Moms, Are You Ready? The Importance Of Personal Safety And Emergency Planning

I’ve been part of many discussions over the last few months about how our country, our states, and our communities are becoming more and more violent, every day. At the time of this writing, two disturbing topics of conversation include...

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Home On The Range: Build Your Own

Range time. Training time. Good times. Most of the time. There are plenty of interesting range rules out there. Almost all of them get in the way of actual defensive training. The first thing you need to know is that...

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The USCCA Story

  Dear Fellow Responsibly Armed American, Well… it finally happened. That’s right. I succumbed to the siren call of Hollywood. I’m not joking! Now, before you jump to conclusions, you need to hear the WHOLE story. (This is the West...

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A Case for the Full-Size 9mm Handgun

  WHAT EVER HAPPENED to carrying actual fighting guns? If I never see another article touting a “lightweight, easy-to-carry-all-day” such and such, I’ll be ecstatic. When a fight comes, I want a chunk of gun in my hand, not...

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One Hand or Two? Instinct Conditioning?

THE CLERK had never touched a gun prior to receiving training, less than two months prior to this shooting. In a recent gun magazine there was an article proposing that drawing a handgun to a one-handed shooting position...

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Retired Cop Wants More Gun Control

“Police officers are everyday heroes in our nation. They have all seen the worst that life has to offer, and they’ve been faced with every kind of challenge that you can imagine. This controversial article was written by a retired police officer, and the topic is none other than gun control...”

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