Survival Supplies To-Go (Because You Just Never Know)

No matter what environment I am in, I usually carry a small, basic survival kit that fits in a shoulder bag or backpack. It is a simple survival kit with means to keep warm, start a fire, cut things and provide first aid. Some other everyday carry gear that gets hauled around includes a gun, a reload, a folding knife, a tactical light, a mobile phone and a backup power supply. I may switch up the gear depending on where I am going and what I am doing, but that is basically it. My survival gear falls somewhere on the scale between overgrown Boy Scout and prepper.

I love finding unique and convenient ways to carry some basic survival gear with me, and I recently discovered VSSL Gear and their 9-inch-long Supplies canister and flashlight ($99.50). This is a MIL-SPEC, anodized aluminum container with a flashlight on one end, a compass on the other and survival gear packed inside. The 2-inch-diameter tube weighs 18 ounces when full.

At one end of the tube is an oil-filled compass. Unscrew it and you will gain access to the series of tins containing the survival gear. At the opposite end is a triple LED flashlight with a single push-button control. Plus, batteries are included. A long push turns the flood beam on in its brightest static mode. A second push reduces the output of the static light, and a third push turns the light to an SOS signal. A fourth push powers the light off. Unscrew the flashlight side of the canister and you will gain access to a survival instruction guide and tins containing the survival gear. Both ends are sealed with an O-ring. The canister itself is exceptionally durable and lightweight and stores easily in a shoulder bag or backpack.

The tube includes a beeswax candle, a razor blade, six Aquatabs water purification tablets, a wire saw, an emergency whistle, waterproof matches, Tinder Quik fire starters, fishing gear, a signaling mirror, 25 feet of marine-grade rope, reflective trail markers, a can opener, first-aid supplies and an instruction guide. All of these items, except the candle and the instructions, are contained in seven round tins. Each tin is marked with an icon indicating its contents or purpose. The signaling mirror is attached to one of the tins. The tube is a very neat, tidy and efficient means of carrying a lot useful gear.

Don’t need the compass? Get a flat end cap instead. Need a better compass? Get the Suunto compass cap. Want to make the tube easier to carry? Get the carabiner end cap with or without the compass. Other accessories are available too.

VSSL Supplies makes the most sense when I am in the back country, but I prefer having it with me at the office and in the city as well. Because when it comes to survival supplies to go, you just never know.

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