Shedding Some Pounds

You asked for it. In a recent episode of Into the Fray, I mentioned that I lost some weight. It seems everyone wants to know how I was able to pull off such a feat. The Michalowski weight-loss plan is really pretty simple: Eat less. Move more.

Getting motivated is the difficult part. But if staying healthy and avoiding hospitals is not enough of a motivator, remember that stronger people are harder to kill. The more you exercise, the better chance you have of prevailing if you are the victim of a sudden assault.

I started the weight-loss program under the direction of a doctor and a reputable trainer. If you are planning to shed some pounds, you should do the same. Once you start exercising more, you will quickly find that you can incorporate more active and dynamic defensive training into your weekly regimen. The more you do, the more you can do. The more you can do, the more you can master. So it all starts with doing something. No excuses. If you want to be a better fighter, make the commitment to be in better physical shape. You don’t have to be a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger. You just have to do more than you are doing now.

Make It Fun

You don’t have to be dripping in sweat at the end of every workout, but you should be getting your heart rate up and doing some strength training. It does not have to be boring. Anything that gets you moving is better than sitting still.

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