The Rangemaster Bullseye Course

This month’s drill serves three separate but related functions. Use it occasionally to test yourself, as well as to build your fundamental pistol marksmanship skills. It can also be used to compare one handgun to another to see which...

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Magazine Issues

See if you can guess the number on the baseplate of the magazine in the gun on the writer’s hip... How many magazines is enough? It’s easy to answer flippantly, with something like “More!” or “No such thing!”...

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Focus on the Basics

If you don’t have a commercially made dot target, turn a paper silhouette over and use a marker to trace the bottom of a water bottle, small coffee can, or similar object. One of the drills we use...

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The First Rule of a Gun Fight is to Have a Gun

I have been meaning to write for some time but just did not get it done. In the years that I have been a member, I have noticed a steady improvement in the quality of the magazine. It is first...

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Three Seconds or Less

I recommend using an IPSC target, but the drill can be shot on any humanoid target that has both a body and head region.   This drill originated from the commonly cited statistic that the average gunfight is...

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Helping Someone Down the Path | Voices of the USCCA

We all started somewhere. How have you helped another person on their path to becoming a responsibly armed citizen? How did another person help you along your own path?   When my son-in-law and his wife moved to...

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