock 36, .45 ACP.  This is one of the few Glocks that has a single stack magazine, holding 6 rounds with 1 in the chamber.

If you knew I carried a Glock 36 you probably also knew that I carry appendix style. Appendix style fits my frame well and I enjoy the freedom of being able to draw with both hands.

"This is the Glock 36, and this is what I'm currently carrying"

The ONLY downside to the Glock 36 is the single stack magazine that holds only 6 rounds.

This never really bothered me until just a few months ago when I was doing Simunition training with my employees.

If you’re not familiar with Simunition training, it’s non-lethal LIVE combat training.  These are real guns, slightly modified, with NON-lethal ammunition.  I guess you could say it’s paintball on steroids.

I know that sounds a little dangerous, but safety is the BIGGEST concern and we were under the supervision of certified professionals the entire time.

It was during this Simunition training that I realized something…

Under stress, We ALL shot a lot faster with a lot LESS accuracy.  We could blow through 7 rounds in the matter of seconds and still have attackers left standing.

“Ya, but Tim that is why you have extra magazines!”

When you have attackers 15 feet and closing fast, you aren’t always going to have time to slide in that extra magazine.  It becomes a decoration on your belt as the attackers shoot to kill.

Even worse, as I learned in Simunition training, what if during the series of escalating events something happens to one of your hands and it makes reloading out of the question?  You can have all the magazines in the world, but how are you going to reload with one hand as attackers are closing in?

As you can see, this got me thinking…

Scenario #1: Glock 36
High-stress situation, with only six rounds and 3 attackers.  

I better be a hell of good shot, because chances of me getting an opportunity to reload are slim.

Scenario #2: Glock 19
High-stress situation, with only 15 rounds and 3 attackers.  

My chances just increased exponentially.

For the record, I’m still carrying the Glock 36, .45 ACP, BUT I’m thinking about switching to the Glock 19, 9 mm.  This is NOT a decision that I take lightly and I’m putting a lot of thought and time into it.

Also, this isn’t a debate over .45 ACP vs. 9 mm, I’m simply talking about magazine capacity and whether or not the Glock 19 could possibly be a better fit than the Glock 36.  

This brings me to my question for you…

What are you currently carrying and WHY? How have you justified what weapon to carry as your EVERYDAY weapon?

I’d love to hear what you’re currently carrying, BUT please don’t turn this into a .45 vs. 9 mm debate.

We’re strictly talking about guns and magazine capacity today.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to reading what you’re carrying and why.

Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt, President and CEO, USCCA
Tim Schmidt
Founder, US Concealed Carry, Inc.
Publisher, Concealed Carry Magazine

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  1. Glock 26 and Kahr PM9. Love these 2 firearms. I carry my 26 in the winter early spring and my PM9 for the hot tshirt months in southern California. In all fairness, yes you may increase your chance to live with a few more rounds from your handgun and you better make them count. I would normally double tap but in this type of situation I would be going for one shot one kill to the head or torso. Remember that we should always be trying to get to our primary which hopefully is a rifle. Having a firearm is better than not having one but realistically a handgun in a battle situation is already being out gunned.

  2. I own a Glock 19 and the 26. For the obvious reasons, the 26 is more concealable, however, the 19 isn’t much bigger and it gives you 15 vs 10 rounds. I also own an xds 9, it’s doesn’t have as high of a capacity as either one of them, but it’s fun to shoot, accurate, reliable, and it can fit in a pair of cargo short front pocket in a decent holster (Alabama holster). The xds and 26 are as small a pistol as I would ever own. So, to end my long winded spiel: the glock 19 is a wonderful choice and I highly recommend it. As a 4 tour vet, as much as I’m a believer in accurate well placed shots, in real life the bad guy doesn’t stand still to allow you to shoot him down with 1 round. Unfortunately, several rounds will be more likely (it can take half a mag or more if your hearts really pumping!). Hope this helps.

  3. I carry Glock 27. Of course, always carry plus 1. Carry Ruger LCP as well.

  4. I have an XDS 45 and a Glock 19. I know it is not a .45 vs 9mm debate but I prefer the XDS because it is a 45. I feel better with the Glock because of its increased capacity. Both are comfortable to carry but the XDS is smaller and thinner. Bottom line, I carry the Glock more. I can shoot it better and I just feel better with it. It is actually my favorite firearm and it has never failed to function.

    1. Thank you for you insight comparing your xds 45. I also have an xds 45 and think I want to change to Glock 19. I don’t like the new trigger on the XDS. It is too hard of a pull and can’t be made lighter. I like the trigger pull of the Glock 19 and the increased capacity or rounds. Any comments would be appreciated. Also any thoughts about .45 vs 9mm
      Thanks, Fred

      1. I put a spring kit in my xds which helped a lot.

      2. Hit me up I’m looking for an xds

  5. I personally carry the Beretta Px4 Storm. I love this gun and if I have it in 9mm I can have up to 30 rounds plus 1 but not the most ideal for conceal and carry but I can have that many rounds which is very very great. I personally have it in 40 S&W and I can still carry up to 14 rounds plus one or 17 rounds plus one. The Beretta in 40 S&W with the 17 rounds is my go to and I absolutely love it. I am personally looking for a .45 but I am not a big fan of Glock. I think I will go for a Kimber but yeah Beretta Px4 Storm is my carry of choice and I am definitely not trading it out. Having myself be ambidextrous this gun is just great. Under stress I tend to go left handed and magazines on the right of me and under stress reloading for me isn’t a problem, aiming on the other hand is ha ha go figure lol

  6. I carry a Glock 36 (Pearce extension so 7+1 in chamber) with no regrets (would carry the 30 but too wide). Most of us civs will never need more than 8 shots.

    1. I used to carry the G30sf. Too wide and visible. Switched to the G23. Love it, except I prefer the .45. Going to try the G36 next.

  7. Glock 27 also – absolutely love it! Put the GAP Enterprises floor plate on the carry magazine, which I now prefer over the Pearce pinky extension floor plate.

  8. I carry the Glock36 all day everyday. If I need more than 7 rounds then I’m probably dead anyways.

  9. I carry a Glock 36 but am contemplating a switch to the Glock 30s same slide as the 36 on a 30sf frame. It holds 10+1 or a 21 mag that holds 13+1 of .45acp.

  10. I also carry a glock 30s. I carry it in a Bianchi IWB holster behind the kidney. 10+1 rounds of 45acp. It tucks in close and carries comfortably.

  11. I carry the Glock 19, I have always been about capacity and shot placement so I always have 2 options well I should say had 2 options, I live in Connecticut so my capacity has recently been reduced to 10 +1 for concealed carry.

  12. I own a glock 36 stock i keep 1 in the head 6 in the mag if i cant hit u wit 8 rounds i deserve to b shot its the most concealable hand gun i have ever own it lays to my body so u never kno i hav it i carry it n a 25 iwb holster i pickd up frn a local shop its paxkn .45 acp so most likely the first shot is gonna drop the perp plus its 1 round short of a 1911 n men hav been goin to war with 8 rounds for yrs and it did great for them key is to practice placing well aimd shots after more and more visits to tha range itll b like 2nd nature then u wont need plus nothing btw i dont plan on replaceing as my edc it goes bang every time

    1. You should be practicing your math and spelling lol

  13. 36 is the bomb. It may help you in court that you were not carrying 10 thousand rounds.

  14. as a retired US Marshall, I have seen multiple people shot, and have actually shot felons. I will take the 36 over the 19 any time. I am now retired and carry a 36 24/7. By the way the average shootout is only on average about 3.8 shots fired.

  15. I just purchased (2) G36 pistols. They felt great in the hand and that is the main thing for me, along with the not yet known factor of – can I shoot it accurately.
    I agree with some of the comments about the fact that higher capacity magazines are not always the main concern. If I’m surrounded by hostiles then I doubt that 15 rounds is going to turn the tide before I’m out of the equation. The 36 isn’t my GTW choice, it is going to be my new CCW choice. They will be replacing a LC9 and a XD9sc. Also, I’m in Cali, so higher than 10 isn’t happening for me.
    That being said, it is good to run the scenarios and simulations through our heads and mentally prepare.

  16. bullitt4686@yahoo.com

    I currently carry the Glock 19, with a 17 back up mag on the ankle. My ankle rig has a Glock 17 mag and a pro tac 2l flashlight. I was right where you were. In fact, I carried the Glock 30 for a long time. The 36 came out and I decided to give it a go. I never liked the low capacity, and any well placed shot will have the same affect, 9mm/45 acp, it doesn’t matter. In my 19 I carry Hornady ‘ s critical duty, and I am comfortable that it will do every bit of what I need it to of the .45 acp hydrashock. Truth be told, carrying a firearm isn’t comfortable, it provides comfort, but the 30 is just plain heavy. After the 36 purchase, and several FTF issues, I converted the 30 to a 36 hybrid. 36 slide, 30 frame, 10 rounds and carried that for years. One of the things I love about Glock (minus the 36) is the interchangeable mags, I.e. I can put that 21 mag in the 30, and the 17 mag in the 19. After I shot my sister’s 19, I went down the 9mm road as it is lighter and more “comfortable”. That 36 hybrid has become a bag gun, and she gets some range use as much as her little sister, the 19.

  17. bullitt4686@yahoo.com

    And to the uneducated above, if you think one shot will stop ANY perpatrator, you are watching too many movies. Read real accounts of CC shooting and see where more than 80% end up being caught in the hospital seeking treatment. Do some training like above with simunition. If you can hit each attacker under stress 100% of the time, quit your job and seek a career revolving the BUDs program because you sir, are a natural.

  18. I carred a 26 for about 2 years then I started carring my 36 I like the feel of the 36 But I also have a 19 and a 17 In New York you can only have 10 rounds I would like to feelthat a 36 +1 7 rounds of 45 with a lot of training would be better

  19. Glock 21 (13+1) on duty, Glock 26 (12+1) off duty. Just purchased a Glock 42 (6+1) that will be an ankle back up to both.

  20. Started carrying a 5″ 1911 .45 then switched to G36 both in Cross Breed strong side hip holsters. Switched to AIWB holster for the 1911 which I really liked. Got older (70) and left wrist (weak hand) would no longer take .45 recoil. Switched to M&P 9 with red dot sight in AIWB holster. Liked it. Became preoccupied with ambidextrous availability and bought two M&P Shields in 9mm. Each in a DeSantis pocket holsters, left and right. Relying on situational awareness and a covert or preemptive draw. Weight is balanced. 18 total rounds + spare mags. Back up gun same caliber and mag. Lost my red dot but what are the chances of a long range gunfight? Everything is a compromise.

  21. I carry a glock 26 or a glock 19 26 12+1 and 19 15+1. I like the 19 better because it has a nice light and with the variety of good holsters today it blends well. the 26 is regulated to dress carry and if i am wearing something that i cant fit either into i carry a p32. not the best, but fits like a knife in a pocket with clip.

    I carry 124 grain HST rounds and have complete confidence in them.

  22. Just bought a 36 in .45 for tertiary IWB CC… it was the obvious choice at the store because I already carry a bag with the 1911 in it and wanted shared ammo in a subcompact…

    Also generally have a couple other better options in the car… primary interest in this was for “Last resort” everything else is empty (or taken) in a SHTF Road Warrior scenario – so chances are I will never use it for defense… (and chances are most who carry as non-LEO won’t ever use one either…) because the line is long before I’m down to this one for a sneak attack… I’d have to have already expended several hundred other rounds before I died to need this, and unless I’m armored, and real lucky, and quite sieged… I think this will stay put right where it is… because I don’t live in the ghetto, and everyone up here is packing heavy – and they are my first line of defense because the city is quite a ways south of me through the Good ol’boys with a lot more “product” density… I don’t see zombies/rioters making it through them to me without a serious problem that I won’t survive anyways… If they tried to make it up to Banjo country, I think the rest of our boys up here would turn them around real fast… pretty sure they just won’t come here. Not worth the trouble… hell, I wouldn’t come here… This whole state is “M.A.D.” territory as far as I’m concerned… and any enemy would have to be mad to come through with a ruckus in mind… I’m more worried about the neighbors going nuts, but y’all know they have jobs to go to… too busy for shenanigans unless we’re really in some seriously desperate breakdown situation… at which point, I’m not home. Lol.

  23. I have a 36, a 26, and and S&W 5 shot Airweight which I rotate through depending on what I am doing. Most often is it the S&W on me with my 26 (which will also accept 17 and 19 magazines) within reach in my backpack.

    In 99% of the situations, I do not feel under gunned. Reading accounts, usually when you shoot one, the others leave.

    Unless it is a social breakdown situation such as a riot, a 36 should be sufficient. And if it is a social breakdown situation, ten or so more rounds won’t help.

  24. I am an avid fan of the 1911, as most are. But I am also on a budget. With 3 kids, you can imagine where most of our money goes. So with the current prices of ammunition and what I stock up on, the choice was clear. 45ACP. Same ammo, both guns. The width of the 36 is real close to the 1911. So With the exception of grip angle, I was for the most part already comfortable with the feel of the gun in my hand. I have onlt been carrying the 36 for a little over a year now. I love it. 6 rounds is better than none I suppose. I utilize 3 xarry options. Aliengear IWB, Desantis Mini Scabbard and a Blackhawk kydex.

  25. When you hear someone break in your home, you stay where you are with your weapon. Who ever teaches a class that wants you to leave your safe zone and confront your attackers are fools. That is the wrong thing to do. Going around the home and looking for them will get you killed. Staying where you are with your weapon gives you the advantage. If they come to where your at, they are the ones who will be surprised. Having 6 shots or 10 will not help you if you spray and pray. As an old lawman once said, you have to learn how to take your time in a hurry. No one will know for sure if they can do that until the time comes. Spray and pray and end up with a tag on your toe.

  26. It seems the reason you want more ammunition is to negate your inability to shoot accurately under stress. Practice.

  27. my primary cc is the G36, with a +1, so 7+ 1 in the pipe. I also carry a secondary G26, because of the size and ability to hide it elsewhere on my person. I have an FNX .40, but the full frame is difficult to conceal, and bulky… Granted, 14+1 in the FNX is nice, but to be stealthy, and reliable, give me my Glocks all day!!!

  28. Let me meet you in the middle. I carry a Glock 30S. I get 11 rounds of stopping power and carry a 13 round mag in reserve. I’m sure I could stop three people with the initial 11 rounds.

  29. Glock 26 Gen 4. It fits my small mitts well, is a pleasure to shoot and holds 10+1. also comfortable to carry in a Philster kydex holster. I do admit, what brought me to this page is I am considering a Glock 36 because of its thinner frame and larger caliper. Glock 26 1.18 in. vs. Glock 36 1.10 in.. I also love the shootability of the Glock .45. Very controllable. This is not an easy desision.

  30. Oh FFS, your chances of being attacked by multiple unstoppable attackers is so infinitesimally small that it’s not even worth wasting electrons posting this twaddle.

    You’re an armed civilian carrying a self-defense weapon, not a special forces operator taking out a busload of suicide bombers and beheaders.

    Carry a pistol that you can shoot well, and that you can comfortably and EFFECTIVELY conceal so that you will have it with you at all times.

    Leave the masturbation about wave after wave of drug-crazed zombies or ISIL jihadis to the movies.

    1. I’ve couldn’t have said or explained it any better. Well said AA!!

    2. I couldn’t have said or explained it any better. Well said AA!!

  31. Go with the glock 26 carry the standard magazine it comes with in holster for great concealment.Carry glock 19 magazines for reload they fit in the 26. If you really need suppression order the 9mm 33rd mags online they along with glock 17 magazines all fit in a glock 26.Two other points…one you should be moving for cover while firing and two in real life three bad guys rarely will rush your position while you are shooting back.Also you should be able to reload in less than 1/10 of one second.

  32. It comes down to hassle for me. A ruger lcp 380 with crimson trace and a tech clip added is perfect. Ease of concealment and has a pocket holster to change the imprint. It kicks like mad but I practice with it regardless. In summer attire….it’s great. Fall and wonter is a walther pk380.defensive rounds in an 8 round clip. I shoot it well and can hit a tight group at 25 yards.

  33. I carry the G36 because it is a comfortable weight and size but I also like my Beretta 92FS 15+1 because it feels like I’m carrying a friend (I’ve had it the longest of all my pistols). The lesser capacity of the 36 is always in the back of my brain but so is hitting my target with that first shot. Most of us will never have to fire a single round in self defense, thankfully. My father conceal carried for 65 years in California and Mexico and never had to fire a single round at another human being.

  34. Do SIMs and then tell me you only need 8 shots. You have no idea

  35. gentlemen the odds are that you will never need your handgun to defend yourself , let alone needing 5,10,15 rounds.
    Don’t let fantasy get the best of you, A 5 or 6 shot snub will last you a long lifetime.Semi autos are too easy to jam in a real close battle .

  36. Here in a warm climate all year ’round, I carry the G27 with the Glock +1 magazine. For reserve, I carry a 13 or a 15 round magazine. I feel very confident with that combo. I do own other Glocks in 9mm and 45 ACP, but usually use those as night stand guns or at the range.

  37. Like you I carry a Glock 36 and am considering changing to a Glock 19. My wife carries a 19 and I like the idea of having the additional rounds. I have also have found that my shooting is more accurate with the 19. I also like the idea of both of us being comfortable using each other’s firearm without having to think about it.

  38. For the record, I’m still carrying the Glock 36, .45 ACP, BUT I’m thinking about switching to the Glock 19, 9 mm. This is NOT a decision that I take lightly and I’m putting a lot of thought and time into it.

    been there done that.g36 is the only glock i own.The 9mm glocks are the best ,but I want a 45 to defend my self.I am good with my 36

  39. My ccw was H&K psp or m8s 9mm never thought I needed more than 10 shots ,however since parts are harder find for these pistols they were retired to the safe.Started to carry a Colt comander .45 but found the safety in fire position a few times using a well named holsters and it was a rare 6 month production model so back to the safe. To fill the void I went to a glock 30s because the pistol grip has a rake like the p7s. Thought about other pistols because at heart I’m a gun snob, but glocks are not for show they will work and with super fast liberty ammo the pistol is very light fully loaded and I won’t be shooting thru windshields and car doors (for ccw and home defence) Recoil is not an issue with practice since my deep cover revolver S&W pd .357 that has some kick. Maybe a glock 19 in the future for plinking due to cheaper ammo. One problem with thin pistols is when placing the web of your hand on the grip to draw and fire the pistol sometimes is not exactly on target and have to reposition the pistol slightly which is a serious factor when purchasing a ccw pistol so make sure the pistol fits your hand or your first fast shot will be useless and you’ll have to carry a larger capacity mag if you live.

  40. I work in an emergency room and intensive care and while I do see people given a moment of pause with a 9mm, many are just plain angry. I’ve never seen someone with a 45 cal gunshot what wasn’t flat on their back. Again it is a balance of what you are looking for. 9mm are easier to conceal, less recoil and carry more rounds vs 45cal which is harder to conceal,carry less rounds and more recoil but will not fail you on stopping power. I carry a Glock 30 (45 cal)

  41. I carry a glock 19 or 26 but with +p+ ammo nothing but the best for the bad guy.

  42. I carry a G36, BECAUSE for some reason i shoot it much better than anything else except my G27 which i shoot almost as well. I HAVEa G19 and love it but do not shoot it as consistently as the others, maybe i will do better with the G43 i will soon have, maybe i just subconciously like big bores better

  43. I agree with some of the comments above stating that in real world scenarios 7 rounds is more than adequate. You are not Rambo. You guys play too many video games. If you need more than 7 rounds then you don’t need a gun, you need a Hurst. I carry a G-36 and have for years and am very comfortable with it. I was in the military and carried a Colt 1911 and grew to love the stopping power. I have one now and carry it occasionally but it is difficult to conceal in warm weather and heavy. The G-36 is lighter and has less “snag points” when drawing it from pants. As is the case with ANY handgun, regular practice will make you familiar and comfortable with your specific weapons characteristics so I don’t buy into people who say the recoil of a .45ACP is to heavy. Bottom line is everyone has their own specific tastes. Carry what you are comfortable with and disregard capacity. Modern semi auto firearms all have enough capacity to adequately defend yourself and family.

  44. We live in the country and I carry a model 36 on the farm. Has taken a fair amount of abuse and keeps on running, forget I have it on most of the time. When we head to town I carry a sig p245. Gives you a couple more rounds on a comfortable frame. I have been a believer in .45 since my days in the Corps. Also retired LE and have been through the training you discussed and yes they will stress the heck out of you. Was involved in several situations and once the first one was dropped the others quickly remembered a previous appointment. Carry for the most likely situation.

  45. I carry a commander size Para with 14 rds. of 45 acp. It`s light enough, heavy enough and concealable.

  46. Glock 26 with a Glock 19 Magazine and sleeve (15+1). If I need more than the 16 rounds, I am probably not going to make it.

  47. I am actually doing something very similar. I have carried a Glock 36 for about 3 years now and today and switching to a Glock 19. There are a couple of reasons for my reasoning. 1. the Glock 19 is much similar to my competition guns that I shoot on more than a regular basis, a Glock 34 and 35. 2. Round count is almost triple, which I like, plus I carry a spare mag in a pocket with the 36 and will do the same with the Glock 19, so I have effectively more than doubled the amount of ammo I can have on my person. 3. the 19 can be shot in competition just as a 34 or 35 but in it’s respective class.

    I originally went with the Glock 36 for the 45 acp thinking a larger bullet is better, but I have also came to the conclusion that more ammo in a super high stress environment is probably paramount that bullet size.
    Just my 2 cents, but that is why I am making the transition.

  48. I think that if you are not properly trained (i.e. military/ police ) in a situation like that it doesn’t matter if you have 5 rds or 30 rds it’s going to go quick. Because of lack of training will you even transition to the other targets. I think the idea behind carrying is: to buy you some time so that you can escape from a situation like that and not to stand and fight.

    1. So I guess it doesn’t matter what you carry as long as it scare the attacker

  49. I was trained to fire at center of mass till the attack has ended, scan and make secure area, also clearing failure to fire “tap & rack”, unload and reloading, all to the point of sheer muscle memory. And pray you never have to use it.

  50. I carry the Glock 21 now and looking to go to the 30 or 36. Yes I am the firm believer of bigger is better especially loaded with 230g Hydra Shok rounds.

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