Tim Schmidt Joins Guest Host Jonathan Gilliam on the David Webb Show To Discuss The Lower Violent Crime Rate

A New FBI Report Shows Violent Crime Is At Its Lowest in Two Years And CCW Permits Are At A Record High

West Bend, WI -Concealed Carry Permits  have recently increased to more than 18 million Concealed Carry Permit holders in the US,P while a recently released report from the FBI shows an .2% decrease in violent crime.

President and Founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association Tim Schmidt joins guest host Jonathan Gilliam on the David Webb Show to discuss the correlation between the increased concealed carry permit holders and the reduction in violent crime.

While violent crime is down, Gilliam points out that the level of violence in crime has increased.

Gilliam pointed out, “In and around the populated areas, people assume they are going to be taken care of so it makes it much easier for them to say they don’t need to carry a gun because they feel protected, but in rural areas and in violent inner city areas, if you’re not armed, you stand a real chance of being victimized…Even though the numbers are down, the type of violent crimes has risen where crimes are becoming more and more violent.”

Schmidt responded, “There may be slightly less crime, but gone are the days of the average parking lot scuffle, now people are facing death in those exact same situations and that is the time where you have to be able to proactively defend yourself.”

Listen to their full conversation here…

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