Society’s Most Violent and Dangerous People

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Dear Editor,

For years, I searched for a type of magazine like yours and have subscribed to several other publications completely unsatisfied with the lack of information about carrying concealed firearms, until I found yours.

I am a detention deputy (correctional officer). As a detention deputy, I deal with society’s most violent and dangerous people. It’s not uncommon for inmates to threaten myself or other correctional officers while we carry out our duties as jail officers. Since inmates have nothing else better to do while they are in jail, they have all the time in the world to study our faces and habits so they can easily recognize us once they return to society.


On several occasions, former inmates have recognized and approached me when I was off duty with my family.


On several occasions, former inmates have recognized and approached me when I was off duty with my family. It is for this reason that, years ago, I chose to carry a concealed firearm with me when I’m off duty. Many correctional officers, including myself, were never trained how to safely carry a concealed firearm when we attended the corrections academy. Since many correctional officers have no special arresting powers, the thought of us carrying firearms off duty was never considered while we were in training.

After reading just one issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, I’ve become more knowledgeable in carrying my firearms concealed and concealment holsters than I have in 6 years worth of reading other firearm magazine publications. As a new subscriber, I’m very excited and looking forward to many years of valuable information from Concealed Carry.

— Michael Drake, Hudson, FL

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