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4 Holiday Home Security Tips

It’s that time of year again. For the law-abiding among us, “that time of year” means Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations, which often include giving gifts to family, friends and those in need. For burglars and thieves it’s time to fill...

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Protecting Houses of Worship, Part 1

*This article is taken from the guide Protecting Houses of Worship. Click below to get the FREE full-color, printable PDF! Protecting Houses of Worship ⇐ Claim Your Guide   Is There No Safe...

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Theft From My Business: Should I Shoot?

Your long hard day of cooking and serving pizzas has stretched well into the evening. But business is good, and the customers are happy. As you work the counter taking money, making change and helping people, you notice there is...

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Vermont Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws View Updates: Calendar 2020-06-30 Share...

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On Fear

I’m a Baby Boomer, no longer in my prime. In my life, I’ve experienced moments of fear — real fear. Bullets whipping through foliage overhead; a pregnant wife who pulled a knife during an argument; a menacing, out-of-control driver; the...

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Confessions of a Concealed Carry Newbie

My name is Jason, and I’m a concealed carry newbie. Sure, I got my Texas License to Carry a Handgun back in 2013, but that class was more of a bro-date with my dad than anything...

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