Focus on the Basics

If you don’t have a commercially made dot target, turn a paper silhouette over and use a marker to trace the bottom of a water bottle, small coffee can, or similar object. One of the drills we use...

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The First Rule of a Gun Fight is to Have a Gun

I have been meaning to write for some time but just did not get it done. In the years that I have been a member, I have noticed a steady improvement in the quality of the magazine. It is first...

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Three Seconds or Less

I recommend using an IPSC target, but the drill can be shot on any humanoid target that has both a body and head region.   This drill originated from the commonly cited statistic that the average gunfight is...

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Helping Someone Down the Path | Voices of the USCCA

We all started somewhere. How have you helped another person on their path to becoming a responsibly armed citizen? How did another person help you along your own path?   When my son-in-law and his wife moved to...

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Safety as a Concept

Simply extending the trigger finger along the seam of the slide & frame and feeling that seam or any shelf or divot that is part of the molding of the frame could also meet the recommendation of the...

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Children’s Firearm Safety | Voices of the USCCA

My 4 year old girl was ecstatic upon receiving her first firearm this past Christmas. How have you helped your children or grandchildren learn to be safe around firearms?...

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