Range Time vs. Dry Fire…and Why?

Training is not something you can do once and call it good. Skills are perishable. If you don’t use them, you will lose them. But the biggest issue most of us have is time. Most people don’t have the time…

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Robert Louis Company Pistolero: Enhanced Laser Dry Fire Trainer

Safe dry fire practice (the kind where you DON’T blow a hole through your television set) is an important way of building your handgun operational skills and achieving a proper, as the late Colonel Jeff Cooper described it, “compressed, surprise…

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Tactical Tim Goes Through Dry Fire Training

In this week’s free CCW video, Tim Schmidt—aka “Tactical Tim”—goes through some dry fire training drills from The 52 Dry Fire Training Drills card deck he recently reviewed. Today he shows you his three favorite dry fire training drills: The…

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The SIRT Pistol: Great for Dry Fire Training

In this week’s free training video, Tim Schmidt—aka “Tactical Tim”—talks about one of his favorite training tools from Next Level Training: the SIRT pistol. The SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) model Tim shows in this video is simulating the look…

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Dry Fire Training Cards for Responsibly Armed Americans

In today’s free self-defense video, Tim talks to you about the latest training technique he has just discovered:

Dry Fire Training Cards

These Dry Fire Training Cards have made Tim a more accurate shooter…

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Dry Fire Practice with Your Gun

It is extremely important you check that your gun is unloaded before dry fire practice drills.

“Dry firing” or “dry fire practice” consists of practicing firearms manipulations without the presence of any live ammunition.

There are a couple of…

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