Sentinel Concepts / TUFF Products “Blaster Bag Pro” Range Bag

Sometimes some of the best product designs come about when two companies put their heads and skills together to produce something superior to what would have been had they worked alone. When this happens the right way, everyone—including the consumer—ends up a winner.

Sentinel Concepts is an advanced tactical firearms training company that is owned by its lead instructor, Steve Fisher. His instructional experience in both the civilian and law enforcement training realms was put to good use in the design of the new Blaster Bag Pro handgun range bag—one of the first of several new items in the Sentinel Concepts “ELITE” Collection by TUFF Products. This collaboration appears to be a winner.

I like the design of the Blaster Bag Pro— although “bag” really isn’t the proper term for the Blaster Pro. Constructed of tough ballistic nylon, it is actually more of a briefcase that zips open to expose the interior. As such, it really doesn’t give off the appearance of a pistol case at first glance because there are no flap pockets on the outside. There is a large zipper pocket on the outside that can accommodate pens, notebooks, or compact cleaning kits. Wide nylon handles make carrying the Blaster Bag Pro easy. The exterior pocket opens up all the way, giving you a place to lay your gun in between shooting strings.

The interior of the bag is well thought out. Both halves of the bag are mirror imaged and feature a padded universal pouch to protect your handgun(s) from dings and scratches. There is no holster inside, but one isn’t really needed, as the closed zipper will keep a handgun firmly in place. The top of the inner pouch runs up to the top of the case so a small handgun can’t slip out of its side of the pouch and end up somewhere in the case where it doesn’t belong.

Also on each side of the bag’s interior are four pistol magazine “pouches” that can accommodate single- or double-stack magazines and a single larger pouch on either side that can hold items the size of a 20-round AR-15 magazine. Multi-tools and flashlights can also be contained in the pouches. This brings me to an additional thought.

Don’t limit the use of this bag to the range. As I noted, it doesn’t have a menacing look to it that screams, “Hey look at me, I have guns in here!” Actually, when I first saw it, it reminded me a bit of a brown nylon carrying case I have for a large Bible, and with dimensions of 14 inches long, 10 inches wide, and approximately 5 inches thick, it really isn’t much bigger than the Bible case. In these times of sudden civil unrest, the Blaster Pro might make a good emergency family egress pack when loaded with a couple of pistols and plenty of spare magazines. It would be handy to have in the car while traveling on vacation trips or even commuting to work. In the recent violence and rioting in Charlotte, NC, one motorist made it safely through the crowds and was not pulled from his car and beaten because he had a pistol in his left hand pointing out his driver’s window. The violent crowd miraculously gave way, parted like the Red Sea from the motorist’s path, and moved on to find easier pickings. The mainstream media did not call much attention to this event, which I found rather shocking.

The Blaster Bag Pro does not open all the way (to lay flat). Rather, it opens into a wide “V” and both pistols are easily accessed. If you were using it as an emergency exit bag, this feature might keep you from dumping a gun out inadvertently when opening it under stressful conditions. If the Blaster Bag Pro was going to be used strictly as a range bag, then, and as mentioned earlier, you can lay your gun on the open zipper flap pouch area. I think the design is a good balance for a bag that can serve more than one purpose for its user.

The version I have of the Blaster Bag Pro is an advanced prototype, meaning it is just about ready to hit the market, and Sentinel Concepts and TUFF were kind enough to give me a first look at it. Available colors will be blue, red, coyote brown, and black. I don’t currently have an MSRP, but that should be available soon at Sentinel Concepts or TUFF. I am sure that it will be commensurate with the quality of the product.


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