Shoot Yourself … Go to Jail!

This type of story makes me so angry, but I use it as a cautionary tale. Don’t be like the Arizona man who SHOT HIMSELF in the groin and is now facing criminal charges. He is charged with recklessly discharging a firearm in public because, as he walked through the meat department at a local Walmart store, he fired his gun into his own groin. He was carrying his gun in the waistband of his sweatpants, and as it began to fall out, he grabbed it and fired it. Yes, he fired it. Guns don’t just go off. They are made to fire and he made it fire.

If only there were some way to carry a gun so that it would not fall out of the waistband of sweatpants…

Oh wait, I just remembered! Several hundred companies make great HOLSTERS, FANNY PACKS and SHOULDER BAGS specifically designed to carry guns safely and securely. He should have used one! You should use one.

The bullet hole is not enough punishment for this kind of stupidity, and he should face the full force of the legal system because his actions were irresponsible. He not only caused injury but also put at risk everyone else in that store. To top it all off, he allowed anti-gun activists to paint all the rest of the gun owners in this country with the same broad brush. They get to say carrying a gun in public is dangerous. It is only dangerous when people act irresponsibly. As responsibly armed Americans, we should welcome the fact that law enforcement officials are charging this man with a crime. We cannot defend this type of irresponsible behavior.

Safety First!

More importantly, we should never carry our guns in an unsafe manner. Your gun is a piece of emergency lifesaving equipment and should be treated as such. Get a holster. Get a carry bag. Get something! Train with it. You cannot protect yourself if you don’t have complete control of your firearm. ‘Nuff said.

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